CEO's Revenge And Love/C17 The Anger of Leng Yichen
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C17 The Anger of Leng Yichen
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C17 The Anger of Leng Yichen

Ann Xiaojing didn't expect to make Leng Yichen bleed. She hugged her clothes tightly with a pale face and two streams of clear tears still hanging on her face.

He was at a loss on what to do, falling to the ground.

Raising his head, his lips trembled slightly as they opened, but he could not utter a single sound.

"Pa ~ ~" Suddenly, Leng Yichen slapped Ann Xiaojing's face.

The hand that was held high fell down heavily.

Ann Xiaojing had a wooden expression on her face as she looked at the person who slapped her.

The five finger marks on her charming face immediately revealed themselves.

Leng Yichen was so angry that his eyes turned red.

Ever since he was old enough to understand things, who wasn't coaxing him into doing so? No one had ever dared to touch him in the past, let alone the day when he was smashed into a bloody pulp!

"Ann Xiaojing!" You truly have the guts to eat a bear heart leopard! " Leng Yichen's ruthless eyes were as ferocious as a wild beast's. It was as if he wanted to eat her up and tear her apart.

"Young master, you've lost a lot of blood, hurry up and sit down. I'll apply the medicine for you!"

Uncle Lin stood at the corner and looked at Leng Yichen's blood-red eyes. He immediately rushed out with the medicine box and stood right in front of Ann Xiaojing, blocking Leng Yichen.

Leng Yichen looked at the blood on his hands and looked at her in disgust. He then turned around and said, "Take her up and lock her in the room! If someone dared to release her again! I'll kill whoever you kill! "

Her face was filled with hostility and her entire body was emitting a cold aura that made people not dare to take a step closer.

Like a puppet, Ann Xiaojing let the servant pull her into the room and lock the door.

She fell to the floor and covered her face and cried. Ann Xiaojing was a little depressed. She had recently become very weak and always cried.

Actually, she didn't want to at all. She was tired from crying, her eyes were hurting, her nose was hurting, and her entire body was hurting. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't control the tears flowing from the corner of her eyes.

She didn't want to hurt Leng Yichen, she really didn't want to!

She just wanted to go home. Why wouldn't he allow her to?

I can't blame her … He had gone too far, she was furious … That's why I accidentally hurt him …

Ann Xiaojing rubbed her nose as she tried to find a thousand excuses to comfort herself.

… ….

Leng Yichen's face was filled with anger as his chest heaved up and down. Uncle Lin poured out the alcohol and rubbed it on the wound, then drugged him again.

There was an opening, but it wasn't very long, only two or three centimeters.

Uncle Lin sighed. Why did they have to fight until both of them got hurt? Couldn't they just stay together?

However, this Miss Ann was too ruthless!

After bandaging, Uncle Lin put away the medicine case and said with a serious face, "Young Master, it's fortunate that the wound is not deep and that the poison has already been detoxified. Nothing serious will happen, there won't be any scars."

Leng Yichen nodded with a cold expression.

"Young Master, actually, Young Mistress …"

"She's not."

Uncle Lin was stunned, then changed his words, "Actually, I can tell, Young Master, you're angry that she lied to you. But I think young milk... "It seems that Miss Ann has an urgent matter to attend to, but it might be inconvenient for her to tell you."

As Uncle Lin spoke, he looked at Leng Yichen's expression and confirmed that he was not angry. He then continued, "Actually, I feel that young master has overdone it this time."

Leng Yichen looked up, "Compared to what her mother did to my mother, I only did a small part of it."

Uncle Lin didn't say anything, but looked at him deeply. Leng Yichen also pursed his lips.

In fact, he knew she must be in a hurry.

After getting along with her for the past few days, Leng Yichen had completely understood her emotions.

Her appearance was pure and sweet, but deep down, she had a stubborn temper. Normally, no matter how much he humiliated her, she wouldn't beg or cry.

However... Today...

Leng Yichen sighed in his heart. He couldn't see what he wanted to do clearly.

When he saw her crying, he hesitated for a moment.

"Miss Ann is a nice person. She is pleasing to the eyes and kind to the heart. "Young Master, why did you have to drag the grudges of the previous generation onto Miss Ann?"

"She wasn't even born at that time. She didn't know anything, so why did young master have to hurt an innocent person?"

Leng Yichen bit his lips and didn't say anything.

Uncle Lin shook his head and turned around. Before he left, he said softly, "Young Master is so smart. Don't do anything that you will regret."

Leng Yichen looked up and a trace of unknown emotion flashed across his eyes.

Had he done wrong?

No! He wasn't wrong, everything he did was just to avenge his mother!

He wanted that woman to see her daughter being toyed with by him as he watched her suffering in the sky!

… ….

Ann Xiaojing did not come down during dinner time, and Leng Yichen did not make things difficult for her.

As he was eating, Leng Yichen suddenly put down the chopsticks in his hand and rubbed his temples, "Send her some food! Don't let her starve to death in her room. "

After Leng Yichen said that, he picked up the car keys and went out.

Uncle Lin nodded and smiled to himself. His young master's face was cold and his heart was warm, but he was still worried that his young mistress would be hungry.

Uncle Lin carried the food upstairs while Ann Xiaojing curled up on the bed.

"Young Mistress, it's time to eat." Uncle Lin placed the dishes on the table, then turned around and left.

"Uncle Lin." Ann Xiaojing suddenly called out to him.

She sat up with a haggard face and slowly said, "Does Leng Yichen know my mother?"

Uncle Lin's body shook, his eyes in the darkness were filled with shock.

"Is it because of my mother that he married me!"

She wasn't an idiot, she had inadvertently heard Leng Yichen mention her mother during their argument.

However, what surprised her was, how did Leng Yichen know her mother?

What secrets were hidden between them?

Uncle Lin was someone who had gone through a lot of trials and hardships, so he regained his composure and said, "Young Mistress seems to be worrying too much. How could Young Master possibly know your mother?"

"Is that so?" A trace of a smile appeared on Ann Xiaojing's bloodless face. She looked like a flower petal that had withered in the cold wind, causing others to feel pity for her.

"Young Mistress, please get up and eat. Young Master said not to starve you!" Uncle Lin didn't seem to want to continue this topic. He turned around and pointed at the dishes on the table.

Ann Xiaojing nodded and climbed down from the bed to sit at the table.

Did he really send Uncle Lin here? Ann Xiaojing's eyes flickered.

He … Are you all right?

"Young Mistress, don't blame me for speaking too much. Actually, Young Master has always been unable to control himself. Many things were not what he wanted! If one day I accidentally hurt you, you have to forgive me! "

Uncle Lin said as he held Ann Xiaojing's hand.

Ann Xiaojing was shocked. What did Uncle Lin mean by this?

Understanding him? Then why didn't he forgive himself?

"He... Are you alright? " He lost so much blood today.

"Young Mistress, don't worry. The young master is fine, he just had a hole."

"Oh." Ann Xiaojing nodded and didn't continue asking.

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