Choking Game/C7 Chapter 7
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Choking Game/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

Guan Zhi had never dreamed that there would be a day when he would become a teacher!

At first, he was confused by the words on the door, thinking that Nie Fengyu threw him into the school to be "remodeled" in a fit of anger. He stood at the door for a long time without daring to enter, and there was even a moment where he turned around and left, his mind wandering away.

Just as he was unable to figure out the situation, someone from the guard room outside the door shouted, "Who is it?"

He was full of energy and carried a trace of 'intimidation' with him, causing Guan Zhi to jump in fright. At this moment, the dim light of the guard room also lit up. Not long later, someone came out and shouted at him, "Who is it?"

Guan Zhi didn't know what to say, so he could only reply first: "I--"

"What are you doing?"

This time, Guan Zhi really did not know what to say, nor did he know what he was going to do. He thought to himself: Did I go to the wrong place? Or did Hee Junyuan set him up and intentionally send him here to play with him? This man wasn't that bored, right?

Just when Guan Zhi wanted to take out his phone to look at the address on Nie Fengyu's text message, the person inside the door suddenly exclaimed: "Ah? It's the new Professor Guan, right? "

Guan — Professor Guan?

"It's Guan Zhi, Professor Guan, right? "Sigh … Why did you arrive so late?" The one who came out of the door said in a slightly pleased tone, as if he was "finally here". The bunch of keys in his hand made a crisp sound.

At this moment, "Professor Guan" was completely dumbfounded.

The door opened and an uncle in his fifties walked out. He was wearing a coat and had obviously just gotten up from the bed.

Guan Zhi did not know the exact time, but judging from the fact that all the lights in the school had been extinguished, it was probably not too early. However, compared to these, he had yet to wake up from the sensational title of "Professor Guan".

"Professor Guan has been working hard all this time — — Ah?" When the uncle opened the door and saw who was standing outside, he was also shocked.

Although the surrounding light wasn't very bright and the street light was a bit far away, Guan Zhi's waxy yellow hair was still clearly visible. That color, no matter how bright it was, was almost as bright as the street light.

Which school's teacher could dye that kind of head? Furthermore, he was a teacher at the police academy! Isn't this just 'breaking the law'!? In addition to Guan Zhi's current clothes, which were neither old nor old, and the two big bags on the ground behind him, he was swinging his body in that direction. It was hard to tell what was wrong, but he felt that something was wrong.

"Are you the new teacher?" the old man asked incredulously, perhaps suspecting that his eyes were blurry.

"— —"

Guan Zhi felt that the probability of him being a teacher was lower than him suddenly getting hit by a stray bullet while walking on the street!

What was going on? Who could tell him?

No matter what, since the person had come, it would not be easy for him to leave. The guard brought Guan Zhi to the dormitory. Even though the school was located in a remote area, the conditions were not bad. The teachers and staff lived in the same building, while the teachers lived in a single room upstairs. Each of them had their own room and basic appliances, but there was no air-conditioning.

Since there weren't many students, there weren't many teachers in the entire school. Therefore, it wasn't too extravagant to have a dormitory for one person. The doorman said that the city wasn't very hot in the summer and that the blow-dryer was over and that it would be nice to have an electric blanket or something in the winter.

Guan Zhi followed behind the guard with two bags in his hands.

"That … Uncle!" This is the police academy? "

"That's right!" Without raising his head, the guard held a bunch of keys and looked around to see which one of them was Guan Zhi's room, "What? Don't you know what you do here at work? "

He already knew what this place was for, so he might not be so straightforward with his departure.

Be a teacher - you might as well tell him to be a zombie and be good at it! Guan Zhi thought about those ghosts that pestered him every day and told him to help them catch all kinds of 'wild animals', so his scalp started to hurt reflexively. He had no choice towards children. Although this was a school, and the students were not much younger than him, he could not handle those kids, let alone the "rebellion period" of students.

"Ah!" "We're here!" The guard stopped at the door of a room, turned around and waved the key in his hand towards Guan Zhi, "Professor Guan's room is your dorm!

"Er — oh!" Guan Zhi didn't feel excited at all and nodded with a smile on his face.

The guard opened the door and the two of them entered the room, one after the other. There was a bed, a desk with bookshelves, and the functions of a computer desk. Beside it, there was a small TV on a low cabinet, a wardrobe by the door, and two hot water bottles in the corner. It was no different from a normal dormitory.

"It's late today. Tomorrow, you can go to the logistics department to retrieve your personal items, such as quilts, washbasins, etc. I'll go get a blanket for you later. I'll take care of it tonight! " The guard took the key off and handed it to Guan Zhi, "But you can take a bath, there's hot water! It must have been tiring to travel all day! After washing up, you should get a good rest! "

Guan Zhi was indeed very tired, regardless of physical or mental, but he felt that he was destined to lose sleep tonight. However, he still thanked the guard at the door.

The guard was about to leave, but he seemed to want to say something before leaving. He looked at Guan Zhi's struggling expression.

Guan Zhi smiled and asked, "Is there something else?"

"Professor Guan, it's not that I'm nosy! Your head — it would be better to go and get it tomorrow! " Even in an ordinary school, people like him would be the focus of everyone's attacks.

"Ah — this?" Guan Zhi touched his head, he knew that his head didn't seem to be suitable for his current job.

The guard then added, "And you'd better not let the principal see you. He —" As he said this, the gatekeeper looked embarrassed, as if he didn't want to say bad things about his superior in front of others, but he couldn't help it.

Guan Zhi could tell from his face that he was another "toiling public" who had been suppressed for a long time. This school's principal was definitely someone who deserved to be slapped. Even a guard was dissatisfied with him, so he definitely wasn't a good person.

"What did he see?" Guan Zhi joked, "He can even wring my head off?"

Who would have thought that the guard would look at him with a serious expression? His brows wrinkled into a single word: "Chuan". Guan Zhi was shocked again. What? Will it really be unscrewed?

"Forget it!" In short, you decide for yourself! I'll get you a blanket! " The guard took the remaining key and went out, thinking that there was no point in talking any further.

Guan Zhi stood on the spot and felt that his heart had been hanging by a thread ever since. He wanted to relax, but he couldn't calm down no matter what.

He scratched his hair and looked around. The white walls were much whiter than the walls. But now he was beginning to miss their "poor police station" with its broken glass and its wooden floors and the smell of wood in the room and its gray ceiling, where he had been for years.

Now, the people there had left one by one, some close, some far, and there was always a distance.

Guan Zhi wasn't in a hurry to clean up. He turned around and sat down on the bed, looking at the sky with a bored look. He suddenly felt nostalgic and wanted to make full use of it. Ye Zichen took out his phone from his pocket. He still had two more clicks of electricity, it was enough to make a phone call.

He opened his contact list and found that person's number. Not long after he called, someone answered.

Sure enough, that person's habits hadn't changed. He definitely wouldn't sleep until a fixed time had passed.

"Hello? Lil 'Ye — Fuck! Why are you answering other people's calls? "

"What do you mean by 'you are not even'! "Don't you fucking disgust me with your last name!"

"Hello? Hey! "Fuck, you dare to hang up on me!" Guan Zhi clenched his teeth and closed the phone, while cursing the man a hundred times in his heart. After he finished cursing, he suddenly burst out laughing again.

Now, the loneliest person finally had someone by his side to accompany him, and the last remaining thing seemed to be him.

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