CEO's Revenge And Love/C14 You Are My Personal Maid
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C14 You Are My Personal Maid
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C14 You Are My Personal Maid

The corner of Ann Xiaojing's lips curved up in a smile as she happily hopped to the opposite side of him and sat down.

"Master Young Master Leng." Can we eat now? " This time, she was smarter and no longer took the initiative to use her chopsticks, so she asked him first.

As Ann Xiaojing secretly praised herself, she heard the man in front of her spit out two words, "Stand up."

She was stunned. "Why?"

"From today onwards, you are not allowed to sit while I eat. You can only stand by the side and serve me and help me!"

"You, are my personal maid!"

Hearing that, Ann Xiaojingxiu's Yuanshan frowned and asked angrily: "A maid? "Leng Yichen, if you haven't woken up yet, then hurry up and go up to the second floor to sleep. This will be your Spring and Autumn dream!"

"What a joke!" Why should I listen to you? Leng Yichen, you don't have any hands, right? How old are you to want someone else to help you with your food? Why don't you let your mom stuff you into her stomach for your rebirth?! "

"Shut up!" Leng Yichen immediately slammed the table and got angry when he heard her mention his mother. He approached Ann Xiaojing step by step, "Ann Xiaojing, listen carefully!" The person who is the most unqualified to mention my mother in this world is you! "

His eyes were full of hatred, as if he wanted to swallow her whole!

Ann Xiaojing was so frightened that her face turned pale. She bit her lower lip. But in just an instant, she slightly raised her chin, her dark eyes filled with stubbornness.

"If you don't want to serve me, I won't force you. It's just that... "Then your good brother Ann Xianyang …" As he said that, he raised his head, and a powerful Intensity appeared.

Ann Xiaojing immediately shriveled up like a frosted eggplant. "Alright, I promise you!" she whispered back.

The next scene was Ann Xiaojing standing beside Leng Yichen holding chopsticks. Leng Yichen randomly pointed with his long white fingers and she put the designated dish into his bowl.

He ate with relish. She was so hungry that her head was dizzy and her eyes were blurry. She even had to watch him eat …

The heck, this is truly torture!

Ann Xiaojing felt wronged.

Ever since she met Leng Yichen, everything seemed to have changed dramatically.

She did not have a happy day, she lived in his shadow every day!

Ann Xiaojing sighed. If this carried on, she estimated that they would not be far from the mental hospital.

Ann Xiaojing stuffed the dishes into his bowl with all her might, cursing in her heart, 'You're so full!' I'll kill you! Better to be a pig! Bastard! Bastard!

When she thought about it, she couldn't help but snicker. When she looked up, she saw Leng Yichen was looking at her. Ann Xiaojing was shocked, but she immediately pretended to be calm and cleared her throat.

However, looking at Leng Yichen's face, Ann Xiaojing suddenly thought of Leng Chenxi!

Why didn't he come to dinner?

Thinking about that, Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but ask, "Hey, don't you have a younger brother? Why doesn't he come to dinner? "

Since she didn't have the qualifications, then his little brother definitely had the qualifications to eat at the same table as her, right?

Ann Xiaojing smiled when she thought of that man. Although he had the same face as Leng Yichen, that man was much more pleasing to the eyes than Leng Yichen.

Leng Yichen was stunned. He glanced at Ann Xiaojing and automatically blocked her.

"Hey, why didn't you call your brother over for dinner …" Ann Xiaojing wanted to speak up for Leng Chenxi, but before she could finish, Uncle Lin suddenly laughed, "Young Mistress must be talking about Second Young Master! "Second Young Master went to school, he's not at home!"

"Oh …" Ann Xiaojing nodded as if she was deep in thought. However, she was a bit surprised. Why were they still going to school so late at night?

The schools attended by rich people were truly strange.

When she thought of school, a hint of joy flashed across Ann Xiaojing's eyes.

She was going to start school soon as well! I really miss school!

At that time, she would find a random excuse to move back to school! As long as she returned to school, she wouldn't have to face Leng Yichen's icy face every day!

The joy in the depths of Ann Xiaojing's eyes was completely captured by Leng Yichen. His eyes immediately turned grim.

"Pa ~" Leng Yichen threw down the chopsticks in his hand, "I'm full." He gave her a cold look, then left in large strides, heading upstairs.

Seeing Leng Yichen walk in, Ann Xiaojing ran into the kitchen and brought out a new set of chopsticks. She sat on the chair and slowly ate.

After dinner, Ann Xiaojing hopped around the room once more. After digesting the food, she went upstairs to take a bath and sleep.

When she finished her bath, Ann Xiaojing had just dried her hair and was about to go to bed.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside the door.

Ann Xiaojing reacted immediately, falling down on the bed and tightly wrapping herself in the blanket. The moment the door opened, she closed her eyes.

Leng Yichen stood at the door and frowned as he looked at the curled up figure on the bed.

You went to bed so early?

While thinking, Leng Yichen's long legs moved forward and gradually approached.

Sensing that the people at the door were getting closer, Ann Xiaojing's palms started to sweat!

A wave of voices sounded out, followed by the feeling of something falling right next to her. A unique masculine scent assaulted her senses.

Leng Yichen looked at her pale face and couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. Her trembling eyelashes had obviously betrayed him.

She hadn't fallen asleep yet. This damnable woman was pretending again!

"How long are you going to keep it up?" Leng Yichen approached Ann Xiaojing, his bare chest pressing tightly against her back. A wave of heat spread out beside her ear, causing her face to instantly turn red.

Ann Xiaojing opened her eyes and moved to the side. However, Leng Yichen caught her hand and pulled her into his embrace …

Leng Yichen's face gradually approached. An enlarged handsome face filled her entire field of vision. Ann Xiaojing could not help but become nervous.

Reaching out her hand to press against his chest, Ann Xiaojing turned her head away, gritted her teeth and said, "Get out!"

Leng Yichen suddenly laughed, "Go out? This is my house. Where do you want me to go? "

"Ann Xiaojing, you don't seem to have figured out the situation. Everything in this room belongs to me, including you!"

His voice had just sounded when he immediately stepped forward, half pressing down on her, his hand reaching into her collar …

Ann Xiaojing's body trembled as goosebumps covered her entire body. She couldn't help but shiver.

Leng Yichen sneered: "So sensitive? She was indeed a natural born woman! "Heh!"

"What right do you have to scold me like that?" Ann Xiaojing was fuming. She grabbed his hand at the same time and stopped him, preventing him from continuing to invade her.

Leng Yichen frowned. With a wave of his hand, he caught both of her hands and turned her over with his back facing him.

"Ah... Let go! " Ann Xiaojing's eyes widened as her entire body trembled. However, both her legs were pressed down by him and her hands were clasped backwards.

Ann Xiaojing kept twisting her body in an attempt to get rid of the person on her body. Unexpectedly, Leng Yichen's strength was astonishingly powerful. With just a little bit of force, she was unable to move at all!

"Woman, you better behave, and obediently cooperate with me!" Leng Yichen growled, and his hands worked even harder.

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