Chinese Doctors/C5 An Irreplaceable Greatness
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Chinese Doctors/C5 An Irreplaceable Greatness
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C5 An Irreplaceable Greatness

After returning to the hotel, Zhao Wenxin repeatedly watched the video of the ECMO assembling and installing the patient.

This seemingly dry and boring video clip made her blood boil and made her tear up.

It was the first time she saw two men as meticulous as an embroidery woman, which truly shocked her.

An instinctive urge urged her to continue publishing news about Liu Handong.

'Heavily Diseased Physician and his Ye Ke Membrane Relationship '.

Although the content could not be excluded from Department Director Yuan Fen, However, more and more people were still focusing on the young man from Jiangning.

"If it is lucky to be exposed once, then this continuous exposure is strength!"

"The posture of assembling an ECMO Transformer is really cool!"

"A matching master can do it too. Let's not look at the handsome young man and ignore the experienced handsome young man. . . "

"Handsome young man? Not bad, not bad. . . "

"The senior handsome guy you are talking about is Mr. Yuan Fen, right?"

"Yeah, that angular face, if it was twenty years ago, was also a small plum!"

"Reynold? Hahaha. . . "

. . . ""

The comments of the netizens were filled with all kinds of strange things, making people unable to help but laugh.

It made the dull medical reports and depressing epidemic situation suddenly become much gentler.

Liu Handong, the young medical practitioner of Han Dong University's affiliated hospital, had saved a patient at the front line of the epidemic. Through the "New Mirror News," the National Medical Personage program spread across the land of the motherland. Naturally, Liu Handong's hometown was Jingzhou, Handong Province, Jiangning District. The local people were greatly encouraged and felt that they had to do something within their capabilities just like Liu Handong.

Very soon, the people of Jiangning District found Zhao Wenxin through the contacts of the publications.

"The first batch of 61 tons of heart-loving vegetables is shipped from Jiangning District, Jingzhou City, Handong Province, to Jiang City!"

After the Liu Handong News was published, it was 2: 30 in the afternoon. The 61 tons of vegetables prepared by Jiangning Agricultural Products Center, Jingzhou City, Handong Province, and many other markets were officially sent to Jiang City. This batch of agricultural products would arrive at the Four Seasons America wholesale market in Jiang City after a long journey of more than eight hours and 700 kilometers. Then, the Four Seasons America wholesale market would send them to the various epidemic line units.

"It is the responsibility and duty of every citizen of Jiang City to fight the epidemic in Jiang City and help the people of Jiang City. "

"I hope to make some contributions to the epidemic control of Jiang City with my meager strength. I also hope that my actions can bring more caring people, successful people, and support Jiang City. I want to make contributions to Jiang City and fight the epidemic together. "

"If one side is in trouble, I want support from all eight sides. It is our duty to let the people of Jiang City eat high-quality, safe, and fresh vegetables. "

. . . ""

This time, the amount of vegetables donated to Jiang City was 61 tons, including carrots, broccoli, and vegetables. The market price was close to 600,000 yuan. The vegetables donated this time had also gone through a strict farmer's handicap test, and had been accepted by the National City Agricultural Trade Center through the Four Seasons America wholesale market in Jiang City. They were then distributed to the various epidemic line units in Jiang City in batches. After that, the Agricultural Deputy Logistics would also be actively organizing the supply. They would provide high-quality and fresh agricultural products to Jiang City in succession to ensure the agricultural products of the citizens in Jiang City.

"Wen Xin! Congratulations! You've made such an impact so quickly! "

The president of New Mirror News personally called to congratulate Zhao Wenxin.

At the same time, the local media in Jiang City also reported on the "Medical Followers" program set up by New Mirror News, and expressed their gratitude to Zhao Wenxin and the people who donated fruits and vegetables from all over the country.

For a moment, Zhao Wenxin was pushed to the climax of "the most beautiful reporter. "

Zhao Wenxin was not intoxicated by Ruyan's fake image. Instead, she fought side by side with the medical hero as the benchmark and used practical actions to atone for the negative reports and fabricated medical news.

"To be honest, your previous negative reports were like sand in a person's eyes. "

"The past is also for the sake of life! Or rather, it is a necessity for the survival of the industry. "

"That is the bottom line! If you touch the bottom line, you will not be forgiven by the medical staff and the entire society! "

"It's natural to criticize false news for breaking the rules, but now it's a chance to turn over a new leaf. "

"It's not bad now, but please don't stop writing and writing at the Golden Pagoda Hospital. There's also Silver Pond Hospital. We can report to the joint hospital of Zhong Fa, Wu Huan Hospital, and so on!"

"Alright! Our cameras will soon be transferred to Silver Pond Hospital!"

"That's very good! After all, they are also very tired. For example, my girlfriend, who does not eat or drink for eight hours, wears diapers to work. After work, she will once again satisfy her hunger. A girl can even drink 2000 milliliters of white water in one breath. It can be seen how hard it is for them! "

"We will definitely focus on reporting them! After all, our medical profession is a medical practitioner, including medical skills, medical care, and administrative logistics. They are all the targets of our attention and praise! There are also the finger fighters of the Liberation Army, scientific researchers, community workers, the Public Security Police, grassroots officers, volunteers, and caring people. There are too many of them. . . "

"There are no problems at all! I think this program of yours will be famous all over China. "


" Because love has a foundation! There is warmth and height!"

"Thank you for your encouragement! Liu Handong, you are becoming more and more extraordinary!"

"Don't flatter me! Yesterday, he saved five beds eight times. If today's situation did not turn for the better, the patient might be gone. "

"This. . . "

"This is reality! Doctors were also helpless. They wanted to become gods and save every patient. However, they are not gods. They are just ordinary people who know some medical skills. They can only try their best to fight with Death to get back every single one of them!"

As Liu Handong spoke, his gaze through the mask was filled with helplessness and sadness.

The moment Zhao Wenxin saw that gaze, she suddenly felt a tingling in her nose, and her tears were about to fall.

"Perhaps, only the most realistic medical treatment will bring about shock! I seem to be able to imagine the scene of you all fighting to the death. Every time you snatch back a life of grave danger, it will be a battle to the death! You are the War Gods!"

" No, we are not that great. It is just that in the light of the treatment, there is nothing to be praised about it. It's just a professional creed. It's just that we're duty-bound. In this great epidemic, And the many industries that you listed just now, they are all great existences silently paying! If that is the case, Everyone in every industry is great! An irreplaceable great!" As Liu Handong speaks, a tear falls from the mask.

At that moment, Liu Handong's phone rang.

He subconsciously pressed the button.

This was his usual action.

The phone during working hours was either muted or turned off.

However, at this moment, the phone rang continuously. He subconsciously had an ominous feeling.

Zhao Wenxin seemed to have seen through his intentions. She wore a disposable disinfectant glove and volunteered to help him take out the phone.

"Hello, Mr. Liu Handong! We are the Department of Plague at Silver Pond Hospital. We have already contacted the Medical Department of your Golden Pagoda Hospital in Jiang City. We have helped you coordinate your three-day vacation. Please take a special bus to Silver Pond Hospital in the afternoon. There is something important. . . "

A line of text messages suddenly popped up. It made Liu Handong and Zhao Wenxin's heart skip a beat.

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