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C9 Doctor Fei

Liu Handong had thought a lot about life and death on the way back from Wanfu Pure Land Cemetery.

Some people were born to die, while others were born to die.

It was just a choice.

Wen Lan's gravestone was hidden in the beautiful greenery, looking serene and serene.

She had been too tired recently, so it was time for her to have a good sleep.

It was just that the price was a bit too high, because from now on, she would never be able to hear her voice and smile again. It was a sad and sad thing.

On the way back, he received a few more calls.

One of them was a call from Liu Li, a senior who was recuperating in Jiangning.

He didn't know which channel he got this news from, but the voices that came from the phone were all hoarse. It was imaginable that he had also suffered some pain that he shouldn't have. Fortunately, he comforted the old man with all his might, so that he could temporarily stabilize his emotions.

Next, there was a call from his senior sister, Yang Tianqi.

Among all the girls, she was the one most likely to inherit the legacy of her teacher, Liu Guohui.

This time, she stayed behind in Jingzhou, Handong Province, as a member of the provincial level treatment group for psionic disease. Her senior sister, Yang Tianqi, was mainly responsible for the consultation and treatment of critical patients in Jingzhou, Yanchuan, and Zhenhai. In the fight against the epidemic, severe illness was the last hurdle in front of Death's door. She played the role of snatching life from Death's hands. Since the 30th year of the Lunar New Year, senior sister Yang Tianqi was not afraid at all. He ran around Jingzhou, Yanchuan, and Zhenhai, and there were consultations almost every day. The journey was more than 10,000 kilometers.

Now, the medical staff of the three cities' New-Coronary Preliminary Hospital all called her "Doctor Fei Ren. "

At around 5 PM on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, Yang Tianqi, director of the Medical Department of Heavy Diseases in the affiliated hospital of Handong University, received a notice that the first patient suspected to be a New Currency patient had appeared in Yanchuan, and he needed a consultation. She immediately gave up on reuniting with her family and drove from Jingzhou to Yanchuan. On the morning of the first day, she once again rushed to Zhenhai City to participate in the treatment of another patient with a new coronary pharyngitis.

Hearing her say this, Liu Handong felt that the responsibility he had to bear in regards to treatment was simply a drop in the ocean.

During the New Year's Eve dinner, his senior sister Yang Tianqi had a lunchbox in Yanchuan. On the first day of New Year's Eve, she had a lunchbox in Zhenhai. The Spring Festival of 2020 was considered to have passed like this.

"Although it's all simple lunchboxes, as long as the patient turns safe from danger, the New Year's Eve will be meaningful. "

"For medical professionals with severe illnesses, being able to spend a year with their family is something that can only be chanced upon by luck. "

"As a medical specialist with severe illness, he should do his job as best as he can. During the epidemic, it is even more so duty-bound to him"

One night at 11: 30, a suspicious case appeared in Zhenhai City. Yang Tianqi, who had just returned from Yanchuan to Jingzhou, received an urgent call for consultation when he arrived at his house. At this time, the car arranged for her by the hospital had yet to drive out of the neighborhood. She hurriedly called the car back and rushed to Zhenhai immediately. It was already a little late at night when she arrived at her destination.

After confirming the consultation, guiding the quarantine, and confirming the treatment plan, everything was done. She raised her head to look outside the window and saw that the sky had already lit up.

His senior sister Yang Tianqi had a simple breakfast and rushed back to Jingzhou because there were still patients in the department who needed her to take care of them.

The driver jokingly said that she was a doctor.

Senior Sister Yang Tianqi said that at the critical moment of the epidemic prevention, every minute that could be taken back was a minute, and every second that was taken back was a second. The earlier the diagnosis was made, the earlier the quarantine would be carried out, which would reduce the possibility of spreading in society, and also increase the chances of treatment for the patients.

During the consultation process, her senior sister Yang Tianqi treated every tiny change in each indicator with 120% of her attention.

She had been saving the patient at the speed of racing against time and formulating a personal treatment plan based on individual differences. She did her best to help the patient pass the "life and death test. " Her thin and weak body, coupled with her hurried footsteps, seemed to be running all the time. Therefore, the name "Doctor Fei" gradually spread.

A week ago, her senior sister, Yang Tianqi, received an emergency notice from the hospital. She needed to transfer seven medical staff from the Emergency Medical Department to participate in the third batch of reinforcements from Jiang City Medical Team in Handong Province. She also needed to transfer two doctors and one nurse from her department. The epidemic was an order. Prevention and control were the responsibility. Her senior sister, Yang Tianqi, didn't hesitate at all, and resolutely carried it out. In just a few days, She once again received an emergency notice that she needed to transfer a doctor and a nurse to help Huang Chuan's medical team. Yang Tianqi once again resolutely complied with the hospital's arrangements. During the two expeditions, her senior sister Yang Tianqi personally sent her colleagues off. She told them, "Work hard at the front line. Don't worry about your family matters. Take care of your health. Call more often to tell them you're safe " As for the ICU, which already had a lot of manpower, after transferring personnel, However, senior sister Yang Tianqi resolutely lifted the burden.

The hospital where her senior sister was at was a designated place for patients with newly crowned lungs to be treated. The ICU was the absolute "main force" for treating critically ill patients. The thirty beds were basically functioning at full capacity every day. The medical staff in the ICU were like a spinning top. "Rotating" was in the workplace. Apart from attending the consultation for the newly-crowned patients in the three cities, her senior sister Yang Tianqi also had to take care of the treatment for the patients in the department.

"Senior Sister Tian Qi, aren't you tired of the important patients in the Medical Imagery Department during the day and attending the consultation of the patients with coronary spondylosis at night? Let's take a break. "

"It's alright, I have good stamina!"

. . . " "

Senior sister Yang Tianqi not only fought on the front line against the plague, but also under her teachings. The ICU medical staff actively requested to fight. When she talked about these young and promising colleagues, she was filled with pride and pride. At the same time, she could also feel her reluctance and worry. But every time there was a need at the front lines, Everyone in the ICU was ready to set off at any time. They would not fail at the critical moment.

When wearing a white robe, they were fearless warriors, and it was precisely because they had a group of "ordinary heroes" like their senior sister, Yang Tianqi, who bravely charged forward. It was because of this that he was able to obtain many people's "peace and quiet. " Senior sister Yang Tianqi said that the haze would eventually pass. The bright sunlight would soon illuminate this land that had been disturbed by the epidemic. The streets and alleys would also be filled with people. People would quickly take off their masks and welcome the blooming of flowers and the warm spring. . .

He chatted with his senior sister Yang Tianqi from the moment they got in the car to the moment they got out of the car. He did not even remember the bumpy ride when the anxious Fu Liye sped up.

"Senior sister, how are you a flying doctor? You are simply a non-human doctor! It was like a robot! However, you are indeed my role model! I pay my respects to senior sister!"

" Take care of yourself in Jiang City. I look forward to your triumphant return with Professor Guo Hui. . . "

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