CEO's Revenge And Love/C16 Leng Yichen I Hate You
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C16 Leng Yichen I Hate You
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C16 Leng Yichen I Hate You

Ann Xiaojing would never tell Leng Yichen that she came home to find clues about Ann Xianyang and find out which nursing home Jiang Meng had hidden Ann Xianyang abroad.

If she was lucky, she would be able to find Ann Xianyang's position and then think of a way to move him back to his hometown!

However, he couldn't let Leng Yichen know about any of this!

Ann Xiaojing thought for a moment, bit her lips and said, "It's not anything precious. It's just something that has been with me since I was young. Now that I'm here, I want to get those things as well!

"Why did you bring the useless thing over? Do you think this is a grocery or warehouse? There are indeed a lot of empty rooms in this house, but I'm sorry, Miss Ann, but there isn't a single room that you have any right to use! Don't forget, you're just a female slave I bought! " Leng Yichen sneered.

Ann Xiaojing looked at him, feeling wronged.

What was he trying to do?

She didn't understand. From the start until now, he had treated her like this. If he didn't want to marry her, he could just say so. She didn't want to marry him either! However, why did he marry her into his family and humiliate her in every way? He even locked her up so that she wouldn't leave his house!

What did she do wrong?

Ann Xiaojing's lips curved into a wry smile. She really didn't want to argue with him anymore!

"Whether you agree or not, I want to go back today!" she said coldly.

"Ann Xiaojing!" "You dare?" Leng Yichen stood up and stared at her coldly, "Don't think that I don't know. You didn't go back to find anything, right? Just to meet your old lover? "

"Ann Xiaojing, you're really a woman who can marry anyone!"

"What is it? I can't satisfy you, can I? You're going out to the wild man! Are wild men stronger than me? "Is he better than me?"

He narrowed his eyes, and one after another words came out of his sexy thin lips.

Ann Xiaojing's heart was filled with grief. How could he humiliate her like this?

Sneering, she said, "Leng Yichen, don't be too arrogant! Please keep your mouth clean! "You are insulting my character!"

She didn't want to pay any more attention to him, so she started to walk away.

Uncle Lin looked at the two people arguing and wanted to stop Ann Xiaojing. However, before he could make a sound, she had already started walking outside.

He turned around and saw Leng Yichen's cold and handsome face and thought, "Not good!"

However, before Uncle Lin could react, Leng Yichen pulled Ann Xiaojing back with his long legs and threw her onto the sofa.

Leng Yichen used too much force, causing Ann Xiaojing to lose her balance and was bounced onto the floor, hitting the corner of the sofa.

"Go?" If you dare to take a step out today, I'll make sure your An clan never gets a moment of peace! Ann Xiaojing, you can give it a try! " Leng Yichen said in disdain, "How much is your character worth? "A slut who doesn't even have a place to go!"

There must be a big bruise on his back! Ann Xiaojing was in so much pain that she couldn't even straighten her back!

Leng Yichen grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

Lifting her head, Ann Xiaojing endured the pain with an unmoved expression on her face. Her stubborn expression made Leng Yichen feel an indescribable rage in his heart.

Wasn't this damned woman mistaken?

Would she not pretend to be pitiful like other women? Did she have to act indifferent?

Good, good, good! Ann Xiaojing, you asked for all of this! Let's see how long you can be stubborn for!

"Don't even mention insulting his dignity, I'll even insult your people!" Leng Yichen said, "Since Miss An wants to go home so much, I'll grant you that wish. As long as you serve me well and make me happy and comfortable, I'll let you go back! "

Hearing his vulgar words, Ann Xiaojing trembled with anger, her lips trembling as she roared, "Are you crazy because you miss women!? "Leng Yichen, you shameless bastard!"

"Heh …" Leng Yichen continued to look at her. The more Ann Xiaojing was angry, the happier she felt!

"Ann Xiaojing, I gave you the chance. Whether you can grasp it or not is your own business. Oh, yes, I forgot to say, please, here it is! Show me your ability, woman! "

As he spoke, he pointed a finger in the direction of nine o'clock. The target was the sofa.

Ann Xiaojing closed her eyes. When she opened them again, Leng Yichen could clearly see that her eyes were filled with hatred.

She was not the kind of woman he was out there to play with!

She was not a tool for him to vent his anger. She was not a pet that he could call upon and circle around him!

"Leng Yichen!" I hate you! " Ann Xiaojing sat on the ground and shouted at him.

Hatred? I hate you more than you do!

Leng Yichen's eyes were also bursting with anger, the two of them could explode at any moment.

"Then I'll make you hate me more! Ann Xiaojing, the more painful it is to see you, the happier I'll be! "

He grabbed her roughly, threw her on the sofa, and leaned over to bully her.

"You monster! Let me go! "

Leng Yichen tore off her clothes, revealing her rosy white skin.


Ann Xiaojing cried out in panic, waving her arms and pushing him forward.

Was he really going to be here?

She turned her head to look at the servants at the side and felt a chill in her heart. The hatred in her eyes became even more intense. He actually wanted to order her to do it in front of all the servants in the living room …

The servants could not bear to see this, so they all turned their heads. A trace of pity and pity flashed across Uncle Lin's eyes.

Ann Xiaojing felt despair in her heart.

His body pressed down heavily on her body. A tearing pain came from his back, but it was not as intense as her hatred for Leng Yichen.

"Leng Yichen!" "Don't —!" Her shrill voice cut through the quiet living room, carrying a hint of weeping.

He buried his head into her neck and gnawed at it. Like a mad beast, he brutally and ruthlessly invaded and occupied her!

The two of them struggled on the sofa. Ann Xiaojing's tears fell, but a light flashed in her eyes. She saw the necklace fall out of Leng Yichen's pants pocket.

However, Ann Xiaojing didn't have the time to care about anything else. "Don't —" She sobbed softly and begged him.

Leng Yichen remained unmoved as he continued to crazily tear away at her clothes.

"Leng Yichen... I beg of you … " Ann Xiaojing pulled him back, tears streaming down her face.

Her tearful appearance caused him to pause.

"Daughter of a woman, a woman who doesn't even have a place, what right do you have to plead with me? Isn't it your forte to hook up with men? "

"No... "No!" Ann Xiaojing screamed and stopped him as she glanced at the items on the tea table. She took a deep breath and suddenly jumped up from the sofa. She grabbed something at random and threw it at Leng Yichen in anger.

He screamed, "You bastard! Scum! "Bastard!"

"Bang!" The transparent object fell to the ground, shattering the glass on the floor.

Time seemed to freeze in an instant. The atmosphere was heavy. Leng Yichen covered his forehead as a warm stream slowly flowed down from his fingers.

"Ah!" "Blood!" The servants screamed, and the hall fell into panic.

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