Choking Game/C8 Chapter 8
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Choking Game/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

During the first half of the night, Guan Zhi did not sleep well. He didn't know his bed, and he didn't have the habit of not sleeping when he was in another place, but that didn't explain why he didn't sleep well. Finally, he started to feel sleepy after half a night. The feeling of being half asleep was pretty good, as if he was just one step away from reaching heaven. The exhaustion in his body and mind eased, and he stopped thinking about it.

When Guan Zhi woke up, the sky was already bright. Yesterday was a cloudy day, but today was a cloudy day. It could be said that he was woken up by the sunlight shining in from the window. He felt sore all over, and his head was still a little dizzy. He wondered if he had caught a cold from the rain yesterday and felt bad.

The dark blue quilt had two big square red patches on it, and the color matching was very visually shocking. It also emitted the smell of camphor pills, making Guan Zhi feel that he was being unevenly heated, while the quilt itself felt hot and cold, not to mention that he was so drunk that it made him feel like he was floating.

He got up from the bed and washed his face and eyes. After Guan Zhi thought about what he wanted to eat in the morning, he remembered that he had to report to the principal today. When he thought of this, his mood for breakfast was not as jubilant as it was now.

It was no wonder that his life had taken a huge turn for the better from a young policeman who did nothing important to him to a teacher who taught and nurtured people. It had only been a single night, and no one would be able to accept it immediately.

As a teacher, what could he possibly teach? Police ethics or how to catch people in the water? He really didn't know what Boss Nie was thinking.

No one knew what Nie Fengyu was thinking, but the more Guan Zhi thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He wiped the towel on his face again and again.

If he asked Boss Nie to take back his order now, would he be able to make it in time?

This thought flashed through his mind, but he didn't ignore it. Guan Zhi threw down the towel, went back to his room, picked up his pants and took out his phone from his pocket, but after pressing the power button for a long time, the screen was still pitch black. He thought that the battery was dead, but there was still no sign of a "revival". It seemed as if the rain from yesterday had made it wet and completely ruined it.

Guan Zhi's expression changed. If his phone was broken, it would be small. What was more valuable than a phone would always be the number inside the phone, but he didn't remember a single one!

There was nothing more painful than being on a "deserted island" where one's only communication device had been destroyed! At this moment, Guan Zhi regretted not memorizing the number.

Right now, his priority was to buy a phone. Although he couldn't find anyone, they could! After thinking it through, Guan Zhi changed his clothes and took his keys out of the dormitory.

However, considering his current situation, Guan Zhi decided to report to the principal first, no matter what. Otherwise, it would be bad if people thought that something happened to him on his way there.

With his hands in his pockets, Guan Zhi walked out of the staff dormitory.

Guan Zhi came last night. Up until now, other than the uncle in the guard room, no one had seen Guan Zhi's real body. Now, he finally got to see the real body.

It was almost time for class. The students rushed to the classroom with their books in hand. When they saw Guan Zhi, they all froze on the spot. Their faces were full of surprise as if they had seen an alien in broad daylight and had even forgotten what class was.

That yellow head, in the strict police academy is simply a "blasphemy" to the shining badge!

Whether male or female, everyone who passed by stared at the "abnormal race" with their eyes wide open. It was as if a chimpanzee had suddenly appeared in a group of red-furred monkeys, in addition to disharmony, there was also disharmony. A girl screamed and pointed at Guan Zhi, "Look at him —" It was as if someone had broken into the female bathroom.

Guan Zhi looked around and everyone looked at him with a weird expression. People in groups of three or five started to whisper and point at him secretly.

Never having received such treatment before, Guan Zhi gritted his teeth.

"What are you looking at? I've never seen dyed my hair before! "

Everyone looked at him with disdain. Among them, there was a tall and big boy who gave Guan Zhi a thumbs up, and straightforwardly grinned.

"Bro!" "You are so awesome!" He spoke with a 'Beijing accent'.

Awesome your head! Your father will soon be your teacher! Guan Zhi finally had the thought of becoming a teacher when he wanted to teach these brats a lesson. This was probably the only benefit of being a teacher here.

"Hey!" "Kid, where is the Principal's office?" Guan Zhi asked the big boy.

When they heard that he wanted to know more about the principal's office, the rest of them were stunned. From their expressions, Guan Zhi could tell how much prestige this principal had among the students. When he heard the word "principal", he didn't even smile anymore.

It was unknown if he was really scared, but the boy was really obedient. He pointed to the building opposite them and told Guan Zhi that the principal's office was on the third floor.

"Uhm, why are you going to the principal's office?" If he went to the principal's office with such a head, wouldn't he be unscrewed?

What for? Guan Zhi raised his chin and glanced at everyone. An inexplicable sense of "superiority" was quietly born.

"Find your principal for breakfast!"

Then, he walked away, leaving behind a group of people to continue their horror, watching as that yellow head gradually disappeared from their line of sight.

Guan Zhi had no idea what the principal of the police academy should look like. However, he felt that the principal's level should be that of a forty to fifty year old man with a strong body and a scholarly air. That kind of feeling was as if 'one with both martial arts and one with one'. However, imagination was imagination after all. It was different from reality.

Guan Zhi looked at the floor diagram on the ground floor and found the Principal's office. He stood in front of the seemingly heavy mahogany door with the golden "Principal's Office" sign hanging on it. The surroundings were completely silent. Not even a single passerby could be seen. He couldn't help but wonder if this principal possessed such a great 'killing power' that he could turn into nothingness wherever he went.

Without any hesitation, Guan Zhi knocked on the door twice.

After a while, a voice came through the door, because the voice was muffled by the door, and it was impossible to tell how old the speaker was.

Guan Zhi pushed open the door and entered. He suddenly thought of how he should greet them later. Do you want a salute or something?

Before he could step into the room, he saw that the principal's office was decorated. The man, who was looking at some documents, said without raising his head: "Professor Guan, you're late."

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