CEO's Revenge And Love/C12 Slaves also Have Human Rights
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C12 Slaves also Have Human Rights
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C12 Slaves also Have Human Rights

Struggling to get up, he opened the door. Uncle Lin stood at the door with a smile on his face. In his hand was a plate with steaming hot dishes.

Ann Xiaojing's eyes lit up. She swallowed her saliva and looked around to make sure that Leng Yichen wasn't there before letting Uncle Lin in.

"Young Mistress, I had the servant prepare some food for you. You should eat while it's still hot!" You must be starving! "

What a timely help! Ann Xiaojing was moved to tears!

There are many good people in this world! Not everyone was as cold-blooded and heartless as Leng Yichen!

"Uncle Lin, thank you!" Ann Xiaojing took the plate from his hand. The fragrance of the dishes assaulted her senses, making her feel hungry.

"Uncle Lin, you're really great!" You are the angel sent by God! To save me! It's not like that Leng Yichen! He was simply a demon! Cruelty to me! "If you don't let me eat, when I see him now, I'll …"

As Ann Xiaojing walked in, she complained to Leng Yichen. She didn't notice the increasingly awkward expression on Uncle Lin's face behind her.

Ann Xiaojing felt that something was wrong. Her voice became softer as she spoke. She could feel a chill coming from behind her.

She trembled as she carried the plate with her hands and slowly turned her head, her face filled with grief.

Sure enough, Leng Yichen was standing behind her with an expressionless face.

Oh my god! You want to kill me!

Do you have to be so weak!

Leng Yichen, didn't you leave already? What did he come back for!?

Leng Yichen looked at the quick change in expression on Ann Xiaojing's face and found it funny.

Was this woman tired of living? Or did she not understand the situation at all?

Didn't she know who was in charge here?

Actually, he was already in the car, but he noticed that there was some dust on his suit.

It was absolutely out of the question for someone like him, who had an extremely serious obsession with cleanliness, to turn around and change his clothes.

However, she had not expected to hear such a "rich" remark from Ann Xiaojing just as she reached the door of her room.

Ann Xiaojing sat down on the chair, and with lightning speed, she dug a few mouthfuls of rice into her mouth with all her might, slurring, "Female slaves also have human rights! Those who have the right to eat! "

Leng Yichen glanced at her. She quickly chewed the rice in her mouth and tried her best to swallow it down, afraid that he would go over and stop her from eating it. "You can't take away my human rights either! You can't make me not eat! "

Leng Yichen glanced at her, but didn't say anything. He walked past her and strode towards the wardrobe.

He didn't have time to talk nonsense with her today. There was still a transnational video conference at ten o'clock, so he had to hurry over! That was a matter that involved whether he could earn enough money this year!

After changing into a dark blue suit, Leng Yichen turned around and said to Uncle Lin, "Look at her, she's not allowed to leave the room!"

Ann Xiaojing looked at Leng Yichen in shock as he left with rice in her mouth.

"Who is it!?" "You are restricting my personal freedom!" Ann Xiaojing shouted at his back!

Looking at his retreating back, Ann Xiaojing lowered her head and ate her meal slowly, feeling extremely depressed in her heart.

Uncle Lin suddenly laughed when he saw Ann Xiaojing's expression. He said leisurely, "Actually, Young Master is a very good child …"

Ann Xiaojing could not help but roll her eyes and silently cursed, "If he, Leng Yichen, can be considered a good person, then I'm afraid there won't be any good people in this world!"

Uncle Lin didn't see the rich expression on Ann Xiaojing's face, so he continued, "Actually, young master is very lonely. He always keeps his heart sealed and doesn't want to talk to anyone heartfelt. So, he is much more lonely than ordinary people."

Sometimes, Uncle Lin really wished someone would be by his side, even if it was noisy!

Ann Xiaojing nodded her head and replied disapprovingly, "Of course, he always has a stinky face and keeps people at a distance. Who would be willing to be friends with him? Of course he's more lonely than ordinary people! "

"Not exactly. The young master has his own secrets that he cannot reveal. " Uncle Lin shook his head. He knew it would be useless to say anything to Ann Xiaojing now.

"Yes, yes." Ann Xiaojing nodded. She had no interest in knowing his secret.

Their marriage was just a benefit. She married Leng Yichen for the sake of her brother. As for why Leng Yichen wanted to marry her, she didn't understand!

Ann Xiaojing raised her head and handed the plate to Uncle Lin with a smile, "Thank you, Uncle Lin. I'm full!"

"However, Uncle Lin, can I go for a walk outside? I was suffocating in my room all day! "

"I can't, Miss Ann. Young master just said not to let you out of the room."

"But …"

Before Ann Xiaojing could finish her sentence, Uncle Lin interrupted her, "Miss Ann, if you don't want to make the young master unhappy, you'd better obediently stay in your room and not go anywhere."

"Uncle Lin …" Ann Xiaojing cried out in a slightly tearful tone.

Uncle Lin remained indifferent.

"This is imprisoning Uncle Lin! Imprisoning! I've never been treated like this in my life! "

"Uncle Lin, can you let me go out?" I'll walk around the yard and get some fresh air! I promise I won't run around! "

Seeing that she looked like she was about to cry, Uncle Lin's heart softened.

Forget it, this girl was really pitiful.

"Then you can only walk around in the yard and not go anywhere, you know?"

"Also, if you go back to your room as soon as you hear the sound of a car, it means that the young master's car has come back."

When Ann Xiaojing heard that Uncle Lin agreed, a smile appeared on her mournful face. She nodded her head vigorously and said that she understood!

"Also remember, do not let the young master find out!" Otherwise, there won't be a next time! "

Ann Xiaojing agreed with a smile. Without waiting for Uncle Lin to react, she hastily ran downstairs.

Uncle Lin looked at her back as she happily ran away and shook his head with a smile.

Ann Xiaojing ran out onto the lawn. She stretched out her arms, narrowed her eyes, and took a deep breath of the fresh air.

"This is a great feeling! The feeling of freedom is great! "

Uncle Lin stood not far away and watched her. Under the golden sunlight, the smile on Ann Xiaojing's face looked especially warm.

… ….

Ann Xiaojing lay on the grass with her hands folded behind her head. She squinted at the blue sky and fell asleep in the afternoon sun.

Sunlight jumped playfully on her white face, her long and thick eyelashes slightly trembling as the wind blew past them.

Ann Xiaojing, who was sleeping soundly, had a dream about her mother and brother.

In her dream, her mother touched her head and asked, How are you doing?

Ann Xiaojing cried out while hugging her mother.

She's not doing well! Not good! Not good at all!

Ever since her mother had left, her father had been busy with his business. His stepmother had made things difficult for him in every way possible. Ann Xiya and her mother had fought with everything they had for each other.

She opened her mouth and was about to tell her mother about her grievances when she saw her mother's appearance gradually becoming blurry. Then with a bang, it exploded, turning into bits and pieces that dissipated into the air in her dream. Soon after, the dream suddenly changed and she saw Ann Xianyang.

Ann Xianyang had already recovered from the dream. He looked at her with a smile, but didn't say anything. She reached out to hug him, but he retreated step by step.

Then, he woke up …

Her face was wet with tears.

Ann Xiaojing wiped away her tears and only got up after a long while.

She thought that she must have been driven crazy by Leng Yichen recently and had overdone it. Why else would he be thinking of so many old things?

The mood build-up was too long and he could not find a suitable outlet to vent his feelings.

Ann Xiaojing walked to the side of the fountain as if she was in a trance.


She suddenly thought of that man who was as warm as jade. That man was like a god!

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