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His grip becomes gentle. My mind froze and my lips trembled as his kisses went deeper yet soft. His slender fingers crawled up to my nape and pushed my face to his.

“B-Black---hmmm…” I accidentally moaned. I composed myself and started to struggle when his tongue entered my mouth. He dragged my body closer to him that made me touch his hard chest. What the heck was he doing?!

I stopped and closed my eyes, letting my tears fall. Soon after, I felt him withdrew what he was doing and moved away from me. I opened my eyes and saw how his cold eyes becomes colder.

“I h-hate you. I hate you a lot!” I couldn’t suppress the emotions that was building inside my chest and my palm suddenly landed on his cheeks. His face slightly tilted but still, he was emotionless. His slightly long hair hid his grey eyes.

I took a deep breath as my eyes displayed hatred. I couldn’t control my anger anymore knowing that he was the reason why my baby died. Knowing that he became ruthless to me without some valid reasons. I abhor him with all of my life. I despise him as much as how I loved him before.

“Are you playing with my feelings huh?” I forced a chuckle and stared at him. “Did you really loved me Black? Or was it because I was persistent?” Tears streamed down my face when I remembered how crazy I was to get him.

“Right, I was just a nobody at school before. I don’t have a name without my fucking surname. While you?” I smirked and tried my best to be sarcastic. “You were the apple of everyone’s eyes. Compared to you? My existence was nothing.”

“I was the one who threw myself to you, so I should be the one to blame if you already got tired of me. It was my fault so you have the right to not feel any guilt.” I calmly wiped my tears away and glanced at his fingers. He didn’t wear his wedding ring, I laughed of my hopeful thought.

“I promise you this Black. My heart might still be longing for you, but years from now, it will beat for someone that isn’t you.” After saying those words, I went inside my car and left without taking a glimpse of him.

When I arrived home, I rushed to my room and locked myself up. I let my body fell on bed, it wasn’t as much painful like what I am feeling now.

I broke my promise. I cried again because of him. I felt like there was a thorny rope chaining my heart inside. I was crying silently, staring at the white ceiling, alone, broken once again.

Minutes later, I stared at the ring on my finger. It hurts. “M-my time with you was so b-beautiful. I-it was so breathtaking and priceless so I’m s-sorry if I was desperate to h-hold on.” I whispered silently. Trying to compose my broken voice.

I pulled the ring out of my finger and put it inside the drawer near the bed. “I’m sorry it took months b-but…”

“I’m finally letting you g-go. Away from my g-grip. Away from me.”


“Goodbye Princess! We will miss you.” Mom hugged me tight with her teary eyes.

Dad patted my head as he smiled, but his eyes showed sadness. “We will visit there sometimes. I’m sorry that your brothers couldn’t be here, they were so busy with their businesses.”

I chuckled and looked at them. “More like their lovers. They’re caught up with some love potion. “

We talked for a little while before I bid my goodbye. I couldn’t help but smile watching how mom’s tears were about to fall. Good thing that dad was comforting her.

I frowned when I felt like there were eyes on me as I was walking to my seat in the plane. I explored my sight but everyone was busy with their personal business so I took a sighed and sat down near the window.

I watched how the clouds dances and how peaceful it was to witness. My eyelashes becomes heavy and I felt that someone sat beside me before I fell asleep.


I awkwardly smiled and waved my hand when I heard my friend's sharp voice. I already arrived in New York and Candice, one of my close friend which is also my cousin welcomed me as soon as I got out from the airport.

I laughed when she accidentally bumped someone while she was running towards my direction. She said something to him then walked near me with a wide smile.

Her black pupils glittered as her brown wavy hair complemented her natural brown skin. “Bella, you finally decided to join me eh?”

I rolled my eyeballs and smirked. “As if you were the reason.” I hugged her tight and pinched her waist which gained her silent groan.

She jokingly slapped my shoulders and we both laughed like an idiot. “So, why didn’t I know that we have the same outfit today?”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “What? Just like the old days, we often have the same outfits.” She said.

We’re wearing a black jeans paired with a white crop top and white plain slippers. My hair was tied into a bun while she just let her hair fell from her back.

She’s 5’2 while I’m 5’5 so I’m 3 inches taller compared to her. However, she’s also beautiful yet noisy. Slightly opposite to Mia who’s innocent and a silent type. Well, they’re my best friend for life.

“Where’s your car?”

She pointed the blue Mercedes-Benz. “That one. It’s your first time to ride my car so I’m excited.”

I giggled. “I was not expecting you to learn how to drive.” I shrugged my shoulders and gripped my bag. “But yeah, congratulations though!” I added.

My life wasn’t easy in New York. My parents bought a condo unit just near my friend’s room. We would often hangout, talk about things and work together.

I started my career as a model with nothing. My brothers wanted to pull some strings but I stopped them. I didn’t want to use our surname just to get some contracts. I want to work hard for me to earn it.

It was when a big company approached me that my career started to bloom smoothly. It took me three years to stabilize my name and to make it ecstatic in their ears. Finally, I was able to say that my life becomes successful. That I made it to the top without a man’s help.

It was at this moment that I knew, I finally built myself together.

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