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C4 Eek Membrane

Title: Jiangning, Handong Province, Liu Handong, Jiangcheng Golden Pagoda Hospital, 168 hours for the Emergency Treatment Assault Team.

Zhao Wenxin immediately published an article about Liu Handong in the "Medical Followers of China" column in the New Mirror News.

Once the news was published, it immediately caused a huge uproar in the medical circle.

"Why hasn't this guy heard of it before? It can't be that it was promoted by the line of fire again, right?"

"It can't be! His doctoral mentor is the national champion in the world of serious illnesses, Liu Guohui! He will be transferred directly to the Golden Pagoda Hospital! "

" That's great! This kid is from a prestigious family! There are no weak soldiers under a strong man!"

"He's the one who replaced the inner core needle with the scalpel handle of the Golden Pagoda Hospital!"

"This guy is awesome!"

"He was also the one who used the technology of the Golden Pagoda Hospital to fill in the gaps in the oxygen plan with high traffic!"

"Awesome, this brother!"

The voices of doubt rose at this moment. The voice of praise was like a roaring wave.

For a moment, Liu Handong was pushed to the top of the wave.

This was a situation that Zhao Wenxin had never encountered among the medical staff that she had interviewed so many times. Even though she had interviewed several big shots in the industry earlier, Her attention was not as excessive as Liu Handong's in this episode. What was even more unbelievable was that there were indeed fellow schoolmates who dug up their past. In the electronic comment section of "Medical Artists of the Republic" in New Mirror News, there were all kinds of explosive gossip.

Zhao Wenxin hesitated a little when she saw the situation.

She was going to take the opportunity to interview some other medical staff at the front line of the anti-epidemic field to calm down the heated discussion.

Zhao Wenxin, who had not slept for the whole night, came to the Golden Pagoda Hospital again with dark circles under her eyes.

This time, she focused the direction of the pen and ink in the isolation ward.

At this moment, there was a patient in the isolation ward whose condition had changed drastically and needed emergency treatment.

The family members shouted in a flurry.

The 50-year-old patient was greeted by Liu Hendong, who was in charge of treating serious illnesses, treatment, and assault team.

"The patient was treated by a non-invasive ventilator, but his condition suddenly deteriorated!"

"Currently, he has a serious respiratory disorder!"

"He can't take it anymore. I might die in the next second. "

. . . ""

The manager of the ward, Yuan Fen, narrated the condition, which made Zhao Wenxin's heart jump to her throat nervously.

Zhao Wenxin, who was wrapped in protective clothing, felt waves of cold. From her observation, the patient's purple face seemed to be indicating that Death was wrestling with a miracle.

In order to buy time for treatment, Liu Handong took the risk of infection and put on the ventilation system.

In five seconds, he completed the tracheotomy for the patient.

The situation still had not been significantly alleviated.

"I can only pretend to be an ECMO!" Liu Handong took a deep breath.

"Access Ye Ke Membrane? How can it be that easy?" Next, it was Yuan Fen's turn to have an evil look on his face.

"The situation is urgent. Without Ye Ke Membrane, I'm afraid I won't be able to last through tonight! No, I won't be able to last more than two hours! "

"Then! No one will. What should we do? "

Yuan Fen said as he looked around. It seemed that not many of his peers knew such a high-end equipment installation method.

Liu Handong did not speak much. Instead, he went forward and carefully assessed the patient's condition. He pointed at Yuan Fen and said: "Aren't you human?"

"I am, I am a human. . . " Yuan Fen suddenly replied.

After replying to Liu Handong, he felt that these words were a little strange.

But at this critical juncture, he did not have the time to delve into so many things.

"As long as you are human! Let's work together!" Liu Handong said.

Hearing what he said, Yuan Fen couldn't refuse. After all, he was now the person in charge of the quarantine ward. If he did not take the lead, how could he give others a demonstration and an example? Thinking of this, he braced himself and formed a 'temporary team' with Liu Handong. He started to think about how to give the patient who could die at any time a Ye Kernel.

After the Yeke Membrane parts were moved, Liu Handong quickly got started.

Yuan Fen and Zhao Wenxin, who were watching from the side, were simply astounded.

Yuan Fen quickly went up to help, while Zhao Wenxin recorded the whole process.

"He's from a prestigious family! He's really not ordinary!"

"Handong University is developing the ECMO technology. After so many years, there's nothing mysterious about it! "

"Can we install it in one afternoon?"

"If everything goes smoothly, two hours!"


". . . "

"The initial development of the ECMO in the affiliated hospital of Handong University was to satisfy the needs of surgery and heart transplantation. "

"The principle behind this is that the blood in the patient's veins will be channeled out of the patient's body. After the ventilation exchange through the artificial lungs, the blood filled with oxygen will be sent back to the human body through veins or arteries to achieve the purpose of replacing the lung or heart function. "

Zhao Wenxin began to search the history of the ECMO that Liu Handong used in the hospital. The more she understood, the more surprised she was. It turned out that Liu Handong's strength stemmed from his valiant mother and powerful rear.

With the cooperation of the team, the medical team of Handong University's affiliated hospital with severe illness could complete the ECMO emergency system in a short period of time. The total number of cases of cardiac arrest and ECMO emergency treatment accounted for half of the world, and the survival rate of patients was more than double that of traditional CPR technology. These medical achievements were published in the 2008 Lancet magazine.

The installation of ECMO was not the most difficult part of the medical process. After it was installed, it was the beginning of the most severe challenge.

The development of this kind of patient's condition was ever-changing. The medical team had to solve the main cause of cardiopulmonary malfunction within a limited period of time, and they had to use highly professional care skills to deal with all kinds of unexpected crises.

Currently, the affiliated hospital of Handong University had already developed the ECMO technology and successfully created a new field of ECMO utilization for any patient who needed short-term cardiopulmonary function support.

In these 20 years, the affiliated hospital of Handong University had created many important milestones.

2006: CPR280 minutes. After cooperating with the ECMO to support life for 10 days, the patient will receive a heart replacement and kidney replacement. It will be the longest period of emergency treatment and the record of successful survival.

2007: ECMO supports lungs for 117 days, recovers and is discharged from the hospital. It is the record for the ECMO's longest use.

2008: Without a heart disease, two ECMO Systems will live for 16 days, and he will be discharged after cardiac replacement.

2009: Successfully cured 14 H1N1 New Influenza Severe Diseases with ECMO supporting lung function patients. Rehabilitated survival rate of 78. 6%.

2015: Immigrated foreign to H7N9 Influenza Severe Disease. Successfully recovered and discharged with ECMO supporting lung function.

"Assembled! Time used: 1 hour, 48 minutes!"

"Incredible speed!"

"Hurry up and install it for the patient!"

. . . ""

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