Choking Game/C4 Chapter 4
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Choking Game/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

In the evening, the sky was completely dark, but the air was abnormally moist. A faint moisture was floating in the air, a sign that the heavy rain was about to arrive. The railway station near the center of the city was crowded, and passengers carrying luggage hurried back and forth, but it was not crowded because it was not the season.

At the entrance of the train station, a man who had just got off the train stood at the exit, carrying a backpack, his messy yellow hair, and his wrinkled checked shirt. No matter how one looked at him, he was a young man from the countryside who had just entered the city for the first time.

Looking at the strange city before him, Guan Zhi felt that the road he was going to take was darker and more confused than the fog that had yet to disperse in the darkness.

He lost his transfer order.

He was hungry now, and his eyes were sore. He had been on the train for more than ten hours, but his feet still felt like they were swaying in the air. He could still hear the rumbling in his ears. He couldn't sleep on the train because he didn't go out much.

However, Guan Zhi was more interested in finding out where he was going next. He hadn't even looked at it until he lost the transfer order, which meant that so far he had no idea where in the city he'd been transferred.

If the transfer order was lost, it would be similar to him arriving at his destination after a long and arduous journey. He was only one step away, yet he lost his "pass". There was nothing more tragic than this.

Therefore, to Guan Zhi, what he should be doing now was not eating. Although there were a lot of night blocks in front of him, the smell of roasted meat was also very fragrant.

More important than eating was that he should first find a place to work in the future.

At the entrance of the train station, Guan Zhi breathed 15 minutes of fresh air along with the smell of greasy barbecue meat.

"Ahh! Shall I just find another job?" Guan Zhi muttered to himself as he placed his luggage on the side of the road. Guan Zhi, with his "out of date" yellow hair and an indecent posture, was still sitting on the package. He attracted the gazes of countless passersby, ignoring them completely.

Should he call Boss Nie and ask him, or should he find a police station to ask?

In terms of safety factor, the latter was undoubtedly higher. However, in terms of difficulty, it was very high. Losing the transfer token and finding a place to take it in would require a bit of skill, and that was a bit too much! Although he, Guan Zhi, was thick-skinned, there was a limit to it.

He felt in his left pocket. The police ID was still there. Then, he touched his right pocket and took out a semi-new phone. He wanted to call Boss Nie or his uncle, that was a serious question.

The weather was getting more and more like it was before the storm. The chilly wind blew, bringing with it a bit of dust. It was only a little after 8, but there were not many people on the street.

Guan Zhi looked up at the dark sky and grinned. He picked up the phone and glanced at it. The signal wasn't good! Weak signals struggled between the zeros and the second grids, and it was still a question of whether they could reach the town.

However, just as he thought of this, his phone rang. It gave Guan Zhi a fright. It was a text message, and the sender said: Boss Nie.

He opened it up with a look of awe, first with a list of addresses, then with the following sentence: Get out of here and report to me!

Guan Zhi was amused. The boss was indeed the boss. The prophetic ability of a prophet was not ordinary, so he really did know him.

"Pah!" Closing his phone, Guan Zhi stood up. He was going to his destination. Now that the important issue had been solved, his world had been "washed away by rain" and his future was bright again.

However, after five minutes of light, the rain finally began to fall.

Guan Zhi stopped a few taxis on the side of the road. Either they ignored him or he already had a customer on board.

"Damn it!" The drivers in the city are also so arrogant! " After being splashed all over, Guan Zhi swore while clenching his teeth. There were no other cars coming, so he had no choice but to hide in the small park on the side of the street.

There were a few benches under a row of cement shelves. Normally, there would be some climbing tigers or something like that. If it was lush, it could at least cover up a little bit of the wind and rain.

Guan Zhi squatted on the stone chair and leaned against a few small trees on the side to protect himself from the wind and rain. Fortunately, the rain wasn't too heavy now. However, he couldn't always hide like this, and at this moment, another young couple also went to take shelter from the rain.

The man tightly embraced the woman, while the woman tightly stuck onto the man's body. She was so sticky that she wished she could become a person.

"So annoying! It suddenly rained so hard, my shoes got wet!"

"Hehe!" Then let's get a room! "Avoid the rain!"

Guan Zhi had finally seen a suggestion that could help him avoid the rain. What made him most unhappy was that these two people had an umbrella in their hands, yet they came here to hide their ass!

"Disgusting! "What are you thinking about?" The woman twisted her body and punched the man on the chest. "You're so annoying" was more exciting than just saying it.

Guan Zhi turned around and looked at the two people not more than two meters away from him. Actually, the most important thing he wanted to see was that umbrella.

"Then let's go now! "You can stay a while longer if you're early ~" The man couldn't stop smiling as he hugged the woman and was about to leave.

"No!" It's still raining! The umbrella broke again! "

"I'm fine!" Why don't you take a bath later! In any case, he wouldn't need to wear his clothes anymore! "Hehe ~" Saying that, he couldn't wait to touch the woman's breasts.

"So annoying! Look, someone's watching it!" The woman turned her body and glanced at Guan Zhi.

The man turned around and glared at the 'innocent' Guan Zhi, then ran away with the woman in his arms. Before he left, he stuffed the umbrella into the trash can beside him.

This action was like a hint, causing Guan Zhi, who was squatting on the chair, to be stunned for a moment.

Actually, he didn't think too much about it, it was just that the rain was getting more and more out of hand. It was probably because he had been holding it in for too long, that the normal drizzle started to get heavier and heavier, and it looked like it was getting heavier and heavier.

People would always choose the most realistic, most feasible, or most helpless method at critical moments, such as now.

When the rain drops hit his face, Guan Zhi made a decision. He looked around, then jumped down from the chair and walked to the trash can in a weird way. The umbrella was stuck inside and didn't fall down completely, he could reach it with a stretch of his hand.

He just wanted to have something to block before he got to the car. That wasn't too much of a requirement, was it?

But even though he had captured the umbrella, he couldn't take it out. Guan Zhi didn't dare to pull it too hard. He lowered his head to see where it was stuck, but just as he moved his head down, a burst of light shone from the side, causing him to feel pain in his eyes.

He subconsciously raised his other hand in front of his face and turned around. A car was slowly approaching him.

"Damn!" What is it? " He cursed. He thought it was a car by the side of the road, but the car actually stopped in front of him.

It was too bright, so Guan Zhi didn't see the car clearly. He instinctively thought it was a police car. He froze, one hand still in the trash can, forgetting to take it out.

It can't be? Didn't he know that picking up trash in the city would break the law?

The sky seemed to be playing a joke on him, or making him do it on purpose. Just like that, the heavy rain poured down instantly, drenching Guan Zhi completely within a few seconds.

That day, the two of them met for the second time. He had caused him to be drenched like a chicken in water, and he would never be able to forget this for the rest of his life.

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