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C35 I'll Put All My Heart into It

Zhao Wenxin is completely devoted and moving.

In order to supply disinfection and protective supplies, the Yangon Group postponed the original plan of installing maintenance after the Spring Festival, and the ceremonial area quickly started to produce sodium substandard chloride, increasing the production of disinfectant materials. On this basis, the Yangon Group also cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture to donate 45 tons of sodium subchloride to Huangmei County, Anlu County, Jingmen City, Xiantao City, Jingshan City, Shayang County, and Zhouxiang City. They also donated 45 tons of sodium subchloride to Jiangcheng Province's Huanggang City's Huangmei County, Anlu County, Jingmen City's Xiantao City, Jingshan City, Shayang County, and Zhouxiang City.

As of February 9th, Alliance Pharmaceuticals donated 9 million, N95 mask 13 hundred, medical mask 14 thousand, 75% alcohol 9 tons. "Next, Alliance Pharmaceuticals will increase the strength of the anti-epidemic resource organizations according to the development of the epidemic and actively support the frontline defense work. " The secretary of the Party Committee and the chairman of the Alliance Pharmaceuticals, Xia Chunlai, expressed.

They would race against the epidemic and time.

It was said that the construction sites of Jiang City's Thunder God Mountain Hospital and Fire God Mountain Hospital were short of welding welding PVC waterproof machines. On the morning of January 27, Yue Mei, the general manager of Yiqi City's Earth Fusion Materials Company, immediately arranged for employees to send two welding machines worth more than 10,000 RMB to Jiang City.

The executive director of Haiwa Machinery Company (China), the Asian President of Haiwa Group, Tan Hao, said that there were currently six "Prefectural Creation" anti-epidemic vehicles fighting on the streets of Jiang City. This kind of high-temperature disinfectant anti-epidemic vehicle could use high-temperature disinfectant of more than 70 degrees Celsius, along with antiseptic drugs. It could completely sterilize the garbage bin and kill the garbage bin platform and the polluted areas.

More and more state-owned enterprises were invested in this smokeless war - -

Late in the night of January 28th, in front of Baoying County Baosheng Group. A batch of cable vehicles set off for the project of Jiang City Fire God Mountain Hospital. On January 30th, The sewing and glue workers of the Akram camp were all on duty, urgently producing 6,000 emergency tents. They rushed to the epidemic area at a cost price. February 1st, Baoying County, Shanyang Town, West Industrial Park. Fuzhou's Ying Ao Vehicle Industrial Ltd, emergency rehabilitation, organized the production of 270 Jiang City epidemic area pressurized ambulance tops. February 8th, 10,000 square meters of partitioning board, set off from our Hongda Prosperous Industries Ltd. , to be used for the hospital renovation. . .

In Jiang City, the center of the epidemic area, there was also a group of state-owned entrepreneurs who were fighting.

The president of Jiang City's Construction and Labor Association, the chairman of Jiang City's Huagong Group, She Zhen, was from Jiangdu District's Daqiao Town. During the Spring Festival of 2020, he and his workers chose to defend Jiangcheng. They volunteered to participate in the construction of the Fire God Mountain Hospital and the Thunder God Mountain Hospital. He also wanted to rebuild the Jiangcheng International Convention and Exhibition Center's Fang Ban Hospital and Jiang City's living room Fang Ban Hospital. In addition, he also organized donations from the Jiangcheng Province Construction and Works Association members. "We are not medical staff. We can't treat patients directly, but we can give money and help. Cooperate with the Party and the government to win this war as soon as possible " She Zhen said.

The heart is red, the blood is hot, the Great Love Prefecture is gathering the "red power" to help Jiang City.

29th, an old man came to the Han River District's Yang Shou Town Civil Affairs Department. Trembling, he took out a stack of 10,000 yuan cash wrapped in rubber bands and handed over a note. "The communists are my parents. He was grateful. Jiang City is in trouble, and the country is in trouble. (I personally) I should take responsibility. " The staff asked him to leave his name and phone number, and the old man waved his hand repeatedly. He turned around and rode the tricycle away.

After many inquiries, this old man surnamed Shao was 79 years old and had once been the person in charge of the village primary school. He was currently living on a pension.

In the face of this violent epidemic, Jiang City, the prefecture's Department of Relations, extended their hands of love. The members of the large party led the way and revealed their "red identities. " The ordinary people also joined the charity donation team.

23rd, Mei Ling Street Fengle Community received a donation of $10,000 from Grandma Jin, who was 84 years old. On the note, there was a message saying, "In order to resist the epidemic, Weibo. " The signature was: A member of the CPC who joined the party in '68; on Feb. 7th, A 93-year-old loner, Mr. Xie, came to the Wenhe Road, Guangling District's Wenhe Palace Community and handed in $10,000' Special Party Fee '; February 7th, night, in the Imperial Palace Community, $10,000' Special Party Fee ', $10,000' Special Party Fee ', $10,000' Special Party Fee ', $10,000' Special Party Fee '. Daqiao Town, Jiangdu District, sent out a proposal to pay a special Party fee for the fight against the epidemic in Jiang City in the Wechat Contact Group. That night, 48 members of the Party paid a special Party fee of 2,4550 yuan. The next day, they sent it to the Jiang City Charity Association. . .

One by one, "Red cells" condensed anti-epidemic "red power. "

It didn't matter how much love there was. Qujiang Street, Guangling District, and others began to organize charity fundraising activities. Many citizens stuffed 200 yuan, 100 yuan, 50 yuan into the donation boxes. Handong Tiger Leopard Group donated 1 million yuan to Jiang City, Yangjie Technology sent 500,000 yuan to Jiang City Charity Association, and Feng Shang Smart Technology donated 600,000 yuan to Jiang City Charity Association. . .

Care did not depend on age. Xie Lanyi from San Yuanqiao Primary School donated a small yellow duck container containing 495 yuan and attached a note - "Jiang City, do your best!" After the post was forwarded by Yang Wei on Weibo, it became the number one trending topic on Weibo on February 7th.

There was no distinction between love and distance. Classmate Ji, who was studying abroad at the University of Edinberg, was from Jiangdu's Shao Bo Town. She went to many supermarkets to buy Ns. 95 protective mask, goggles, and sent the heart package to Jiang City Hospital.

Love was not divided by form. Ms. Yan, a 23-year-old citizen, used her WeChat Moments to raise 60,000 yuan from 150 relatives and friends, and tried to buy 3500 sets of protective supplies to send to Jiang City. . .

In front of the epidemic, there were no spectators, no outsiders.

Bok Biology donated 24. 5 million yuan worth of special medical food to Jiang City Hospital; 30 tons of chemical fiber medical materials were urgently delivered and sent to the front line; Handong Jinbai Construction Group paid for the frozen buns worth 500,000 yuan and donated them to the medical troops stationed in Jiang City; they knew that people in Jiang City liked to eat chili. Baoying Xianfeng, Zhifeng, modern agriculture base, donated 1,000 kilograms of red pepper products to Jiang City. They planned to donate another 10,000 kilograms in the near future. . .

In addition, the number of donations to Jiang City from the Red Cross in Fuzhou City and the City Charity Association was also rising.

The Art and Cultural Disease, the belief of winning more than gold, ignited hope in people's hearts.

"Everyone wants to stay away from the devil's claws of disaster, and you resolutely go against it. With a smile. . . " Recently, the music couple from the University of Fu State composed songs overnight. The song" The Most Beautiful Traitor "sung by Mr. Yin, the principal of the University of Cultural Arts, Xu Guangqing and his wife's daughter, Xu Muzhi, was chosen by the Strong Studies Country. It became one of the 27 war songs that were promoted nationwide.

"11 graduates of the Provincial University of Culture and Art participated in this rescue mission to Jiang City. I'm proud of them, and I'm even touched by the determination of all the excellent medical staff to carry the heavy burden of saving lives. " Xu Guangqing said that this song was a praise to them and also a tribute to all the workers who fought on the frontlines of the war.

The moving melody rang in his ears, and a warm feeling surged in his heart. Just like the song The Most Beautiful Traitor, the power of literature was like a lighthouse, emitting a golden light in the darkness, gathering warmth and lighting up the road ahead.

Facing this war that affected the heartstrings of the entire country, the provincial newspaper and media groups worked together to quickly plan the production of music Vs, poetry recital, provincial reviews, and so on. They used the drum beats of literary works to cheer for this war. Among them, The light art group released by the prefectural state provided creativity, the prefectural state released, the people's hospital of Su Bai, the affiliated hospital of the prefectural state released an MV called Reversal of the Light, which was jointly produced by the prefectural state released an MV called Reversal of the Light. As soon as he got online, he immediately received good reviews.

The prefectural state also released "Literature and Art Battle" and launched "Literature and Art Battle" Disease. Please participate in the event. Currently, 46 chapters of this topic had been released, and it involved poetry, manga, fast boards, poetry recitation and many other forms. The total number of hits was 2 million +.

Among them was the story of "a family of three going to war together. " February 2nd, the "Prince of the Opera," Li Zhengcheng, and the famous Yang actor, Greylian and his wife, the Flower on the Paper, officially came online, and the Prince of the Opera, Li Zhengcheng, and the famous Yang actor, Greylian, sang the Flower on the Paper. They used the tune of the local opera to pay their respects to the medical staff. On Feb. 3, Greylian's opera, The United Cities, came online. This time, it was the mother and son who joined hands. The author of the poem was the son of Grilian - Li Rui Ran, a third-year student of the School of Operations and Literature in China. It was worth mentioning that. . . These two pieces were forwarded by "Learning Strong Country. " The words and notes were filled with emotion and power.

The Prefecture's music, wooden puppets, and other unique local art forms were also present. Among them, our city's music workers have already composed the prefecture's Qing Song, Unique Beauty, the commentary, Level 1 Response, the prefectural comment, White Robed Warrior, bottom line, the prefectural ballad, Plague Relentless Man, and the fast board, Mobilizing the People to Resist Pulmonitis, and so on. In a down-to-earth way, they have spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control. We pay our respects to the first-string workers.

"Prefectural Song Arts is one of the representative cultures of the prefectural state. At this moment, Song Arts should play the role of the Art Light Cavalry. This is also the responsibility and responsibility of the music workers" The director of the Fu Province's Qu Yi Research Institute, Jiang Qingling, expressed her opinion.

In addition, the Prefecture's painter, writer, and poet also picked up their pens. They were able to create literary works that were hot and powerful. The person in charge of the City's Literature and Culture Association introduced that ever since the 'Proposal to All Artists and Artists in the City' was published, Since the release of the proposal to all the artists and artists in the city, the artists and artistic workers in the prefecture had actively devoted themselves to the theme of "Defending against the epidemic" and Defending against it. Currently, they had received over a hundred submissions of poetry, essays, painting, and other works. Everyone used words and paintings to praise the role model of the hero against the epidemic, promoting the positive energy of preventing the epidemic.

The stars shone and gathered into light. One literary work after another drew out the heroic figures of ordinary heroes, gathering into rays of light.

In a race against time, the prefecture's "green channel" went straight to Jiang City and directly to the front line of the war epidemic.

"During the epidemic, I can only express my deep gratitude to the post office for this love!" On the night of February 2nd, when they heard that the 1,500 boxes of frozen buns were sent to the destination of Jiang City in two batches, the donor, the person in charge of Han Dong Jin Bai Construction Group, Zhu Guoqiang, sent a message to the prefecture's post office to express his gratitude.

In life, green was often associated with traveling, and it was accompanied by hope. Going to Jiang City was a race against time, and there was no time to delay. The prefecture did their best to ensure a fast and efficient "green passage. "

Li Rong, the director of the post office of the prefectural post office, said, "To race against time, complete the transport of anti-epidemic and rescue resources at the fastest speed, and send the heart of the prefectural government to the hands of the recipient. This is the mission and duty of the national team in the postal service industry of the prefectural government. "

"The 45 tons of disinfectant donated by the Zhonghua Group will be sent to six counties in Jiang City in three batches. Please do your job well. " In the afternoon of February 4th, the Ministry of Marketing and Marketing Department of the prefectural post office once again received the anti-epidemic material transport mission from the Ministry of Marketing and Market Department.

The round trip was 1700 kilometers and 30 hours. This was the time since the Ministry of Marketing Office opened the "green channel" for the anti-epidemic rescue. The pilot, Wei Hongzhong, was travelling day and night in the reverse direction. At noon on Feb. 9, Wei Hongzhong returned safely. That morning, Song Anan, the driver in the green battle robe, took the baton and drove the fourth batch of anti-epidemic materials to the 'battlefield'.

Mask, disposable medical gloves, foot covers, antiseptic cotton, antiseptic. . . From January 25th to February 9th, the Ministry of State Postal Office collected 18422 pieces of anti-epidemic materials. Rescue materials that met the standards were transported free of charge. At the same time, a "Green Direct Carriage" was opened to transport large amounts of resources donated by the heart company.

"I'll run!" "Me too!" Every time he received a mission, the Central Post Office's WeChat group would become lively. All the drivers were fighting to sign up. Gao Guichang, a 50-year-old senior member of the party, had a driving age of 20 years. On February 12, He would be in charge of sending the fifth batch of epidemic prevention resources to Jiang City. "Transporting guaranteed resources to Jiang City, our mission must be fulfilled. " He said.

Hongda Prosperous Industrial Co. , Ltd. , located in the Xingji Industrial Park of the new ecological technology city, found out that Xianxiang Hanchuan urgently needed a batch of construction materials for the hospital's renovation. It immediately packed all the related materials in the company's inventory and applied for a green pass from the Transportation Department. It was the first time they received a "green pass" from the Transportation Department. At 17 o'clock on Feb. 8th, 10,000 square meters of partitioning material was sent to Jiang City.

During the period of the war epidemic, Jingzhou's Taichuan International Airport ensured that the drugs, disinfectant items, protective items, medical equipment, and other epidemic materials were successfully transported. It also provided priority transport and free transport services for the aid.

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