Choking Game/C11 Chapter 11
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Choking Game/C11 Chapter 11
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C11 Chapter 11

In the quiet cafe on the side of the street, waiters and waitresses were shuttling back and forth through the main hall. The early morning aroma of coffee seemed to bring a sense of warmth to the people around them. At a table near the window, the man lowered his head and started flipping through the book in his hands. The coffee in front of him was still steaming and fragrant, but when he drank it, it didn't smell as good anymore.

The door of the café was suddenly pushed open, and a string of bells rang. The waiter quickly went up to welcome him.

"How many gentlemen?"

The unfriendly man glanced at him, looked around, and said stiffly, "Looking for someone." At the same time, his gaze met the man who had just raised his head from the window.

Hee Junyuan was stunned for a moment. At the beginning, he really did not recognize Guan Zhi. The man who had a head of sallow yellow yesterday turned black today. Although yellow made people's skin appear whiter, they had to admit that black hair was more suitable for Wu Tie.

The man who had always seemed to be "in a hurry" had become more mature and mature today. It seemed that he had become more sexy.

Of course, Hee Junyuan had these impressions, which were inseparable from Guan Zhi's current expression.

Guan Zhi, who was smiling all day, became completely cold today. Looking at Hee Junyuan, who was sitting on the sofa, his face was stiff and his lips were pursed into a straight line. He ran towards the window like a robot.

Hee Junyuan raised the corner of his mouth and put down the book in his hands. Today, he was wearing an ordinary white shirt with his jacket on the side. Not long after he had showered, his slightly wet hair was combed back, revealing his full forehead. When paired with his handsome and slightly beautiful face, he looked so fresh and refreshing that it would make one want to shine.

Other people might be confused by his face, but Guan Zhi wasn't. Others might not know who this man was, but he knew.

As he had said before, the bath water that Hee Junyuan had soaked was "sulfuric acid". No matter how handsome he was, he was still "the heart of a beast with a human's face".

For the sake of this human faced beast, he had even offended his superior. If he disobeyed and went back, who knew what awaited him!

Standing beside Hee Junyuan's table, Guan Zhi gave a wooden smile. He swallowed all the unwillingness in his heart.

"Boss Hee."

Hee Junyuan gave him a faint smile and raised his chin.


Guan Zhi didn't move.

"I'll just stand."

"Hmm?" Hee Junyuan raised his eyebrows, "What's the matter?"

"This is the rule, how can we be on the same level as Boss Hee?" This bastard had 'snickered' so early in the morning, it was definitely not a good thing.

Hee Junyuan laughed even harder, "What?" Do you know the rules now? Why didn't you say that in my car that day? "

"I dare not disobey the car Boss Hee told me to get in that day." This dog-leg was about to bow and bow!

"Then I can refuse if I let you sit down now?"

F * ck! This fellow was even f * cking 'stepping on your nose'! They really treated him like a lackey!

However, he still had to sit. This was Guan Zhi's sorrow.

As soon as he sat down, the waiter came over with a menu and asked him what he wanted.

Originally, he was not interested in eating, but Hee Junyuan suddenly said: "Feel free to order! "Accompany me for breakfast."

Did she ask him to come and accompany him for breakfast? In his heart, Guan Zhi scolded Hee Junyuan until his head bled. He said to the waiter, "Give me a bowl of soy milk!"

The waiter was surprised for a moment, then said awkwardly: "I'm sorry, sir, we are in a Western restaurant —"

With a frown, Guan Zhi handed the menu back to the other party, "No need." I'm not used to bread. " Ye Zichen looked at Hee Junyuan. How could he eat it? After which, he intentionally glanced at the other party's face.

"Not smiling" and "hiding a knife behind a smile" was Hee Junyuan's usual style, but in front of Guan Zhi, he seemed to be a lot more amiable.

After randomly ordering a few things, Hee Junyuan gave the menu to the waiter and quietly gave some instructions. After the waiter left, he turned around and focused all of his attention on Guan Zhi.

Guan Zhi moved his body and sat up.

"Your head — why is it black?"

Hee Junyuan asked, but before Guan Zhi could answer, he said first, "Oh, right! You can't dye your hair where you're staying. " After which, he chuckled softly.

"That's right. Better than ever. "

Without saying a word, Guan Zhi lowered his eyes and looked at the table. The cup of coffee in front of Hee Junyuan was dark. And the latter was just picking it up to drink.

"Don't drink this coffee without breakfast, to your stomach …" When Guan Zhi finally reacted, he subconsciously blurted out.

Hee Junyuan was stunned, he stopped mid-air and looked at Ye Zichen.

Since he already said it, it wouldn't be good if he didn't finish. Guan Zhi moved his lips and said the last two words.

"Not good." Oh my god! So disgusting! What was he doing? What does Hee Junyuan drinking have anything to do with him? Even drinking sulfuric acid was his personal hobby!

Guan Zhi was upset, he wanted a glass of sulfuric acid for himself.

"Humph." Looking at his' regretful 'face, Hee Junyuan laughed. He put down his coffee cup and leaned back on the sofa. "It has been a long time since someone has' cared 'for me."

Guan Zhi was sure that the person in front of him was a typical person who lacked kinship and friendship.

"No, I know a person who has the same problem. Suddenly, one day, he starts drinking his coffee every day —" He explained wildly.

Hee Junyuan looked at him, his expression changed. Guan Zhi quickly changed the topic, "Why is Boss Hee looking for me?" Actually, this was the proper thing to do!

Before he got an answer, the dishes ordered by Hee Junyuan were served. The waiter switched to a girl and secretly glanced at Hee Junyuan as they served the dishes. Hee Junyuan didn't know if he was slow or not. Guan Zhi, on the other hand, was waiting anxiously for the answer. Seeing that the female waiter seemed to want to feed Hee Junyuan, he was so anxious that he was about to go crazy.

This was also not an outer space creature from the monkey gorilla, was there a need to look at it so closely!

After the waiter reluctantly left, Guan Zhi stared at Hee Junyuan anxiously, waiting for him to speak.

Hee Junyuan looked at the food on the table as if trying to keep him interested. After confirming that it was something he wanted, he raised his head and looked at Hee Junyuan with a smile for a few seconds before saying: "Come to my house tonight."

Her voice was soft and low, and no matter how he looked at it, it felt like she was trying to take advantage of a woman. What are you doing at his house?

What else could a man do if he invited a woman to his house? But the problem was, Guan Zhi was also a man.

He really couldn't accept Hee Junyuan's obvious request to "ask for pleasure". I heard Hee Junyuan get up from a woman this morning, how did he change his personality in just a few hours?

"That, ah!" "Boss Hee, I-I don't seem to be able to enter your eyes, do I?" Guan Zhi laughed until his mouth twitched.

Besides, you're not my dish!

He looked like he just ate a fly. Hee Junyuan watched quietly for a while and then snorted coldly.

"Don't worry!" You're seven or eight points short of my bedtime standard. "

Only 10 points! Guan Zhi was furious! Then he had to thank him for his "noble gesture", didn't he?

"There's a banquet tonight, Nie Fengyu designated you to attend in his place." Hee Junyuan finally revealed the reason and began to eat gracefully.

Guan Zhi's hand, which was placed on the table, slowly clenched into a fist. He couldn't wait to push the person's head down into the soup on the table.

No! He would do this one day! Just you wait!

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