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Chinese Doctors/C6 Girlfriend Sacrifice
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C6 Girlfriend Sacrifice

Liu Hendong's treatment work is particularly heavy and has no time to care about his girlfriend.

When she received the news of the attending physician's girlfriend once again, she had unfortunately been infected and died on the line of fighting against the plague.

When the bad news arrived, Liu Handong turned around and left.

Zhao Wenxin followed along and stopped the delinquent entertainment reporters from trying to garner attention, leaving behind the last shred of dignity for the deceased.

The black business car sped through the empty streets, and it was drizzling outside the window.

It appeared especially bleak.

It was so miserable that it looked like Liu Handong, who was curled up in his seat with his hunched back.

Tears had already filled his goggles. The stream, his black down jacket, and his black jeans and knees.

Zhao Wenxin had already taken out a tissue and wanted to pass it to him.

After hesitating for a long time, she retracted her hand.

At this moment, perhaps only tears and sadness mixed with thoughts were the most sincere respect to the deceased.

Zhao Wenxin did not disturb or deprive Liu Handong of his sincere intentions.

Just looking at his back, her heart seemed to be suddenly curled up, and it hurt from contracting.

The business car was already on the Jiang City Bridge.

The bridge between the Golden Pagoda Hospital and the Silver Pond Hospital was right next to it.

Golden Pagoda, Silver Pond.

The names of this pair of neat and tidy names were like the Yin and Yang of Tai Chi. Now that the Yin Pole was gone, the Yang Pole seemed to be gradually losing its inherent balance.

Liu Handong even felt his entire body shaking.

The moment the business car stopped at Silver Pond Hospital, Zhao Wenxin saw that Liu Handong had almost no strength to move his body.

"My family has all left, you are my only. . . "

. . . "Family and reliance!"

"Then we will stick together to save them, wait until the epidemic is over, and we will meet again when the spring flowers bloom. "

"Alright! Wait until the epidemic is over and the flowers bloom in spring. . . "

. . . ""

His girlfriend's voice rang in his brain again.

Liu Handong was extremely sad.


For the first time, he felt like the world was spinning.

For the first time, he experienced what it meant to be separated by life and death.

For the first time, he experienced what despair was.

For the first time, he experienced what it meant to lose. . .

"I'm sorry, Wen Lan, I'm late. "

With the help of the driver, Liu Handong got out of the business car and fell to his knees in front of the hospital door.

The staff of Silver Pond Hospital's Department of Plague had been waiting at the entrance for a long time, fully armed.

"Doctor Handong, can I trouble you to change into a protective suit? Otherwise, I won't have the chance to see Doctor Wen Lan for the last time. "

As the staff member of the Department of Plague spoke, he also cried and cried.

From the looks of it, they should be very familiar with each other.

Or rather, Wen Lan's work was very successful, causing many people to pay attention to her.

Liu Handong did not want to spend too much effort to guess the specific details. However, from the current situation, everyone liked her very much, and her contribution was also sufficient. That was why when he rushed here, he received special treatment.

Zhao Wenxin helped Liu Handong to take the protective isolation suit.

Seeing this, the staff of the Department of Plague subconsciously nodded at Zhao Wenxin. He said apologetically, "Hello, Miss Zhao! I know you're a famous reporter, and I have something to explain to you. The hospital's protective facilities are really limited. I'm very sorry! I can't prepare it for you. At present, only Doctor Liu Hendong was assigned to visit. He would be transferred away in about ten minutes. I hope you can understand. "

Zhao Wenxin nodded continuously, expressing that she fully understood the difficulties of Silver Pond Hospital's shortage of resources. She also fully supported and cooperated with the hospital's various rules.

"Liu Handong is my alumnus and friend. I sincerely thank you for taking care of his girlfriend. You've worked hard! Thank you very much! "

After helping Liu Handong put on the protective equipment, Zhao Wenxin bent down and bowed to the administrative staff here to thank them.

Liu Handong was about to move, but he stopped the instant he followed them to the ICU.

Everyone's eyes fell on Liu Handong, not knowing what he was going to do next.

At that moment, he bowed to the driver and asked him to help open the door.

Then, he grabbed a leather bag from the seat just now.

He struggled to open the zipper and rubbed it for a long time. Finally, he took out a box of Givenchy's 24-colored lipstick, as well as some Asplande powder and cosmetics.

This scene was indeed beyond everyone's expectations.

Zhao Wenxin, who was standing at the side, instantly burst into tears.

"Wenlan, I've brought the gift I promised you. I hope you'll like it. "

Liu Handong sobbed and nagged. Although his voice was very soft, so light that he could not bear to disturb the air in front of his lips, it still made the surrounding people hear him clearly.

Everyone present was moved by Liu Handong's infatuation and sincerity.

Seeing this scene, the staff member in charge of receiving them even started to sob silently.

"Don't cry, Wen Lan loved to laugh before. Let's not cry, let's not cry, let's not cry. . . "

Liu Handong held back his tears as he muttered to himself not to cry. He bit his lips hard.

Blood flowed down from his lower lip, mixed with tears, and filled his goggles.

The originally colorless goggles were instantly covered in a crimson color, almost identical to the outer packaging of a twenty-four-colored lipstick.

"Alright! We won't cry, we won't cry. . . " The staff from the Department of Plague choked.

As he spoke, he moved forward.

Zhao Wenxin stared at Liu Handong's back until it became blurry in her vision.

Tears flowed silently. She even felt that if she continued to cry like this, the loss of sodium in her body would cause the electrolyte to become chaotic.

"Is the road so far away? Wen Lan, don't you feel too lonely and tired. . . "

Liu Handong's footsteps were very slow, to the point that he began to worry about his girlfriend who had passed away for too long and too tired.

Finally, they arrived at the critically ill ward.

His girlfriend Wen Lan lay calmly on the bed, still wearing a blue-green surgical gown, as if she had fallen asleep.

However, her lips were a little pale, and her face was also as pale as Lotus Root Starch.

"Wen Lan, I'm here to see you! I've brought a gift that I promised you. "

He trembled as he opened the lipstick of Jinfanxi and tried the color of it.

Finally, he chose the light pink color that Wen Lan usually liked. With trembling fingers, he pinched the tube of lipstick and moved closer to her lips.

As she gently applied it, it was as if she had returned to the moment when she first met Fang Fen, who was a light pink cherry blossom girl.

Her tears couldn't stop flowing, and her fingers were also shaking violently.

Liu Handong was afraid that his lips would be wiped clean, so he immediately pulled out his left hand and firmly grabbed his trembling right hand.

Until he calmly pulled away Wen Lan's lips.

Then, after hesitating for a few seconds, he still insisted on opening the red foundation of Ashilandai's cheeks.

He took off the cotton and gently patted her face that was as cold as ice.

After getting even, his pale face finally had some warmth.

After doing all of this, just as Liu Handong was about to move his hands away, he shockingly discovered a drop of crystal clear liquid flowing down the corner of Wen Lan's eyes.

Could it be a telepathic telepathy?

Could it be that Wen Lanxiao knew this intention?

Could it be. . .

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