Choking Game/C10 Chapter 10
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Choking Game/C10 Chapter 10
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C10 Chapter 10

On the phone, "God He" muttered softly. He had clearly just woken up not long ago and had a feeling of being half asleep. His usually cold and sexy voice was now a bit sticky, making him unable to resist.

Guan Zhi felt a muscle in his body twitch and goosebumps instantly crawled all over his arms.

"He Da - Boss Hee, you need me for something?" The relationship between him and Hee Junyuan shouldn't reach the stage of 'greeting' by phone, right?

"Hmmm," the person on the other end of the line answered. He didn't know if he was going to be alright or not. Guan Zhi heard a burst of small sounds. It should be Hee Junyuan getting up, then he heard a woman's voice asking Hee Junyuan why he got up as if he was acting spoiled.

F * ck! What was this? Guan Zhi twitched his mouth. Was she showing off to him on the bed just now?

Hee Junyuan said coldly, "Go away."

Guan Zhi was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly responded and said, "Then Boss Hee, go busy yourself, I won't disturb you." Who called who?

"Not you. "Don't play such a little trick with me. Wait a minute for me, if you dare hang up, you're dead." He had probably completely come out of the 'Gentle Village'. Hee Junyuan's voice was much more clear than before. There was a trace of "sternness" in his gentleness. In simple terms, it was a threat.

F * ck you XX! Guan Zhi cursed in his heart and almost broke his new phone. This man had already treated him as a subordinate! You really don't know what 'courtesy' means!

However, for Nie Fengyu's sake, he had to endure this insult!

Fine! One minute! Uncle will only wait for you for a minute, I'll hang up in a second! Guan Zhi looked at the time displayed on his phone, clenched his teeth and counted silently in his heart.

Hee Junyuan was indeed the boss. He had grasped the timing correctly and returned in less than a minute. The first sentence he said was, "At least you're sensible." If it wasn't on the phone, he might have touched Guan Zhi's head.

Guan Zhi rolled his eyes. He wanted to go to the toilet, so he said directly. As a man, he understood. What are you pretending to be cool for!

"Boss Hee, what's the matter?" You're not calling me to wait for you to go to the bathroom, are you? " Ah? Why did he say it out loud?

After a second of silence, Hee Junyuan laughed out on the phone. He felt much better than when he got up.

"Come to me now." Or perhaps, he didn't want to say it, as the words he said were the simplest and most concise.

"Huh?" Guan Zhi was stunned. Wasn't this brother too domineering?

"Boss Hee, I seem to remember that I'm not your subordinate, right?"

"Hng hng ~" laughing, Hee Junyuan seemed to be smiling all the time to send Guan Zhi off, "Have you settled all the matters at school?" he asked suddenly.

Guan Zhi only had enough time to acknowledge her.

"Then come here."

This sequence seemed to be the opposite. He should have asked him if he was allowed to come here after everything was settled, right? Guan Zhi finally understood a little why Nie Fengyu didn't want to deal with Hee Junyuan in person.

"This, I have something to discuss later …" Before Guan Zhi could say the reason for rejection, Hee Junyuan had already opened his mouth.

"I'll give you two choices. Call a car yourself right now, or I'll send someone to 'invite' you over."

Hee Junyuan's "please" word was very valuable.

There was no choice at all. Was there even any 'human rights'? Guan Zhi drew a deep breath as he gritted his teeth. Facing Hee Junyuan, he found that his tolerance had improved significantly.

"Boss Hee, I have something to do--" He was going to dye his hair.

It was unknown if the "resentment" in his voice was too deep, but Hee Junyuan was silent for a few seconds and then said: "I'll give you an hour." After saying that, he gave out another string of addresses, regardless of whether Guan Zhi could remember them or not.

After hanging up, Guan Zhi walked around the shopping mall with his hands behind his back. He felt very 'restless', like a cat was scratching his heart. He used to feel this way a lot, but it didn't last long and wasn't as intense as this time. Finally he stopped and looked at himself in the glass window beside him. He understood.

He wanted to beat him up! That day in the hot spring, he should have taken Hee Junyuan into the water along with him.

Guan Zhi knew how long it would take to dye his hair. To complete it within an hour, it would depend on the hairdresser's skills and the effects of the potion. After finding a barber shop nearby, Guan Zhi directly stated his purpose of coming here. Furthermore, he only had one request: his hands and feet are nimble.

He had finished his rush in less than an hour. Looking at the man with black hair in the mirror, Guan Zhi felt a strange and familiar feeling.

"Sir, your black hair is so handsome!" said the hairdresser who had dyed his hair.

Indeed, the yellow hair made Guan Zhi look a little frivolous, but the black hair made him seem more stable, and his temperament also changed a lot. After dyeing, the stylist also helped him fix the level, and a new Guan Zhi was born.

Guan Zhi moved his head and observed himself in the mirror. He rubbed his chin. He hadn't seen his black-haired self in years. It looked more like —

"Sir, do you think this is enough?"

"Ah ~ It's done!" "Thank you!" Standing up, Guan Zhi flicked away some of the hair on his body and heaved a sigh of relief. There was no time for him to admire his appearance. There was still a big brother waiting for him!

Although the time wasn't up yet, he was counting the time in his hair and forgot the time on the road. It was certain that he would be late. As for how late he would be, he still had to think about it.

Outside the barber shop, Guan Zhi stood by the side of the road to stop the car. Suddenly, the phone in his pocket rang again. He thought that Hee Junyuan was here to rush him. Unwillingly, he took out his phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number.


"Where are you now?"

The voice was familiar, but for a moment he couldn't remember who it was. In the end, the other side said, "Now go back to school!" Guan Zhi immediately reacted, it was the extremely evil Principal Su!

"I … I have something to do later." How many times had he repeated this today?

"There's something urgent here, too. You will return immediately! " Su Hee didn't allow him to refuse at all.

F * ck! Guan Zhi was enraged! The anger he felt from Hee Junyuan exploded as well!

"Did you f * cking think I was bullsh * tting when I said I had something on!?"

The other end of the line was silent for a few seconds.

"Guan Zhi, I have to remind you, you are now my subordinate, I won't ask you to listen to my words, but you are still a police officer, obeying orders from your superior is the most basic rule."

Guan Zhi frowned. Compared to Hee Junyuan, this person was reasonable. However, he must offend Su Hee and Hee Junyuan today.

This was simply "torture". Why don't we split him in half?

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