CEO's Revenge And Love/C10 This Is Your Duty as a Wife
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C10 This Is Your Duty as a Wife
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C10 This Is Your Duty as a Wife

Imperial Group located in the tallest building in A City. The reason Leng Yichen bought it was because he could see the different scenery from a high vantage point.

He was dressed in a black suit and standing quietly in front of the French windows. Through the translucent glass, he could see the world of light and wine.

His straight back seemed somewhat cold and lonely.

It was noisy outside. He looked at the people who were walking on the ground with cold eyes. They were about the size of ants. They were walking leisurely on the road.

The office was decorated in black and white, with a large white sofa in the middle. Normally, if she was tired, she would just rest here.

The decorations in the office made him look cold and proud. There were two empty bottles of red wine on the black rhombus table, and he felt a little dizzy from the cold breeze.

Mom, I married the woman's daughter. I gave her the greatest disgrace, no wedding, no notice, not even a wedding car!

I want that person to see his daughter being played in the palm of my hand. I want her to die with grievance! He wanted to let her see his daughter die from the pain!

This way... Are you happy?

I've waited for so long, and I can finally do something for you …

Leng Yichen looked out of the window, but his eyes were filled with pain that others couldn't understand.

After staying in the office for a long time, it was already past one in the morning when Leng Yichen returned home. The maid told him that Ann Xiaojing was in her room on the second floor.

Ann Xiaojing said that after making a racket for a long time, she did not make a sound and did not eat dinner. She just stayed in her room.

Leng Yichen didn't care at all. If she wanted a hunger strike, then she was going to stop. If she could starve herself to death, he wouldn't even frown.

Leng Yichen pushed the door open and saw Ann Xiaojing sleeping on the floor.

Leng Yichen walked towards her slim figure as if he had thought of something. He squatted down and squinted his eyes at the woman who was sleeping soundly.

She was wearing a light blue shirt, revealing her fair and slender legs. She slightly curled up, looking like a carefully sculpted jade and porcelain. She was as smooth as cream, and her curled up posture outlined her exquisite body.

The sparkling moonlight kissed her forehead, her thick and slightly raised eyelashes occasionally quivering, her red lips slightly parted, as though she was trying to seduce someone.

Leng Yichen tugged on his tie. He felt that his throat was a little dry. The thirst in his body was about to burst out, and his black eyes were filled with a strong color.

It's a free gift anyway, so don't suppress your emotions.

Picking up Ann Xiaojing, he laid her on the bed.

Ann Xiaojing snorted lightly and turned her body, leaning her head on Leng Yichen's arm that didn't get away in time.

The collar of Leng Yichen's shirt was slightly open, exposing half of his tender white skin. Leng Yichen's heart trembled slightly as a sense of primitive affection arose within him.

Ann Xiaojing, don't blame me for being merciless. You asked for this yourself!

Leng Yichen couldn't help but hold her by her slender waist and bring her to him. His palms began to slide across her enchanting curves and his lips couldn't help but move closer to her …

"Hmm …" Ann Xiaojing groaned and wriggled her body, feeling that something was wrong.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and saw an enlarged face imprinted into her pupils.

Oh my god!

Ann Xiaojing cried out in surprise before sitting up and glaring angrily at him, "What are you doing!?"

Leng Yichen sneered evilly, "Why don't you know?"

The color in his eyes was so arrogant. Ann Xiaojing swallowed her saliva, shrank back, and wrapped her clothes tightly around herself, "Don't come over here! You bastard! Bastard! Abnormal! You should take advantage of someone when they are in danger! "

Ann Xiaojing kept scolding him. Leng Yichen's eyes turned colder and colder and his expression turned uglier!

If his eyes could freeze, Ann Xiaojing would have become an ice sculpture by now!

"Enough cursing?"

Ann Xiaojing shut her mouth, her eyes dodging.

"I am a bastard, bastard, but you married a bastard! Ann Xiaojing! Don't forget that you are married to me now! Tonight is our wedding night! "

Ann Xiaojing was stunned, Leng Yichen's words stabbed right into her sore spot.

He grabbed the pillow beside him and threw it at him, "Get out! Get out of here! You are not allowed to touch me! "

Leng Yichen took the pillow with one hand and threw it on the ground. His face looked a little sinister. His other hand was unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his strong chest.

"This is my house! What right do you have to criticize me? "

"Are you done living?" Leng Yichen approached her step by step with one hand on her chin. Ann Xiaojing frowned and raised her head to look at him.

"Humph!" Ann Xiaojing struggled and tried to turn her face away, but to no avail.

"Ann Xiaojing, be content with what you have. You should be happy that I have you!"

"You're shameless! Despicable! " Ann Xiaojing bared her teeth at him.

Leng Yichen suddenly smiled and looked at her coldly with a hint of cruelty, "You're not the only one that says I'm despicable and shameless! You should be glad that I didn't beat up women. Otherwise, just based on those words you said just now, I would have been able to kill you without a burial ground! "

Ann Xiaojing was silent. She stopped struggling and lowered her eyes, her voice choked with emotion. "What do you need to do to let me go?"

"Let you go? You should just give up! " With that, Leng Yichen pressed her down on the bed, and like a wild beast, angrily bit on her smooth white skin to vent the anger in his heart.

Ann Xiaojing closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembling slightly as she remained motionless, allowing him to pick at her.

"Ann Xiaojing, don't forget, this is your duty!" If I need anything, you have to wait for me! "

"Of course, if you resist, I can also give up. But I think you know, without me, that brother of yours who is far away in America …"

At this point, Ann Xiaojing's body trembled slightly, but she didn't say anything.

Leng Yichen bit her ear, and his hoarse voice sounded next to her ear, "Ann Xiaojing, don't you have a backbone? Where's your backbone? "

As he spoke, his hands didn't stop moving. Ann Xiaojing panted beneath him.

She didn't have the strength to resist him, and she didn't want to make any unnecessary struggles … She had no strength to resist!

The air in the room became thicker, and Ann Xiaojing's uncontrollable sound of breaking started to gush out from her throat …

… ….

When he woke up, it was already the next morning. Pain spread through his limbs and bones.

Ann Xiaojing opened her eyes and stretched out her palm to cover her eyes from the blinding sunlight.

That bastard Leng Yichen had wanted her several times last night! It made her whole body ache.

He didn't know how to control himself. He didn't know what it meant to be protective of the fairer sex. He was just a complete bastard!

Ann Xiaojing was the only one on the double bed. The remaining warmth beside the pillow told her that Leng Yichen had left the bed not long ago.

Good thing there was no bastard!

Ann Xiaojing thought for a while, lifted the corner of her lips and looked out the window at the bright sunlight. She stretched her back and cheered herself up, "The new day has begun!"

Just when she was glad that she couldn't see Leng Yichen, she heard a "peng" sound. The bathroom door opened and time seemed to have stopped.

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