Choking Game/C9 Chapter 9
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Choking Game/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

The man in front of the desk flipped through the documents. Guan Zhi didn't even look up when he walked in. His cold tone didn't seem to mind that Guan Zhi was late, but even so, it still made people feel like he was being ignored.

Guan Zhi was stunned. He stood at the door and tilted his head as he looked at the man inside the room, the "evil" principal. According to the level of the "principal", he was considered very young, up to 30 years old. He was not very muscular but very sturdy. He was not good-looking but very gloomy. His face, whether it was pretty or not, seemed more and more familiar to Guan Zhi.

"Surnamed Su!" Guan Zhi's chin almost fell off as he shouted out the remaining memories in his head. What's his name, Sue?

He slowly closed the document in his hand, raised his head, looked at Su Hee coldly, and said at a moderate pace: "Su Hee."

Right! Su Hee! Guan Zhi remembered.

The man called Su Hee in front of him was once "allies" with Nie Fengyu.

Since his grandfather's generation, many people had military titles and were the best representatives of the "loyal clan". In this generation of Su Hee, he could be considered to have completely "reformed and innovated", joining forces with Nie Fengyu, a gangster.

Nie Fengyu helped Su Hee obtain his position in the shortest time possible, and Su Hee naturally wouldn't let Nie Fengyu return empty-handed. Many times, cats and mice could coexist. On the surface, they were just helping each other. To put it bluntly, they were using each other to their advantage. Their relationship was not that friendly, and although they could barely be considered as partners, at least they were cooperating happily.

Because Su Hee also has another identity, is Guan Zhi's current "sister-in-law" of the student era of Yuanye "upper-bunk brothers". Guan Zhi shamelessly asked the Field about this. However, Su Hee and Yuanye were not ordinary classmates because everyone knew that Su Hee once liked Yuanye Battlefield, and right now, he probably had not completely stopped thinking about this.

A toad wanting to eat a swan! Guan Zhi slammed the door with a "bang" and walked unsteadily towards Su Hee with a face full of disrespect.

"Why is it you?" If he remembered correctly, Su Hee should be Supervisor Dian. However, thinking about it, it made sense. Originally, Su Hee had become a warden at a young age because of Nie Fengyu. Now that he and Nie Fengyu had broken off all decorum, he would be too shameless if he was lazy to take his seat.

Thinking about that, Guan Zhi smirked.

"What is it? Should the warden not have come to be the headmaster? Isn't your span too big? " No matter how he looked at it, it was a 'schadenfreude'.

Su Hee sat up and silently looked at Guan Zhi for a while. When his gaze stopped on Guan Zhi's head, he slightly frowned.

"Guan Zhi, is this how you treat your boss as a cop?" Although his voice was cold, there was a hint of sharpness in it. Su Hee crossed his fingers in front of his chest and narrowed his eyes at Guan Zhi, "As a teacher, is this the attitude you should have when meeting your superior?"

Guan Zhi clenched his teeth. Tsk!

I have to give you a fucking salute, don't I?

Guan Zhi and Su Hee were actually not familiar with each other. Even when the two names were put together, one could only feel a sense of disharmony. Although Guan Zhi was next to Nie Fengyu, he had always belonged to the "stay" category and rarely stepped out of the town. Although Guan Zhi was next to Nie Fengyu, Guan Zhi was always the "stay" category and rarely stepped out of the town.

Now they encountered it again, and it was even under these circumstances that Guan Zhi was very unhappy! Although they and Su Hee can be considered "well within the river", but after all, they had a very unhappy past, and it was not easy to forget about it.

Su Hee looked at Guan Zhi with an unfathomable expression. He slowly said, "From today onwards, you are a teacher of this school. Moreover, this place is not like ordinary schools. The requirements are very strict in every aspect."

Guan Zhi did not expect Su Hee to use his identity as the "Principal" to tell him this the moment they met. Guan Zhi had no intention of talking to him from a different perspective. This was not a good sign. The principal and teacher had a clear relationship with each other.

A "stray dog" was still barking! Guan Zhi narrowed his eyes and looked at the person in front of him.

"Naturally." Laughing, Guan Zhi nodded at Su Hee, "After all, we are old acquaintances. If you have any problems in the future, please take care of me, President Su!"

Looking at him, Su Hee did not show any reaction to his obvious sarcasm.

To be honest, Su Hee was not bad looking and he looked pretty good in police uniform. However, the more he was like that, the more Guan Zhi felt that this man failed! He still looked like a human, but his popularity was so poor that it was indeed a matter of his character.

"Then, what should I teach?" he asked.

The curriculum of police academy is basically divided into three major departments: investigation, public security management, criminal science and technology. And among these three types of departments, there were courses of shooting, fighting, searching tactics, police ethics, the Constitution, criminal law, criminal law, criminal law, civil and commercial law, jurisprudence, trace examination, trace examination, summary of Mao Zedong, general theory of public security, and so on. Guan Zhi vaguely remembered that there was also a binding course, which was very technical.

Su Hee didn't answer him immediately. He stood up and walked around the table to Guan Zhi. Guan Zhi wasn't tall, at most 173, which was much shorter than Su Hee. Since they were standing so close together, he had to slightly lift his neck to see Su Hee's face.

"What for?" He took a small step back.

Su Hee frowned and grabbed his shoulder.

"Before you take up your post, go dye your extremely vulgar hair back to black!" It was all an order.

Guan Zhi's hair wasn't that good, but so far, no one had directly said the word 'evil' in front of him. He did not know whether to be angry at Su Hee's "insult" or moved by his "honesty". Guan Zhi raised his eyebrows and was about to say something, but he suddenly stopped himself. He nodded.

"Sure." Give me half a day off and I'll get it in the afternoon. " Surprisingly easy to talk about, thinking in his heart, let me see how long you can "tug" for!

Su Hee let go of Guan Zhi. He probably didn't expect Guan Zhi to be so 'obedient'.

"Your appointment has been completed. There will be someone who will specifically tell you the details tomorrow. If you have any questions, you can ask him directly. "

"Oh?" Guan Zhi smiled, "Is it a beautiful teacher?"

Su Hee glanced at him, then slowly went back to his seat and sat down.

"If there's nothing else, you can leave."

Since the order to expel him was given, there was no need for him to stay any longer. Guan Zhi sneered in his heart. However, before he left, it was still necessary to 'take liberties' with him. Even though he was a teacher, he had never placed Su Hee, the principal, in his eyes.

"Hey!" "I say …" Guan Zhi smiled coyly and asked, "Your temper seems to be a lot better than before!"

Su Hee looked at him silently.

"Have you not given up on the battlefield?"

Su Hee's expression finally changed slightly when he heard this, but it definitely wasn't a good one.

Yo! It hit a sore spot! Guan Zhi raised the corner of his mouth and smiled in a 'empathetic' manner.

Tut! Such infatuation!

After a moment of silence, Guan Zhi straightened his body and gave Su Hee a standard military salute.

"Then this subordinate has been ordered to dye his head! What color do you like, headmaster? Pure black or black with a bit of grey? Do you want me to pull your hair straight again? "

When they got out of the principal's office, Guan Zhi was laughing so hard that his intestines almost tied up.

In the principal's office, Su Hee looked at the door that Guan Zhi hadn't completely closed yet. From the half-open door, a burst of ear-piercing "mad laughter" came. It was extremely insolent.

He lowered his head, looked at the folder on the table and opened one of them. Inside the file, there was Guan Zhi's file on the first page, but it was only one page and only Guan Zhi knew how much of it was fake. A file, with the exception of names and photos, all that was left was scrap paper.

Looking at the good record and family background, Su Hee smiled mockingly. Those people beside that man, they were all from a clean background.

Thinking about that person, his expression slightly changed as he tore off the photo on Guan Zhi's file. In the photo, Guan Zhi had a head of yellow hair and was smiling brilliantly. Anyone who saw him would have the urge to tear that "smile" apart.

Guan Zhi walked out of the school gate, but he couldn't find the bus stop in the distance. He got on the bus and went straight to the city center. After arriving, he first found a shop to buy a mobile phone, then took out the original phone card and tried it out. He could still use it. As soon as the phone was turned on, Guan Zhi was filled with anticipation to see how many people had called him. However, not a single missed call or text message came. It was no ordinary failure.

But before he had the chance to be disappointed, the unfamiliar ringtone sounded. His gloomy mood was swept away. Guan Zhi pressed the answer button, put the phone to his ear and said in a very emotional tone: "Hello ~"

"Why are you only starting now?" The voice on the other end was sexy and lazy, as if it had just crawled out of bed. It was just that the tone was too domineering.

Guan Zhi was stunned for a moment and then reacted.

It was this' god 'with the surname He!

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