Choking Game/C2 Chapter 2
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Choking Game/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

"Bang!" The light blue advanced crystal cup was heavily thrown onto the table. The water inside spilled more than half, causing Guan Zhi's body to tremble subconsciously.

Good boy! That cup is very expensive!

But he didn't dare say. Putting aside the fact that the person who threw the cup was his boss and boss, while the man was wearing a simple white shirt and black trousers, his cold expression gave off the aura of an emperor, and his expressionless face made people not dare to act rashly.

There were only a few people who truly frightened Guan Zhi, and Nie Fengyu was one of them.

Guan Zhi twitched the corner of his mouth and put on the "hippy smile" of the signboard. Then, he smirked at the man sitting in front of him.

"Boss Nie, don't be angry! It's not the first time I've been complained about. "

Nie Fengyu sat upright on the sofa. He looked at Ye Zichen with raised eyes, then closed them without saying anything.

Guan Zhi pursed his lips. Things seemed to have gotten a little tricky. Usually, Boss Nie would just scold him or just pull his ear a few times. But it's not right to be so silent today!

Thinking about it this way, it was great that the cup was thrown at his face just now. At least that was normal.

After "careful consideration", Guan Zhi changed his tone to a fawning tone and asked: "About that, Ah Zhan —" After being glared at, Guan Zhi immediately changed his tone, "How is elder sister-in-law recently? Boss, why didn't you bring him along here? I missed him! " Don't you want to be dissatisfied with him if you don't bring him here?

Nie Fengyu closed his eyes lazily for a moment. Then, the expression on his face finally relaxed a little.

"If he hears you call him that, it will hurt your ears."

Guan Zhi started to laugh, "It's fine, it's fine! I'm used to being pulled! " With such a silly look, it would be embarrassing to say that he was angry.

Glancing at him, Nie Fengyu said coldly: "Enough! Don't try to get away with it! Do you know what kind of good deed you've done this time? "

"Huh?" Guan Zhi's mouth slanted to the side. Every day, he would do many "good things"! He really didn't know which one Nie Fengyu was referring to, but he couldn't ask too much.

"Boss, I was wrong!"

"What's wrong?"

Er — "I was wrong where you said I was wrong!"

Nie Fengyu had the urge to smack him to death again.

"Did you capture him in the hot spring the night before yesterday?"

After being reminded like this, Guan Zhi remembered that night when he caught someone, he took a hot spring to soak in. That meatball-like manager really complained to him? How petty!

"Ah ~ That ~ That brat ran into the pond! I had no other choice but to jump in and capture him! I was forced to do this too! " Guan Zhi scratched his head and said helplessly.

"I even choked on a few mouthfuls of water!" The water smelled strange.

Nie Fengyu looked at him strangely. After a while, he slowly said, "It's fine if you drink warm spring water, but you want to drink Wu Tie's bath water!"

Guan Zhi's body trembled, but the image of the man in the hot spring that night appeared in his mind. He felt so disgusted that he couldn't even describe it.

"Boss!" I'm innocent! "

At most, he washed his head with the man's bath water.

In this town that was famous for its hot springs, Guan Zhi was "affectionately" called "the god of hot springs destruction" by the town's hot springs. There were almost no hot springs in the town that had been "defiled" by him.

Generally speaking, people were used to his daily activities and knew his identity, so they basically just turned a blind eye and scolded him for a bit to vent his anger. When Guan Zhi was flopping around like a duck that couldn't swim, everyone wanted to drown him in the water. However, this time, his target was not someone who could close an eye.

"Oh? Then tell me, how did you do it? " Nie Fengyu smiled and leaned back, half-leaning on the sofa, waiting for Guan Zhi's explanation.

Guan Zhi scratched his head, then scratched his stomach through his clothes with a conflicted expression. It was always too late to think of reasons and excuses on the spot.

He looked at Guan Zhi, who was wearing the police uniform that he hadn't changed for a few years. The color had become a bit impure, because he usually wore it as a coat, the t-shirt with cartoon patterns on it was very old, and the way he dressed made people feel uncomfortable. In Nie Fengyu's memory, the pair of yellowing white sneakers on his feet seemed never to have changed.

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw that the yellow ball on Guan Zhi's head was the most eye-catching. The color of the vulgar spirit made people unwilling to look at it any more.

Counting the time, Guan Zhi had been under his command for almost ten years. He didn't know that Nie Fengyu was at a loss because of the number of years he had. He had been under his command for ten years, wanting nothing, wanting nothing, like a lackey who didn't want to get ahead, but one of the few who could stay by his side for so long.

Stupid people, but there was something cute about it …

Guan Zhi couldn't think of any good reason to lie to Nie Fengyu. The main reason was that he didn't dare to "brag" in front of Nie Fengyu. He fooled his boss and could only lower his head in resignation.

"Enough!" Boss, you can do whatever you want! " He didn't have any money, only one life. However, he still didn't remember who Hee Junyuan was. He just vaguely felt that he looked a little familiar.

After a moment of silence, Nie Fengyu stood up and walked to the desk not far away. He took out a piece of paper from the drawer and placed it on the desk. He looked at Guan Zhi and said word by word, "You're fired."

What? Guan Zhi was stunned. The degree of shock he received was no less than a thunderbolt from a clear sky. He even suspected that his ears had malfunctioning.

He was fired after washing his hair?

And which side to fire?

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