CEO's Revenge And Love/C1 A Man Who Suddenly Broke in
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C1 A Man Who Suddenly Broke in
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C1 A Man Who Suddenly Broke in

Night fell.

A white luxury cruise ship was floating in the shallow water thousands of meters away from the beach.

At this moment, on this luxurious cruise, which was worth millions, the lights were brightly lit and the song of victory was being played. A grand and grand banquet had just begun.

In a luxurious and elegant VIP lounge on the third floor of the cruise ship, Ann Xiaojing was lying dejectedly on the sofa, holding a glass of red wine in her hand.

"Damned Yuanyuan, how dare you put my pigeon back! We agreed to return in ten minutes and it's already been half an hour. If you still don't see anyone, then I won't accompany you!"

With that, Ann Xiaojing took another sip of red wine. She casually put her feet on the sofa and changed into a comfortable position.

At this moment, the door suddenly emitted a light sound, followed by the sound of hurried footsteps.

"Stupid Yuanyuan, you finally knew you were back! "Let me stay here …"

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ann Xiaojing thought it was her best friend, Xia Yuanyuan. She sat up excitedly and was just about to reprimand her when she saw a tall dark figure walking towards her.

Obviously, it wasn't Xia Yuanyuan!

"You … "Who is it?!"

Ann Xiaojing sat up in alarm. Although the room was dark, she could still tell by the dim moonlight that the person who entered was a man.

The man didn't say anything. He just walked up to the bed and threw himself on top of Ann Xiaojing.

"Rogue!" What are you doing? "

Feeling that something was wrong, Ann Xiaojing panicked. She struggled, but her hands were tightly clasped on top of her head.

"A million and a night. Women, please satisfy me obediently!"

The man's voice was very magnetic and carried a trace of viciousness and dominance, but it could not be refused.

"Screw your grandpa's one million!" If you dare touch me, I will kill you at any cost! "

Ann Xiaojing was both embarrassed and annoyed. She was so angry that she was on the verge of tears.

"Heh, what a stubborn little wild cat! But... "Useless!"

The man's voice started to become hoarse and impatient. Before he finished speaking, he started to violently kiss.

"You … What are you doing? Let go of me! Don't touch me! "

"No? I'll let you. "Shouting nonstop..."

Ann Xiaojing widened her eyes in despair. She couldn't see his appearance clearly in the darkness, but she could feel the terrifying domineering aura and the unyielding ruthlessness from his body.

Her body couldn't stop trembling when her skin came into contact with his body. The man's hand was burning hot as he caressed her sensitive parts.

"Ah, there's a reaction so soon? "Don't worry, it's still a long night."

His lips once again bit hard on hers, not giving her any chance to dodge. The kiss almost suffocated her.

"Hiss!" Damn it! "Women will never have a good ending if they don't learn to be good!"

"Ah... "Ugh …"

Immediately after, the tearing Ann Xiaojing cried out in pain. She wanted to scream out loud, but a strong and overbearing kiss blocked her mouth.

Half an hour later …

Ann Xiaojing felt as if her body had been drained of all strength. She was lying prone on the bed, gasping for air.

Sweat soaked her hair, and a special scent permeated the room.

"Your performance is not bad. Woman, come here, let's continue!"

The evil voice of the man sounded from behind her. Ann Xiaojing was stunned for a moment, panic filling her heart.

"Don't touch me! "Go away!"

"Heh, but I just touched it …"

In the darkness, the man's eyes flickered with a bright light as the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Her seductive voice from before still vaguely echoed in his ears.

Hearing Ann Xiaojing's angry voice, he felt extremely amused. He had the urge to continue having fun with her.

"As long as you please me, I can give you whatever you want."

As he spoke, the man inched closer towards Ann Xiaojing, his voice full of a dubious tone.

"You! You'd better stay away from me! "Otherwise..."

"Or what?"

The man wasn't scared by Ann Xiaojing's anger and threat. On the contrary, he was more and more interested in her.

"I will kill you!"

Ann Xiaojing gritted her teeth and said. Her first time just disappeared without a trace. Now, she even had the heart to die.

"Kill me? "Then let's see how capable you are. In the entire capital, no one dares to touch me!"

With that, the man grabbed Ann Xiaojing's wrist, trying to pull her under him again.

Ann Xiaojing realized that the situation wasn't looking good, so she bit the man's hand hard.

"Hiss —!"

The man immediately released his hand in pain.

Woman, are you courting death?!

Ann Xiaojing seized the opportunity and hurriedly wrapped her dress around herself, fleeing the room without even looking back.

The man jumped down from the bed and wanted to chase her, but when he realized that he wasn't wearing any clothes, he stopped.

After escaping from the VIP room, Ann Xiaojing found a deserted corner to put on her clothes, then sat on the small yacht and left the cruise ship.

She couldn't let anyone know what happened tonight, or else she wouldn't have any face to see anyone in the future.

… ….

At two in the morning, an ordinary BMW stopped in a luxurious villa.

Ann Xiaojing turned off the lights and calmed herself down. She then got out of the driver's seat. When she saw that the lights were still on in the hall on the third floor, she had a bad premonition.

After a moment of hesitation, Ann Xiaojing took a deep breath and walked inside.

When Ann Xiaojing arrived at the third floor from the spiral staircase, she saw Jiang Meng sitting on the sofa with an ugly expression on her face.

"You know you're back?" Jiang Meng snorted coldly. Her tone was filled with ridicule and disdain.

"Why are you waiting for me so late?" Ann Xiaojing asked plainly, her tone not very good.

Jiang Meng was her stepmother. Previously, she was a woman that belonged to her biological father outside the family. After her mother's car accident, Jiang Meng came in with a daughter named Ann Xiya, who was one year older than Ann Xiaojing.

As for her father, he was the CEO of a construction company. Because he was busy with social activities, he rarely managed the family. Jiang Meng was in charge of everything in the family.

Ann Xiaojing knew that Jiang Meng didn't like her, and she never acknowledged Jiang Meng as her stepmother, so she stubbornly called Jiang Meng Aunt Meng.

"I arranged for you to get married. The other party is the CEO of Imperial Group, so the wedding date is set for five days later."

"Shut up! What qualifications do you have to arrange my marriage? When did my dad give you such great rights? "

Hearing Jiang Meng finish her sentence, Ann Xiaojing immediately became angry. Her eyes became round as she thought it was laughable. She was only 20 years old and hadn't even graduated from university yet. She was going to marry someone, and a stranger at that!


"Humph!" "Your father agreed to this. Do you even have to go against your father's wishes?"

Knowing that Ann Xiaojing didn't even put her in her eyes, Jiang Meng directly brought An Tianxiong out, her face full of pride.

"I won't marry!"

Ann Xiaojing rejected her firmly. How could she not see through Jiang Meng's intentions?

No matter how prominent her status was, she would never marry a man she did not love.

"It's not up to you!"

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