Choking Game/C12 Chapter 12
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Choking Game/C12 Chapter 12
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C12 Chapter 12

He followed Hee Junyuan into the car and waited for the car to arrive at Hee Junyuan's house. Guan Zhi still didn't understand the situation; did he get transferred, or was he pushed out to be a "shield"?

Guan Zhi didn't have the mood to look at the mansion in front of him, nor did he have the mood to appreciate the luxurious decorations. Guan Zhi was considering whether to call back to school when he suddenly heard Hee Junyuan ask: "Do you have a dress?"

Dress? Guan Zhi was shocked. He raised his head to look at the people beside him, then looked down at his old T-shirt and old sneakers.

There were no dresses, but there were uniforms.

As if he had already expected this, Hee Junyuan revealed an expression of "asking in vain" and said: "Follow me."

He followed Hee Junyuan upstairs and arrived at a room after a series of twists and turns. It didn't look like Hee Junyuan's bedroom and didn't feel like there was anyone living there. However, it didn't look like a fitting room either. Guan Zhi stood on the spot and watched Hee Junyuan take out a set of black clothes from the closet. He had a complete white shirt and tie.

"Try it."

Guan Zhi stared at the set of clothes, "This, I can't not pass through?"

"Sure." Hee Junyuan nodded and said with a smile, "I have no objections even if you are naked."

Who's naked! Guan Zhi clenched his teeth.

"You have two choices. Either be naked, or else wear it if you don't want to embarrass Nie Fengyu."

Fine! I'm afraid of you! Guan Zhi nodded and reached out to take the clothes.

"Change it now?"

Hee Junyuan smiled. "Do you need me to leave?"

Guan Zhi glanced at him, but didn't say anything. He put his clothes aside and took off his clothes without any shyness.

It was unknown whether Hee Junyuan was "impressed" by his "boldness" or if he finally realized that Guan Zhi was a little "beautiful". The moment he turned around, Hee Junyuan sat down on the bed and started to enjoy the "big strip show".

The weather wasn't too cold, so Guan Zhi didn't wear much. After taking off his upper body a few times, he started wearing a pair of half-new jeans. Even though Guan Zhi's height didn't have much of an advantage, it was still pretty good for him to take off his clothes.

Guan Zhi put on his shirt and jacket, then looked at the person sitting on the bed with his tie in hand.

"No problem with the clothes, but I can't wear the pants." With just a glance, he could tell that the pants were not his size. "Let's do it this way then!"

The jeans and suit did not seem out of place to him.

Hee Junyuan nodded, "Sure."

Being played like a doll, Guan Zhi was almost done with it. Fortunately, Hee Junyuan always stopped the car before his stamina ran out, as if he had grasped the perfect test.

Standing up, Hee Junyuan walked in front of Guan Zhi and sized him up. Then, he suddenly reached out and took the tie from Guan Zhi's hand.

The black silk slid through the gaps between his fingers. Before he could react, Hee Junyuan's hand had already reached the back of his neck. Guan Zhi subconsciously wanted to dodge it …

"Don't move." Hee Junyuan said, then skillfully helped Guan Zhi tie up the romantic knot.

"Very appropriate." Hee Junyuan nodded. He was calm from the beginning to the end, but Guan Zhi was "tormented" enough.

At one moment, he was acting in a thunderous manner, and at the other, he was acting in a gentle manner. His face had become even faster than Sun Wukong's! Could this big brother have a double personality?

"Thank you, Boss Hee." Guan Zhi didn't know if his expression was respectful enough. Do you want to be a little more "ecstatic"? How "honorable" was it for Hee Junyuan to tie his tie himself?

Hee Junyuan looked at him quietly for a while as if he was thinking about something. Then he turned around and walked towards the door. Before going out, he said to Guan Zhi who was behind him: "You can rest here or look around. Just tell the servant anything."

"Wait a minute!" Guan Zhi suddenly shouted.

Hee Junyuan turned around and looked at him.

Guan Zhi, who usually didn't have any good attitude towards him, showed a bit of shyness as he looked at Hee Junyuan and asked, "Boss Hee, can I have a call from our Boss Nie?"

Narrowing his eyes, Hee Junyuan looked at the man in front of him. Although his hair was black and he felt mature, his brain was still "lacking tendons".

"You really —" Guan Zhi heard the last sigh clearly.

He knew that he was being looked down upon.

Finally getting in touch with Nie Fengyu, Guan Zhi was so excited that tears almost fell from his eyes. He first complained a few times that the life outside was not human, but Nie Fengyu listened and did not have any intentions of letting him go back. Thus, he had no choice but to give up.

After a few simple sentences, Guan Zhi lowered his voice and said, "Boss Nie, can you discuss something with me?"


"Can I be surnamed He now?"

"Sure." He agreed without hesitation, "You have to bear the consequences yourself."

The latter sentence instantly extinguished the fire of hope that had just been ignited in Guan Zhi. At this time, Nie Fengyu suddenly said, "You just need to keep an eye on Su Hee. "If you are going to meet Hee Junyuan, it's better if you don't come into contact with him …"

Damn it all! Guan Zhi sighed towards the sky, "He's obviously the one who came in contact with me! Didn't you tell him to take good care of me? "

There was no sound from the other end of the phone. After a while, Nie Fengyu said helplessly: "I didn't."

The corner of Guan Zhi's mouth twitched, "Boss Nie, don't scare me like that."

Nie Fengyu gave him a "do your best" before hanging up without any hesitation.

Holding his phone, Guan Zhi kept saying to himself, "Impossible." Absolutely impossible!

Just now, Hee Junyuan said that he was thousands of miles away from his standard.

At around 7 PM, Hee Junyuan's banquet officially started.

Guan Zhi didn't know the nature of this banquet, so he wasn't interested in knowing either. He stood in a corner of the hall, holding a glass of wine as he looked at the people shuttling back and forth in front of him. There were well-dressed men and women everywhere. There were over a hundred bald old men and young girls in a variety of combinations. Of course, there were also those who were in reverse.

Guan Zhi felt that it was a bit 'unexpected' that he was here.

Hee Junyuan was standing about ten meters away from him, surrounded by a group of people. People around were talking and laughing, but he was only smiling faintly, seeming to be adept at this kind of social interaction.

Suddenly, Hee Junyuan raised his head and his gaze collided with Guan Zhi's. Guan Zhi lightly looked away and lowered his head to drink a mouthful of wine.

He didn't even dare to look Hee Junyuan in the eye anymore …

However, Hee Junyuan didn't know if it was because he was too handsome tonight, but he would glance at Hee Junyuan no matter where he went, as if he was afraid that Hee Junyuan would lose him. The look was not erotic, but it definitely had a different meaning.

"Why are you hiding here?"

When he looked up, Hee Junyuan had walked out of the crowd at some point and was walking towards him.

Guan Zhi made a "bored" expression, "I didn't know what to do in this place."

When Hee Junyuan stood beside him, the smell of alcohol hit his face. Guan Zhi frowned. How much did he drink?

From the start of the banquet, there were people who continuously toasted Hee Junyuan. Every time they toasted, there would be around ten toasts. Hee Junyuan's expression did not change, but his gaze towards people became more 'lost'.

Wu Tie paused for a moment and couldn't help but ask, "Boss Hee, are you drunk?"

Pursing his lips, Hee Junyuan sighed softly. He lowered his head and rubbed his forehead, "Who knows —"

What kind of answer is this?

"Erm … Boss Hee, it's getting late, I …"

"Shh ~" putting his index finger on his lips, Hee Junyuan interrupted him and turned around. Two middle-aged men holding wine glasses walked towards them. Each of them had a female companion on their arm. It looked familiar, as if it was always on TV.

"Mr. Hee, why are you hiding here? Let's find it! "

Hee Junyuan smiled faintly and did not say a word.

Guan Zhi knew that Hee Junyuan, on the surface, was a legitimate businessman. Follow the law, pay taxes according to the rules, and be a good citizen.

"This is — —" A person saw Guan Zhi and started to look him up and down as he questioned him.

"This is my friend, Guan Zhi." Hee Junyuan introduced.

From "little brother" to a friend, isn't this leveling up way too fast? Guan Zhi nodded at him. He was not good at socializing, nor did he speak the words required to socialize. Those who knew him all thought he was' crazy ', but most of the time, he was actually a very quiet person.

Hee Junyuan seemed to know his personality, so he stopped talking to him. He didn't actually talk much to Fang Xingjian, but the other two men and two women toasted him one more time.

Seeing him drink like he was drinking water, Guan Zhi suddenly felt a bit "scared out of his wits".

It wasn't until the end of the banquet that Guan Zhi finally understood why he felt that way.

Hee Junyuan was completely drunk. No matter how much the servant tried to pull him away, he couldn't. To put it bluntly, he was like an octopus. Guan Zhi was strangled to the point where he almost couldn't breathe. He was covered in the wine that Hee Junyuan had spilled when he fell, and his shirt was completely soaked as it stuck to his body.

"Mr Guan, may I trouble you to bring Mister back to his room to rest?" We'll send off the guests! "

Guan Zhi seriously suspected that this group of people did not dare to pull Hee Junyuan, afraid that it would be difficult to explain if their boss was broken.

"Damn it!" This is nothing! " Guan Zhi supported Hee Junyuan, who was on the verge of awakening from his drunkenness, fell down the stairs and followed the servant's instructions to a room at the end of the corridor.

After entering, he was no longer in the mood to check out the room and just threw the person onto the bed. Who knew that Hee Junyuan was grabbing so tightly, at the same time that he fell, he also forcibly pulled Guan Zhi down.

"F * ck!" The two men fell onto the bed together, their bodies bouncing up and down on the mattress.

Getting up, Guan Zhi was panting heavily. Don't underestimate him for his capturing skills. His body is still weak these days!

"Humph!" Hee Junyuan turned his back on him.

Guan Zhi looked at the sleeping man beside him and finally exploded in anger.

"Pah!" He raised his fist and punched Hee Junyuan on the head.

"Damn your surname is He!" "He sure knows how to f * cking torture people!"

"Damn it!" I'm not your subordinate, so you must be quite excited to be in command! "

"You! "He's not an old man, why does he like to hold a grudge!"

"Talking is like farting! God knows which of your lies are true! "

However, after seeing them a few times, 'hatred' and discontent had reached such a level. It could be considered rare. When Guan Zhi finally finished gritting his teeth, he got off the bed and walked around the room. He found a bathroom and went in to shower and change clothes.

When the bathroom door closed, the person on the bed slowly opened his eyes, lifted the corner of his mouth, and then closed his eyes after a few seconds.

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