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A blissful morning puts the mind in a satisfied state and Dela's morning was going just that way. Well, that’s where it was headed until she looked up from her cup of coffee and saw the police car right in front of her doorstep.

She groaned.

She took her sweet time to walk to the door and open it up.

“Good day miss Dela” It was the handsome detective from yesterday.

“Good day, to you too sir,” she said dryly. He laughed

“Am sorry, but you’re needed for an urgent meeting”

“Don’t throw it nicely on me, just lay it on me”

He laughed harder.

I’m really making his day, she thought dryly.

He straightened when he saw her expression.

“It’s really a negotiation”

"I like negotiations".


Dela couldn’t believe her ears.

“I really don’t see what’s hard about this,” the commissioner said

“You’re a citizen of this country and we’re letting you go clean. The least service you can do is to work for your country patriotically for free”

She stared wide-eyed, trying to choose her words carefully

If she said yes she could spend her life doing free work for her country, where she could be earning millions, she had to be gentle not to tip him off and wise enough to make him see why she should be paid and definitely why this should be a onetime thing.

Dear Lord I’m probably being selfish here but free!

The commissioner looked at her intently.

She sighed

Lord give me wisdom

“ Sir with all due respect it’s not possible for me to do it for free, it’s-“

“ Isn’t it just for you to press these computers?” he made a show of clicking imaginary computers on-air “how hard is it, to just click!” he said obviously frustrated. She saw the handsome detective trying to keep a straight face from the corner of her eye.

“ sir the process is going to take a while, It’s going to run for the period of the election and I’ll be working on already developed codes, it’s very hard to improve on somebody else’s work probably written decades ago and the job that got me arrested: the project for the MNT it cost-“

“ 10 million, I know but you seriously don’t expect to be paid that amount just for clicking a device, besides be patriotic, It’s your motherland we’re talking about here”

Dela was really getting strained with this man "sir-“

“ Okay! Okay !! we’ll pay you 50 thousand”

I simply can’t believe this guy!

“200 thousand!”

She remained silent.

The commissioner shared a look with the detective.

“ 5 million and that’s our final offer you start work tomorrow, you’ll be working with our team at our base, you’ll have your own office and you’ll be working with our own team. Report on time.”

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