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I stared at the lenses of the camera with a fierce look on my face. My black cocktail dress glittered as the spotlight focused onto me.

I slowly walked on the red carpet without any reaction while hundreds of camera’s were flashing one after another, capturing my every move. Not like others, I didn’t have any partner with me tonight. I don’t need no man.

“Miss Daño, what can you say about your issue with Mr. Smith?”

I stopped for a moment before I explored my sight to the reporter who spoke. I faked a smile and shook my head. “We’re just friends.” I answered.

I strode inside the hall where thousands of people with popularity welcomed my eyes. The room was spacious and everything was obviously expensive. It was the 5th year anniversary of C.C. company owned by Mr. Smith, a young businessman that was linked to me for awhile now. More on, he’s just a close friend of mine.

“I though you’re not going? Where’s your friend?” A manly voice caught my attention and my ears instantly knew who it was.

I faced him and stared at his black lazy eyes. His slightly long hair touched his obviously broad shoulders. He was wearing a black suit with his white tie.

I tilted my head as I say, “Yeah, Candice told me to go since she couldn’t come because of her tight schedule.” My right eyebrow raised when I heard him chuckled. “What’s with that reaction?”

He shook his head as his eyes shifted to the people who were dancing at the center. “Nothing, I’m glad that the paparazzi didn’t block your way in.”

I rolled my eyeballs and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “As if they can? I am not that weak woman anymore three years ago.”

“Yeah… I witnessed how you changed and lifted yourself up.” He commented.

I smirked. “Like what I always say Mr. Smith,” the corner of my lips rose for a bit before I glanced at him. “I don’t need no man.” I added, speaking with tightness yet cold tone.

“Right right! I still need to entertain other guests. Please help yourself.” With that, he walked away carrying a sly smirk on his lips.

I didn’t have the time to think about how he mysteriously acted. All I could think about right now were the eyes of the people around me, as if they were prepared to take my soul away from me.

Three years ago, my life was wasted. I couldn’t sleep without thinking about the suffering that I had experienced. The divorce papers may be granted long ago. Since then, I always felt jealous of those women who has a child. It may still be in her womb, or in her arms.

I moved the glass of wine that was on my hands and sipped it, not worrying that my alcohol tolerance was low. No matter what I do, the death of my child still hunts me in my sleep. I knew I already moved on from him, well slightly. But I couldn’t forget my baby who didn’t have the chance to see the world.

It was half an hour later that my head started to get dizzy. It was as if the world was spinning. I instantly sipped my tenth glass of wine and my balance instantly weakened. I gripped the table near me to help me stand still.

“Hey there Miss Daño, want me to accompany you?” A playful voice made me even more dizzy.

“Come on! Your not well. Let me take you to your house.” I felt a hand that was touching my wrist and was about to drag me when a deep cold voice stopped him.

“Let her go.” It was such a cold voice that I shivered. I couldn’t properly see who it was since I was already drunk. The next thing I knew, a warm arms picked me up and wrapped me inside his embrace. It seems that I was floating. I could even hear the gasped of the people around me. Later on, I could hear his footsteps, walking away from the crowd.

“You’re such a spoiled little girl, drinking so much even if men were simply waiting for your drunken state.” His voice was a little bit familiar. It was so gentle, not like earlier.

It was weird that I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I had no strength to struggle so I snuggled into his arms. His scent was manly and it reminded me of someone that I once deeply loved the most. Although it was impossible for him to be here.

I closed my eyes, smelling his manly addictive scent that was crawling inside my nostrils. “Take me to my unit Clyde, I’m so tired right now.” I whispered that was enough for him to hear.

I felt him stiffened and he stopped his movements for awhile. Wondering why, I lifted my head to look at his face but it was so blurry. However, I could totally say that his jaw was clenching and his Adams apple moved rapidly. I realized that my friend Clyde Smith was more attractive than before. This man!

“Faster, I’m tired.” With that, he resumed.

I felt him loosen his grip and slowly put me on the backseat of the car. He slammed the car door and scooped me up once again before putting me on his lap gently. I creased my forehead because of his actions. He might be thankful that I had no strength left, if not, I might’ve punch him already on his face.

“Drive the car to your young madam’s unit.” All I could do was to listen to his manly voice. Who’s the young madam that he was talking about? Can’t he see that I’m Bella? Tsk!

“Clyde, I’m Bella.” I mumbled as I gently stroke my face onto his hard chest. I heard him cursed and felt his grip tightened.

“Behave yourself. If not, I will punish you for being careless.” His breath was warm and good that I felt the goosebumps around my body.

I felt him stroking my hair that made me sleepy. Such familiar touch.

“Rest now, I know you’re tired.” His voice was soothing that I instantly fell asleep. Before my sight turns black, I felt a warm thing that touched my forehead and lips.

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