Chinese Doctors/C8 The Whole Family Is in the Xin Zhou Region
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Chinese Doctors/C8 The Whole Family Is in the Xin Zhou Region
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C8 The Whole Family Is in the Xin Zhou Region

When Liu Hendong finally struggled to sit up, the first person he wanted to see was Wen Lan.

Actually, her full name was Zhou Wenlan.

It was just that she didn't have to use her last name, so it was more intimate.

He greeted his colleagues in the ward area and left alone.

The streets outside were darker in the middle of the night. Even if there were street lights lingering around, it was still black in Liu Handong's eyes.

There was not a single car on the street.

He did not know how to get to the place he wanted to go.

If he did not see it with his own eyes, it would be hard to imagine that Jiang City, a huge city with a population of more than ten million, would be so "quiet" at this moment.

It was still at the moment when he was worrying.

Suddenly, he heard a sound by his ear.

"Doctor Liu, why are you here?"

Hearing someone call him, Liu Handong turned his head to look.

At that moment, he saw a glimmer of light in the dark of the night.

It was a thin and angular face, and in an instant, a row of snow-white teeth was exposed.

He was walking down from a van.

Before Liu Handong could ask him what he was doing, He had already taken the initiative to speak.

"Doctor Liu, thank you for saving my life! If it wasn't for the Golden Pagoda Hospital, I would have been dead already. . . "

"You?. . . "

" My name is Fu Liye, I'm from Jiang City. . . "

"I'm asking what you're doing here? I'm not asking about your resume. "

"I'm here as a volunteer. I help the hospital transport all kinds of goods every day. "

"The kind that doesn't charge?"

"Those who charge money, can they be called volunteers? Here, it's free. "

. . . ""

After exchanging a few words, they understood each other's intentions. Liu Handong was still touched by his enthusiasm and got into his car.

"Let's go to Wanfu Pure Land Cemetery. "

"This, I know. It's in Xin Province, but it's a bit far. The people walking around here are basically arranged to be in Jiangxia District, Xiao En Cemetery and Liu Fang Cemetery. The price isn't even as high as ten thousand fortune. " Fu Liye spoke clearly. Hearing his words, people would always think that he wasn't a volunteer, but more like a funeral worker.

"The family is in the Xin Province District, and it just so happens that we are reunited. "

"This. . . "

Along the way, Fu Liye did not dare to speak anymore.

He was afraid that whatever he said would not be proper, and it would crush Liu Handong's extremely fragile emotions.

Fu Liye's van had been overloaded recently. Sometimes it would carry ordinary goods, and sometimes it would even carry hard goods. He was also extremely tired. He accidentally hit the fence again, causing the shock absorption to break. Fortunately, there was no one on the road. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he broke the shock absorption, but if he bumped into someone, it would be troublesome.

Of course, at this moment. . . The auto repair factory didn't work, and even the gas station almost turned into an artificial aid. Since there was no one to repair the shock absorption, He could only do it himself. Fu Liye could only make do with the original dull shock. He could not make it fast. If he had to talk about the feeling of driving fast, it would be comparable to the tractor running on the mountain road.

"Can you drive faster?" Liu Handong frowned. He had a feeling that if he kept driving like this, it would take years and months for him to reach his destination.

"Why did you drive so fast?"

Fu Liye pursed his lips and shook his head as he sighed.

Although he was putting on an act, he was actually panicking inside. If Liu Handong insisted on him driving faster, there was nothing he could do.

"Because I want to see her sooner. " Liu Handong said without hiding anything.

"Him? She? Or it? Who is he? " Fu Liye asked doubtfully.

"You were a language teacher before you drove the van, right?" Liu Handong frowned again.

"You were right. " When Fu Liye said this, he was a little excited. Someone had actually used his tone to determine his previous occupation. This was really fate. If that was the case, This brother really knew him. In this world, what did he encounter? Whether it's a man or a woman, it's fine as long as you know me.

"Then if you don't honestly give the students an online lesson, how many people can you really help by driving this crappy car?" Liu Handong sighed.

"Online lessons. Don't mention it. I'm no longer a teacher. I can't bear that pain. " Fu Liye said frankly.

"Can't bear that pain?" Liu Handong continued to sigh with doubt.

"Yeah! Being a teacher is very hard, but being a primary school teacher is even harder. " Fu Liye subconsciously gripped the steering wheel.

"So. . . " Liu Handong muttered.

"That's why I resigned in the first half of the semester. I went down to sea and muddle-headed all the way until now. " Fu Liye said.

"Isn't it even more bitter now?" Liu Handong shook his head.

"Why do you say so? Doctor Liu. . . " Fu Liye's voice was a little listless.

"As a primary school teacher, at least I have a stable salary. You're a great volunteer driver, so you must admit this. However, many industries have already been suspended. There is still time to resume work. As a man, what can you use to support your family? The entire family was waiting to be fed! Wouldn't it be even more bitter? . . . "Liu Handong could not help but sigh.

After saying that, Fu Liye directly parked the car by the roadside and started crying.

Liu Handong had also cried recently and had a deep understanding of the words that used to be the most despicable. However, this was the first time he had seen this old man cry like a little girl. From the looks of it, he was crying quite sadly. Liu Handong was about to get off the car to comfort him.

Before he got out of the car, Fu Liye cried for a while. Then he came back automatically.

"Doctor Liu, you are such a good man. " Fu Liye said with a sobbing tone.

Liu Handong did not answer in a hurry. Recently, there was a popular term on the Internet that was not very elegant but very representative called "Rainbow fart. "

If he wanted to use this word to create a sentence, Fu Liye would be the main character and the main character at this time.

"Doctor Liu is not only healing the body, but also healing the soul. What more can I ask for in this life if I meet him?! " Fu Liye choked again.

This time, Liu Handong could not continue listening. If the first sentence was not targeted, then it was Rainbow Fart, but the second sentence was targeted. Furthermore, Liu Handong trembled when he heard this. This was indeed his life goal. Curing a patient's body was not very capable. Many well-trained and diligent medical practitioners could achieve it. However, the ability to heal the soul. . . It wasn't that simple. This required the medical skills, techniques, art, and perception of a doctor to be integrated in all aspects in an organic manner. Only then could such an exquisite chemical change be possible.

"If that's really the case, that would be for the best. In my opinion, My current ability can only reach the first stage. The difficulty of the second stage is too high! " Liu Hendong could be considered to be sober and answered with utmost seriousness. This was practically after seeing Wen Lan off. His most serious action. In his opinion, even his conversation with his mentor, Liu Guo Hui, could be said to be absent-minded. He had never been so serious before.

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