Chinese Doctors/C36 More than a Few Shots
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Chinese Doctors/C36 More than a Few Shots
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C36 More than a Few Shots

Liu Hendong came to see Qiu Jincan.

Patient's symptoms: The patient did not have fever, but still had chest tightness. After the activity, it became more serious, and the cough became lighter. The patient's appetite was not good, his spirit and physical strength were not good, and his urine and urine were normal. His tongue was light, his moss was white, and his pulse was heavy.

Physical examination: Body temperature: 36. 5 degrees Celsius, pulse: 98 times / marks. Rules: Breathing: 30 times / score. Regulations: Blood pressure: 120 / 60 mHg, after oxygen absorption, SO 290% god serum. Mental energy deficiency, entire body's skin and Gong film untainted by yellow. Shallow lymphadenectomy, no swelling, flat stomach, No pressure pain nor reverse jump pain. His liver and spleen were not below the ribs yet. The lower limbs were not swollen.

Treatment: The patient's mental and physical strength gradually improved. His vital signs were stable, his tongue was light, his moss was white, and his veins were heavy. It could be identified as "positive, false, and evil. " It could also be seen that the medicine was taken orally through the combination of positive and positive energy, Qi circulation, spleen, and spleen. The treatment remained the same for the time being. The secret observation and change would be adjusted according to the patient's condition.

. . .

Zhao Wenxin recorded more than a few scenes.

Camera one.

"Ready at any time!"

"Prepare the oxygen absorption and resuscitation equipment, standby at any time! You have to be able to receive it and also be able to transfer it. " On the night of February 9th, in front of Jiang City's hospital in the living room, the deputy director of Zhong Nan Hospital, Li Zhiqiang, was nervously making arrangements. Outside of the hospital, batches of patients with mild illnesses were sent over one after another.

Li Zhiqiang said that gathering more than a thousand patients was an unprecedented challenge to any hospital. In order to ensure that nothing went wrong, they discussed with Jiang City's Golden Silver Pond Hospital, which was one street away, and immediately transferred patients with serious illnesses to another hospital.

At ten o'clock that night, 1100 patients were checked in. In order to increase the level of treatment, Jiang City's hospital in the living room of Jiang City had also set up a psychological specialist group and a treatment group for TCM.

Camera two.

"My phone is free for 24 hours. "

On the afternoon of February 9, in Hanguang Community, the Party's Party Secretary, Chen Yinxiang, had just sent someone back from the community quarantine point. She did not have time to rest and was preparing to send a suspected infected resident to the hospital for a check-up. From 8: 30 in the morning to the community, Chen Yinxiang had been busy all the way, answering calls from residents, coordinating the use of vehicles for residents, helping residents contact hospitals. . .

Chen Yinxiang said that during the transfer process, she had to follow the car and send the patients to the hospital. Then, she would help them handle the hospitalization procedures and wait for everything to be arranged before she could leave.

In addition, Chen Yinxiang also often asked the residents about the quarantine point or the hospital's physical condition. "If there are any changes to someone's physical condition, I have to contact the hospital. After confirming the hospital's condition, I will send a car to transfer the patient. " Chen Yinxiang was worried that the residents would not be able to find her, "My phone is free for 24 hours. "

Camera 3.

"Confidence is gold!"

"Confidence is gold!" . . .

At 6 AM on Feb. 12, Jiang City Tongzhou Hospital, in the new ward on the 11th floor of Building B, West District Hospital, patients woke up from their dreams. They found a pink card beside their pillow with different words of blessing and encouragement written on it. This was prepared by the National Aid Ughr Medical Team member, Ma Jun, the director of the Tumor Relief Department of the Northern Sanatorium, and his colleagues on duty.

"Confidence is gold!" This was the card that Aunt Li, who was 58 years old, received. "It's great that you're here! Thank you for coming all the way here to treat us. . . " Aunt Li held the card and spoke with a choking voice. A few days ago, Due to the lack of hospital beds, she had not been able to enter the hospital for treatment. She was very anxious every day. After a few days of treatment, Aunt Li's condition had already stabilized. "You will definitely get better. Do your best!" Ma Jun said to Aunt Li.

Camera four.

"We need to ask about the patient's condition in detail. "

In the transfer area outside the Second Department of Medical Sciences of Fire God Mountain Hospital, every time the ambulance had just stopped, the director of the Second Department of Medical Sciences, Li Weiqin, would immediately bring the patient into the ward with the medical staff.

After stably placing the patient on the monitor bed, the nurse would then quickly establish an intravenous channel. They would be connected to the electrocardiovascular channel and closely observe the vital signs. Collecting intravenous blood, arterial blood, nasal swallowing, and phlegm samples. "[Every patient's condition needs to be asked in detail. ] Handle the relevant medical care documents seriously. " Li Weiqin believed that this was the only way to ensure that every patient with serious illness would receive precise treatment.

The director of Fire God Mountain Hospital, Zhang Sibing, introduced that since Fire God Mountain Hospital focused on treating patients, they had discovered the "one person, one strategy," personalized treatment method, and the "one-time decision" method of consultation for the group of experts with major illnesses, as well as the comprehensive treatment method combined with nutritional treatment, psychological guidance, and rehabilitation training.

Camera five.

"We have 830 beds vacated overnight. "

230pm, Feb. 9, in the Guang Gu Hospital District of the Tongzhou Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the first patient with fever had successfully entered the hospital after registering. That hospital District had officially become a hospital for the New Coronitis Deficiency Point.

Liu Jihong, the deputy director of Tongzhou Hospital and the director of Guang Gu Hospital, who were busy directing the treatment work at the scene, said, "We made 830 beds overnight to focus on treating patients with serious illnesses. " The medical staff in the hospital area and the 2291 members of the medical team from all over the country would be thrown into the treatment work together.

After the medical staff went upstairs from the special elevator, they put on masks and thick protective suits in the workshop and entered the ward area. The next night, the isolation ward in Sector E of the General Medical Tower, which was modified from the General Medical House, was full of patients.

Camera 6.

"Thank you, community. Thank you, medical staff. "

211, Jiangcheng City Martial Ship Center Hospital, Zhang Rose (alias) tossed and turned, feeling extremely anxious. The results of the Yang-attribute nuclear acid test that just came out made her panic a little. Starting from February 3rd, She had a high fever in the morning every day, and her fever went down in the morning. After four days, she took a photo at the hospital. "The doctor said I was suspected to be a patient. After prescribing the medicine, he continued to stay in isolation. "

With the help of the community, on the afternoon of 9 days, Zhang Rose did a nuclear acid test and CT scan. That night, the community sent a car to send her to a designated hotel to stay. On the afternoon of the 11th, the urgent siren of an ambulance came from outside the house, and 25 patients, including Zhang Rose, were sent to Fire God Mountain Hospital.

Now, under the full treatment of the medical staff, Zhang Rose's condition had been effectively alleviated. "Thank the community, thank the medical staff!" On the 12th, Zhang Rose sent a WeChat message to her husband, asking him to express his gratitude to the community.

Camera 7.

"Finally, I have time to drink some water. "

"I just sent five patients to the Provincial People's Hospital. " On the afternoon of the 12th, Liu Juan, the deputy director of the community in the new village in Jiangcheng District, Jiang An District, had a gratified expression on her face.

The buildings were sterilized and sterilized, the knowledge of epidemic prevention was publicized, the residents reported, the old people were sent food and medicine, the patients were sent to the hospital and the quarantine point. . . Every day when Liu Juan woke up, she started to get busy. In one day, Liu Juan received hundreds of calls from residents, "Last night, I was busy until three o'clock before sleeping. "

"An old community with more than 8,000 people, with only 9 community workers, of course I'm tired. " Liu Juan said that the community was the first line of defense against the epidemic, so they had to defend to the death. "Now that the harvest has been completed, I finally have time to drink some water. " Liu Juan smiled and said, "I hope the epidemic will end soon and return to our bustling Jiang City. "

Camera eight.

"My body is often wet and dry, dry and wet. "

On the 13th at 12: 30 p. M. , the D2242 train from Fu Zhou to Chengdu stopped at Jiang City Train Station. Jia Qingqing and her colleagues, who had been waiting on the platform since early in the morning, wore masks and protective suits. They received the medical staff while quickly moving the supplies. 102 people who were in Jiang City's support team and 350 pieces of support supplies had to be sent from the coach to the designated location within 7 minutes.

Wearing an airtight protective suit, Jia Qingqing's clothes were soon soaked. Jia Qingqing said. Jiang City Station only had 30 over assault members left to guard it. Sometimes, four trains would arrive within an hour. They had to quickly transport the personnel and supplies on each train out of the carriage, and not delay the train. They needed to be carefully arranged in advance, and they also needed to be swift and nimble. "Everyone's body is often wet and dry, dry and wet at the same time. "

"So many people have come to our Jiang City to support us. Everyone has united will to fight the epidemic of the city war. Every day is full of gratitude. " Jia Qingqing said, "If I do a little more, Jiang City will get better faster!"

Camera 9.

"I'm the captain. I'll go first!"

29th, Jiang Cheng Public Security Bureau gave an order. The 34-year-old vice-captain of the Special Forces stationed at the riverside, Liu Xueseng, moved when he heard the order. He quickly led his two comrades to the national street police station. "Within today, Liu Xueseng said. You are responsible for transporting three patients to Jiang City's Asia Heart Hospital, Hun Kou Branch! " On the 10th day, at 1: 50 p. M. , he had just finished a bowl of instant noodles. Liu Xueseng set off.

"I'm the captain. I'll go first!" At around 2: 30 PM, Liu Xueseng rushed to a hotel on Xinhua Road and received the first critically ill patient, Father Yan. Father Yan, who was over 70 years old, was trembling as he walked. He still had three large luggage bags in his hands. Liu Xueseng supported him as he received his luggage. After that, Liu Xueseng received another three patients.

The police car drove to Dingdian Hospital, and Liu Xueseng helped the patients queue, hand in, and fill in the forms. . . After completing the procedures, it was already past seven o'clock in the evening when he walked out of the hospital. When he returned to his office, he ate another bowl of instant noodles.

Camera 10.

"Compared to doctors, this little bit of risk is nothing. "

On Feb. 9, Xu Qiang, who had slept for more than 20 days and had only slept for less than four hours, received a call from his boss, Yan Zhi. "We must send this batch of equipment to the Alliance Hospital before 4 PM!" This was the most urgently needed equipment for critically ill patients, such as injectors, monitors, and ventilators.

The vice president of Drow Holdings, Xu Qiang, who was over 50 years old, did not even have lunch. He and his driver went straight to the west hospital of the Alliance Hospital of Jiang City. "Are we going to the ICU?" The driver was a little worried. "What are you afraid of? Compared to doctors, what is this bit of risk?" Xu Qiang said.

The truck drove into the hospital. At the entrance of the Department of Surgery building, there were already medical staff waiting anxiously. "Unload!" Together with the medical staff, they moved the equipment down at the fastest speed possible. The three doctors opened the boxes and thanked him profusely.

The End
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