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“You’re under arrest “the policeman yelled.

Camera lights flashed, reporters were in a frenzy, a crowd was quickly forming; curious to know what was happening. Policemen were positioning themselves where the camera focused to take a picture during the arrest.

She was put in handcuffs and led to the police vehicle all the while the question on everyone's lips being; what is going on?

My name is ADELANI but you can call me DELA, I’m sure you’re curious to know how I ended up here, right? Well, I’m itching to tell, Let’s rewind to a few hours ago, I was working on a project I just got, I forgot to mention I’m a coder, I work for no one in particular and I work for anyone I got an offer a few weeks ago to help the company in charge of my countries electoral database to make some changes and monitor potential threats to the database, It was quite easy considering the fact that I got paid 10 million, it was a very exciting piece of cake. At least it was exciting until I found out that I had just being paid to hack my country’s database and the company was a fraud they were not in charge of the database and had lied to me about it all and yes I had been giving classified information to them and they were the potential threats. It was all a big mess. The only way out for me was to call the police on myself. Stupid, right? Well, it was either confessing or being tracked down with those groups of fraudsters and facing punishment for what other atrocities they had committed, so you see I really, had no choice.


She stared at the policeman, her nerves were fried and she was sure there was no need for this, she had called the police on herself!

This was the third policeman walking into the interrogation room, to ask the same question. They all just wanted to be in the spotlight. She repeated the answer she gave them all, cocking her head and letting hat creepy smile form. After that they would all leave her alone, all sure she was crazy.

Another one was coming in, she braced herself up with a silent prayer.

“Miss Dela, I’m sorry for the delay, you’ve caused quite a stir and I had to quiet it down,” the handsome detective said, he had a kind smile.

How? It’s being barely 3 hours since I called, how did everyone know?

He must have read her expression of disbelief because he said

“ I’m sorry but the staff who answered your distress call would be answering some query, he had told half the squad before getting down to me,” he said with a chuckle.

He looks reasonable; finally not one of the other hit and miss policemen trying to get the spotlight.

“So can you calmly tell me how it all happened”

Four hours later she was free to go home, she was considered innocent after she had rendered all the information, she had given them. They were pleased and she was given escorts home. She would be called in for further investigation.

Walking into her house the only thing she could think of was her bed. She was asleep before her body hit the soft, soft bed…

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