CEO's Revenge And Love/C18 Sudden Tenderness
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C18 Sudden Tenderness
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C18 Sudden Tenderness

After dinner, Ann Xiaojing took a shower, tidied up a bit, and then went to sleep. She lay on her bed tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

It was 11: 51, Leng Yichen still hadn't arrived at her room.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Ann Xiaojing's inky black eyes.

She still felt guilty. She wanted to apologize and explain what had happened today, but he didn't come.

Forget it, it would be even better if she didn't come. She also didn't want to see him!

Ann Xiaojing heaved a long sigh. She opened her eyes and looked at the minute hand. The second hand spun in circles without any sign of sleepiness …

… ….

An elegant white Maserati sped along the winding mountain paths of the White-browed Mountain. Through the open skylight, he could see a man sitting inside.

With a handsome and proud face, the pupils of the cold winter night, and a cold and clear gaze, there was an irresistible aura of noble pride.

Ann Xiaojing... Ann Xiaojing... Leng Yichen clenched his fists. His emotions were a bit messy, but his step on the accelerator was even more forceful.

At this moment, the road was filled with the screeching of engines, cutting through the silence of the night. A dark blue and a white top grade sports car were chasing each other on the narrow mountain road, neither giving up on the other.

The bright moonlight seemed to be unable to keep up with the speed of the wheels as the mountain road became darker and darker.

There was only one more round to decide the victor!

The foot of the mountain was brightly lit, and a group of people were standing around the finish line, cheering. The crowd was all mixed up, and it was hard to tell which side was which.

All of them were anxiously waiting to see who would emerge victorious tonight!

The two cars got closer and closer. After they turned two turns on the mountain road, everyone held their breath and watched as the white Maserati quickly passed by the left side of the car.

Everyone at the scene was completely silent...

This was too f * cking exciting!

The curvature and narrowness of the mountain road were obvious to all. Usually, under this situation where the driver had to travel more than 200 miles, he wouldn't choose to drive less than one turn to accommodate two cars!

However, the white car's performance was very beautiful! It was enough to make people praise him endlessly!

The owners of the two cars alighted at the same time. As the people present regained their senses, thunderous cheers broke out.

"Chen, what happened to you today? That final move was too exciting! You were almost scared to death! " Nangong Han leaned on the front of the car and handed him a bottle of water.

The light was too dim and Leng Yichen's forehead was covered by the sea of bangs, so Nangong Han didn't notice the scar on his forehead.

If he knew that Leng Yichen had been smashed by Ann Xiaojing's glass, he would definitely laugh out loud while feeling depressed!

After all, Young Master Leng, who had always lived in a world filled with stars, had never been smashed by anyone before!

Leng Yichen glanced at him but didn't say anything, and gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

"By the way, I haven't asked you how your life was after your marriage?" Nangong Han joked.

"What do you think?" Leng Yichen turned around and looked at him. Nangong Han twitched his mouth and thought to himself, "Actually, Miss An looks pretty good. It's just a pity that it ended up in Leng Yichen's hands!"

Sigh. When was the wrong time! The wrong time!

Nangong Han had a look of pity on his face.

The two of them drove the car back to the city. Leng Yichen parked the car in front of the house. After smoking half a pack of cigars, he finally got out of the car.

Entering the room, going upstairs. Leng Yichen opened the door and walked closer step by step. Ann Xiaojing, who was sleeping soundly, looked very obedient. She was no longer as lively as a wild cat.

Leng Yichen raised the corner of his mouth as a smile that he did not notice appeared in his eyes.

Leng Yichen took off his clothes, crawled into her bed, and wrapped his arms around her.

Ann Xiaojing frowned in her dream. She felt a warm sensation around her. She shrank her body and moved towards a warm spot. She chose a comfortable position and went back to sleep.

Leng Yichen shook his head as he saw her actions. He suppressed the fire of desire in his body …

When she woke up in the morning, Ann Xiaojing realized that the pillow beside her was still warm. She was slightly lost in thought, her eyes in a trance. Could it be … Last night was not a dream?

It's Leng Yichen?

She was wrapped in a quilt and only her eyes were visible.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Ann Xiaojing got up and opened the door. The maid came in with a set of clothes.

"Miss Ann, the Young Master said to have you change your clothes and hurry up."


"Yeah. Young Master is downstairs now! "


What did Leng Yichen want her to do? Ann Xiaojing was stunned for a moment before she changed and went downstairs.

As Leng Yichen was eating breakfast, a trace of unhappiness flashed across Ann Xiaojing's eyes. So the reason she called her down was to be his maid!

Ann Xiaojing walked in front of him and stood up with her head lowered.

"What are you standing there for? Not eating? "

"Didn't you want me to serve you?" Ann Xiaojing didn't know how to react as she mumbled in a low voice. She was stunned for a moment and then immediately changed her mind.

What did he say? Eating? Didn't he prevent me from eating at his table?

Ye Zichen looked up. Leng Yichen was drinking his milk with his head down and ignored her.

Why is it so strange today? Ann Xiaojing raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Still not sitting?" Leng Yichen raised his eyebrows. Ann Xiaojing responded immediately and sat down.

The table was speechless, the silence terrifying.

Ann Xiaojing stole a glance at him. Inwardly, he was surprised. What the hell was Leng Yichen doing in this gourd?

"Today is the third day of our wedding. I'll bring you back to the An clan and also pay a visit to my in-laws."

"Go back … Go home? "

"Why, are you unwilling?"

"Nope." Ann Xiaojing shook her head, chewing on her bread.

"But... Yesterday, you didn't pay me back … "

"So much nonsense!" Before Ann Xiaojing could finish her words, she was interrupted by Leng Yichen. He looked away and a trace of unnatural emotion flashed across his eyes.

She was just a little surprised. Yesterday, he was still insistent on not letting her go back, but today, he changed his nature? Was it because he threw it at him yesterday? Is my brain damaged?

Ann Xiaojing was nibbling on toast, deeply worried. What if he really did smash his brain?

Leng Yichen was speechless when he saw her lost in thought.

Why is this woman so annoying! Yesterday, she wasn't happy about not letting her go back. Today, she had to go back, but she still had an expression of wanting to die!

"Let's go!" Leng Yichen put down the stuff in his hands, stood up and left.

Ann Xiaojing swallowed the toast in her mouth and looked at Leng Yichen, who had already stood up, dumbfounded.

She hasn't eaten her fill yet …!

He stuffed two pieces of toast into his mouth, grabbed the bag on the sofa and ran out after Leng Yichen!

"Wait for me …"

Leng Yichen suddenly slowed down his pace. She didn't have the time to stop before she hit his back and fell to the ground.

"Ah!" Ann Xiaojing cried out in pain.

"Are you alright?" Leng Yichen turned around.

"Pain …" Ann Xiaojing raised her head and held her ankle.

Leng Yichen frowned and chanted in a low voice, "Women are trouble!"

He picked her up and placed her on the passenger seat. Her actions were extremely gentle.

Ann Xiaojing was momentarily dazzled by his sudden gentleness.

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