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“Are you ok Princess?”

I blinked several times before his message hit me. I turned to face them and smiled like nothing happened. I didn’t realize that I dozed up for a moment.

“I’m fine mom.” I answered. “I’ll be heading to my room now, I’m so excited that I wanted to pack more things.” They all chuckled before I stood up and walked upstairs.

I didn’t know why I was excited. Was it because I’ll be going to New York for modelling? Or because of something else? Gosh! What was I even thinking? Of course it’s because of the modeling stuff!

I closed the door and typed on my phone. My heart was thumping so loud that I’m afraid if ever my family could hear it from below.

‘1 PM, at my favorite restaurant’ – SENT

I blew some air from inside my chest because it felt like it was drowning me. Why now? Why after five months? Did he realize that he still love me? Was he regretting what he did? Maybe because my mind and body was exhausted that I fell asleep so fast.

I woke up at eight before I did my morning routines. I didn’t know what’s wrong with me. I was like a dumb woman who couldn’t even sweep away the smile on my face.

“I---I still love him.” I mumbled as I was caressing the ring on my finger. I didn’t know why I couldn’t take it off. I thought that I was ready. I thought that I can live without him, without his warmth, but it was so fucking hard.


I instantly turned around to look at my brother Dean. Among all of my brothers, he was the only guy who wasn’t afraid to commit. He married my beast friend without a single doubt. Love hit him so hard. So hard that he said he could die without her.

“Kuya?” (Older brother in Filipino. A sign of respect.)

His brown eyes was happy. “I’m glad that you decided to pursue modelling.” His voice was calm. He was wearing his business suit which complimented his well-built body.

I smiled. “Well, it’s always been my dream.”

“Mom told me to tell you that your flight will be next week. Are you ok with that? Or do you want me to adjust the------”

I cut him off. “No need kuya, it’s totally fine.” I chuckled to assure him that it’s ok.

He shrugged his shoulders and patted my head. “That’s great. I’ll be going now Princess, I have some meetings to attend to. Eat your breakfast.”

I nodded. “I will kuya. Take care, love you!”

“Love you more Princess.” He looked at me for the last time then left my room.

I took a deep breath, thanking God for giving me this loving family. I am still a lucky one even though my first marriage failed. Even if my baby did not get the chance to see the world, I was still lucky to have them.

I spent my time looking at the magazines. I was the only person who was left in the house since all of them has their businesses to handle. Well, aside from our maids that might be cleaning the house.

When the clock strikes to twelve, I went downstairs to eat my lunch. It’s almost time, I hope he still remembered my favorite restaurant. It was where we had our first date.

It was twelve-thirty when I decided to get ready. I brushed my teeth, wore an off-shoulder nude shirt paired with my skinny jeans and brown skin heels. After putting some light make-up and letting my black long hair fall, I got into my car and drove to where the restaurant was located.

I glanced at my phone when it beeped, a messaged popped up on the screen that made my heart raced. It was his text message that says he already arrived. Since I was still driving, I didn’t reply.

After thirty minutes, I arrived at the PBD restaurant. A Filipino restaurant that’s popular in many places. This place was the witness of how our loved bloomed like flowers, and how it slowly died.

I parked my car and went out. Holding my pursed tightly, I walked calmly as if my heart wasn’t beating so hard while I’m going nearer and nearer to the glass door.

I opened it and my eyes was welcomed with a slightly feisty aura. There were a lot of people in the place.

“Are you ma’am Bella?”

I looked at the woman who approached me and nodded my head slightly. I think she’s one of the new staffs here.

Her eyes glistened as she smiled. “Please follow me ma’am.” She turned around and walked towards the second floor where only VIP’s could enter.

As I was following her, all the past memories popped up in my head. We had our first date here, our first kiss, and a lot of memories to cherish.

His grey eyes that would stare at me softly. His gentle voice that would comfort me as well as his tender laughter’s that filled my heart with glee. I remembered it all like it just happened yesterday. It was so clear to see.

“Ma’am Bella is here sir…” I heard the staff said.

I lifted my head to see him and my last hope instantly fell. Witnessing him, with a pregnant woman on his side crumpled my heart into ashes.

He told me he didn’t cheat. He told me that there was no other woman. How could this ruthless man break my innocent heart so hard?

His grey eyes remained cold. “Sit down.” He said with his deep voice.

I silently sat down in front of them with a calm expression. Hiding the scar that was left. “Why did you want us to meet?”

He took a deep sighed as his forehead creased, staring at my shoulders that were exposed before looking away to stare at my brown eyes.

“She’s Maine,” he glanced at the woman beside him. “My cousin. I brought her here because her husband has business to settle and I was the only person who can take care of her at the moment.”

“I didn’t ask.” I almost scream in my mind when I didn’t stutter. Somehow, what he said made me feel relieved a little.

The woman awkwardly smiled without a single word. As I stared at her big stomach, I felt a little squeezed in my heart for what happened to my baby. Anger instantly towered me.

“Why did you texted me to meet?”

He was wearing a blue sleeves and I guessed he just went to his office. His hair was slightly messy. “I just want you to know that I already started to process our divorce papers.”

I grinned. “Why now? Why not handle it five months earlier?” I leaned on the chair and sarcastically chuckled. “You may do whatever you like. I don’t care about that anymore.”

“Bella!” He warned.

I shrugged my shoulders and stood up. “Is that all? You should’ve just text me instead of meeting me. This might be just a waste of your precious time Mr. De Villa.”

I walked away without waiting for his reply. I didn’t know why I blurted those words. All I know was that, I’m jealous. Jealous of the woman beside him.

If it wasn’t because of him, my baby might still be alive. If it wasn’t for the pain that he caused, I might’ve been able to experience being a mother. The love that I felt for him became hatred. The hope that I’ve been holding on had destroyed itself.

Before I could even touch the car door, I was taken aback when I felt a tight grip around my wrist. Slowly, I met his grey fascinating eyes. Somehow, it looks so fragile and vulnerable.

“What?!” I shouted, not minding of how hot he looks right now. He stared at me intently before gently griping not just my wrist but also my waist.

I dozed up for a moment because of what he did. His manly scent crawled inside my nostrils as I felt his hard muscles under his sleeves.

“W-what are you doing? Let me go?!” I pushed him with all of my strength but it was not enough for his grip to loosen.

I bravely interlocked our sight and saw how his eyes flashed a hidden emotion that I couldn’t name. Such manipulative man who lies so much!

“You! Let me go.”

“Why?” He answered with a question.

“You’re asking why? For Christ sake Black, we’re divorced!”

His lips moved seductively. “Not yet.”

I blinked several times. He’s unbelievable! “You fucking shi-------”

My eyes literally went big and the world stopped. I couldn’t see the surroundings. All I could hear was the beat of my heart, going crazy because of what he suddenly did.

It was warm, his lips was soft and warm.

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