CEO's Revenge And Love/C2 If You Force a Marriage You Have to Marry Even If You Don't Want to
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C2 If You Force a Marriage You Have to Marry Even If You Don't Want to
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C2 If You Force a Marriage You Have to Marry Even If You Don't Want to

"If I say I won't marry, then I won't! Tomorrow, I will go and find my father and clarify the matter! "

Knowing Ann Xiaojing's stubborn character, Jiang Meng gritted her teeth and said with a gloomy face, "Have you forgotten that your brother is still treating in America? If you want him to get better soon, you must marry him! "

"You! What did you do to my brother! "

Ann Xiaojing glared angrily at Jiang Meng. She knew that Jiang Meng was threatening her.

Her brother, Ann Xianyang, was an internationally renowned criminal police, and his achievements in war were numerous. Because he often fought against criminal gangs, he had many enemies.

Her brother was supposed to be treated at home, but Jiang Meng took him abroad to hide.

In front of her father, Jiang Meng also grandly said that she had arranged for her brother to have the best doctor in the United States.

"Your father hasn't been too optimistic. If he finds out that your brother's treatment in the United States is a problem, will he get sick from worry?"

Jiang Meng didn't answer Ann Xiaojing's question. Instead, she spoke her own question with a worried expression.

She was well aware of Ann Xiaojing's personality. Although she was stubborn, family was her biggest weakness.

Ann Xiaojing gritted her teeth and her tone softened, but she still stubbornly said, "Why didn't you let Ann Xiya marry? She's one year older than me, and she hasn't even gotten married yet. Why did you arrange for me to marry her?"

When Jiang Meng heard this, she was also a little depressed. She looked at Ann Xiaojing with an even sharper gaze than before and said impatiently, "Do you think I want to choose you? For me to be able to hug such a great tree with such great Imperial Group, I was designated by others to do it! "Ann Xiaojing, I'll tell you. No matter what, you must marry her no matter what. Otherwise, I can't say for sure what will happen to your brother in the future!"

"You …" Ann Xiaojing was so infuriated that she had no choice but to compromise after weighing the pros and cons. I promise you! "

"Hehe, if you had been so obedient earlier, your brother wouldn't have suffered so much!" Seeing that Ann Xiaojing had let go, Jiang Meng's face was full of pride, and her smile was crafty.

Glancing at Jiang Meng, Ann Xiaojing bit her lips and returned to her room. She could only smile wryly in her heart. Ever since she entered the house, the nightmare had begun.

As for why the CEO of Imperial Group had chosen her as his wife, she was already too lazy to think about it!

… ….

The next morning at 10 o'clock.

A five-storey tall, luxurious private cruiser stopped at the shore of the sun.

On the deck of the ship, a handsome man dressed in noble clothing was holding a glass of high-grade French red wine, swaying in the wind. The wine looked like a blood-red liquid and looked very coquettish.

The man had a handsome face, a tall and straight posture, and extremely distinct facial features. His entire body emitted an aura that caused others to revere him.

"Young Master, this is the person who secretly drugged your wine last night." Chengfeng pushed a man who was tied up all over, in front of Leng Yichen.

"How dare you drugged my wine?" The voice wasn't very loud, but it was mixed with a terrifying bloodlust. Leng Yichen was so charming that he looked like a Satan from hell. His bloodthirsty eyes were cold and sinister, like an Asura from hell.

"Leng, Chairman Leng, it's... It was the CEO of the Fang Group who asked me to do it. "I was forced to do this as well..." The man kneeled on the ground and begged loudly.

"Heh, within ten days, I want to see the Fang family completely disappear from the market!" As for him, kill him! " Leng Yichen's tone did not contain a single trace of emotion. He did not even frown as he directly ordered in a cold tone.

"Yes sir!"

Chengfeng nodded and prepared to leave, but he was suddenly stopped by Leng Yichen.

"Wait a minute!"

"Send someone to investigate, I want to find that girl in room 306 from last night!"

After Leng Yichen gave his orders, Chengfeng left like the wind.

Leng Yichen sipped the red wine in his glass and revealed a playful smile. Looking at the billowing waves on the sea, he thought, "That woman last night …" The taste was really good! That soft and smooth touch was still very memorable!

Thinking about it, Leng Yichen went back to his room and walked in front of his bed. He picked up his suit jacket and was about to leave, but unexpectedly found a necklace next to his pillow.

"Y..." Is that her initials?! Last name or first name?

If his surname was Ye, then his surname was Ye, and his surname was Yin … If you're in the top ten, you'll be Yuan Yuan, Ya … What was it?

A hint of astonishment appeared on Leng Yichen's handsome face. He suddenly understood something and revealed a sly smile like a fox. "No matter what you are, woman, you are mine now!"

Grasping the necklace tightly in his hand, Leng Yichen walked out of the cruise and saw his good friend Nangong Han leaning against the limited edition Ferrari, holding out a document to him, "Yichen, Miss An has already signed the contract. I'll help you settle it, how about that?"

Ann Xiaojing... Looking at the delicate three words on the bottom of the document, Leng Yichen's eyes were filled with disgust. He directly took the document and threw it to his men behind him.

"Thank you, thank you!" Leng Yichen said as he got into his sports car.

Nangong Han glanced at the woman's necklace in his hand and suddenly chuckled, "This necklace... It seems like you had a night of spring last night? "

"It's really quite good!" Speaking of the woman from last night, Leng Yichen's pair of dark and bright eyes released a demonic glow. He then thought of something and added, "Right, the Fang family dares to drug me. Within ten days, I will destroy the Fang family and will not show any mercy to them because of your woman."

A cold voice was drawn out from Leng Yichen's lips. His pair of dangerous, narrow peach blossom eyes emitted bursts of lightning fast cold light.

"You mean Faang Yiyi? There are a lot of women, and I've never been lacking, have I not? " Nangong Han shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. He had already lost interest in the woman from the Fang family who climbed onto his bed.

Leng Yichen's expression was still cold, he did not say much. He had never agreed with his good friend's romantic attitude.

"Oh right, Yichen, the An family's woman has already agreed to marry into Leng Family. Have you considered holding a grand wedding?" Nangong Han's face returned to that unrestrained smile.

"Heh, wedding?"

Leng Yichen sneered, "A slut's daughter isn't worthy of a wedding. Even if it's just a small marriage, she wouldn't have it!"

Leng Yichen's sharp eyes were like a sharp blade, causing people to shiver and feel a chill down their spines.

"Her mother was indeed dissolute and seduced her uncle, causing her aunt to commit suicide. But as far as I know, her daughter is still very pure and obedient. Are you sure you want to treat her like this?"

Nangong Han remembered that he once saw Ann Xiaojing at a banquet. Her charming and soft face was as pure and pure as a virgin.

"Since the game has already begun, it must end by me. If you have to blame something, blame her for being that woman's daughter. Worthy of paying the price of blood for that woman."

Leng Yichen said coldly. A hint of ridicule could be seen in his eyes.

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