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C33 Tests and Exercises

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Liu Handong had already treated more than a dozen critically ill patients who had been discharged.

According to what he said, it was rare to see such a patient in the past month or even half a year. Now, it had given him a great test and training. Fortunately, he was experienced and could still deal with it nimbly. Zhao Wenxin also found herself in work. It seemed that the pain from before was gradually alleviated as the sense of accomplishment from work increased.

All of this made the person involved excited and excited.

"Amazing, Zhao Wenxin. You've done the Medical Program of China very well!" Even Liu Handong could not help but praise her.

Hearing him say this, Zhao Wenxin could not help but be moved to tears.

On February 9th, after the short farewell ceremony in the morning, a total of 29 medical staff from Zhenchuan participated in the fifth batch of Han Dong's Jiang City Medical Assistance Team and embarked on the journey to Jiang City to fight the "plague. "

They were ordered by the Provincial Health Committee at 23. 50 a. M. On the day of the Lantern Festival to gather in a few short hours. They were warriors from different medical institutions in Zhenchuan City, Danyang City, Ju Rong City, and Yangzhong City. The oldest was 48 years old, and the youngest was 23 years old.

Although they were reluctant to part with each other and had endless concerns, from the eyes of these warriors and from their words, the most information was: They were confident that they could win this war! We must show the strength of the Zhenchuan Medical Company at the forefront!

"Please make preparations as soon as possible. Today, you are going to Jiang City. " At 10pm on Feb. 9th, the associate chief physician of the First People's Hospital of Beijing's Emergency Medical Department, Mr. Liu, received a call from the hospital's Medical Affairs Department.

"I thought I misheard at that time. Because Jing Zhou had just sent out a medical team the day before. I didn't expect that we would be there so soon. But thinking about it again, This matter wouldn't be a joke, so he quickly reported the situation to the department director. I talked to my family again, then I went to pack my luggage. " Mr. Liu said, After he confirmed the news, he said," My whole body became hot. "

This "internal heat," Last year, when Mr. Liu received the notification that he was going to help Wei Nan for half a year as the captain, it had happened before. Now, it was even more intense - "We are both helping, but the situation is different and the meaning is different. However, just like that time, we are not alone and helpless.

In fact, it was not until nine hours later that Mr. Liu found out that all the members of the expedition, including him, had received a call in the early hours of the morning. Furthermore, the hospital only used 5 minutes to complete the gathering of the 5-man team.

"I will first represent myself and the entire hospital staff to bow and pay my respects to all of you. Because all of you are the third batch of people from the hospital who have entered the front line to fight the 'epidemic'. The first batch is currently providing treatment services for the diagnosed patients in the hospital, while you and the second batch are rushing to Jiang City. In this battle, the plague. . . To the medical staff, there was no front or back. There's only the combat team and the reserves. " Jiang Pengcheng, the vice president of the City Consultant and the dean of the City First Hospital, used this opening speech to send to his comrades who were about to embark on the expedition.

Facing the five-man team formed by the medical staff of the City First People's Hospital and the New District Institution, the Party Committee Secretary of the City First People's Hospital, Shi Qiuxiang, was the same as before. Other than repeatedly reminding everyone to "make sure that they are well protected and take care of their safety," he also sent such a message over and over again: "I believe that when you reach the front line. . . I believe that you will be able to show the support of the people of Jiang City. Hospital. It will always be your strong backing. We will wait for your victory. "

The words of concern made Mr. Liu, Zhang Rongrong, Zhang Feng, Cai Jian and Tang Tang Tang feel warm. Facing the glorious and arduous mission responsibilities, they said concisely, "It's our duty to go to the front line. We are duty-bound to carry the mission. Please rest assured, the organization. We will do our best to complete the mission successfully "

Compared to the previous batch of reinforcements sent by Zhenchuan on Feb. 2, this batch of medical team members had a similar feeling. "After waiting for half a month, it's finally my turn. "

"From the day I returned to the hospital to submit the letter of challenge on the first day of the Lunar New Year to the day I set off. It has been more than half a month. During this period, I sent three applications for battle. I have also packed my luggage for the expedition. I feel that as a medical staff, At such a special moment, I should be there. Today, I've finally received the order to depart. " Zhang Rongrong, the nurse in charge of medical studies in City One Hospital, described her feelings before she set out for battle. "Of course there's tension and excitement, but more of it is responsibility. I'm still young. I don't have children, so I don't have any burdens at home. My husband is also very supportive of my choice this time. "

Zhang Rongrong's lover was a soldier in the navy, and she was currently carrying out a Somalia escort mission. Their daily contact was. . . Zhang Rongrong was' passive ': "Only when his conditions allow it will he contact me through the satellite phone. Previously, I had already told him that I wanted to go to Jiang City. He was very supportive. But from this morning until now, he still hasn't contacted me. I still can't tell him the news of my expedition to Jiang City. "

"The only effect of the current situation on us is that the wedding that was supposed to be held in April this year might be postponed. I was the one who waited for him to come back. From the looks of it, he might be waiting for me to come back. " Zhang Rongrong, who had recently been on a rotation in the operating theater of the hospital. She was very confident in completing her task. "But this is only a matter of time. After the two of them complete their duties, the wedding will be more meaningful. "

Tang Tang Tang, the youngest in the expedition team, had already been working at the nursing post in the new city zone of the City First Academy for four years. Born on Feb. 14th, she "will be celebrating her fourth birthday in a row at work. " To her, this birthday would be very special and worthy of being remembered forever.

"Actually, I should have left with my brothers and sisters in the previous batch. However, because I'm young, the teachers in Corey feel sorry for me and asked me to wait a little longer. " Tang Tang Tang said, "After that, I sent another application. The teachers saw how determined I was, and finally gave me this opportunity. I believe I can shoulder this heavy burden. "

At the farewell party, Tang Tang Tang would occasionally cast her gaze at her parents who were sitting diagonally opposite her. She knew, Her family's support for her was an important motivation for her to resolutely go to the front line of the "Plague. " When talking about the second daughter of this family, Tang TangTang's father, Tang Qingwen, said, "We support her going to the front line very much. When she received the call in the morning, she rushed back from her night shift. At that time, we already helped her pack her luggage. "

To Tang Tang Tang's younger sister who was about to take the college entrance exam, her older sister's expedition this time had a profound meaning: "Older sister usually gives me a lot of help in my studies, she told me that she hopes to use this matter to set an example for me. I wanted to tell her that older sister is my role model. "

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