CEO's Revenge And Love/C20 Inexplicable Anger
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C20 Inexplicable Anger
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C20 Inexplicable Anger

A hint of surprise flashed across Ann Xiya's eyes. She quickly said, "Nothing much. I'm just talking about some necklace and jewelry that girls like!"

Leng Yichen's gaze turned to the woman who had just spoken. Looking at the disdainful expression on Ann Xiaojing's face, he immediately understood what was going on.

It seemed like the only person she liked in this An clan was her big brother!

The woman with a 36C chest must be Ann Xiaojing's sister!

"This is the first time Young Master has visited, why didn't you greet him!?" Alright, alright, hurry up and sit down! Sit down and we'll talk! " Jiang Meng was also bewitched by Leng Yichen's appearance. If she were any younger, she would probably be able to enter the top 20 of the fan club that pursued Leng Yichen!

Ann Xiaojing was disgusted by their flattering faces.

"I'm going to wash some fruits myself. You guys sit down first! Xiya, accompany Young Master and have a good chat! "

Ann Xiaojing was stunned. Wasn't this kind of disguised approach too fair and square?!

This original body of hers … No! The main wife was still in front of him, yet he told his own daughter to get close to him...

Ann Xiaojing rolled her eyes. She couldn't take it anymore!

"No need, Aunt Meng. We will be leaving soon!"

Jiang Meng's footsteps paused, her expression changing slightly. "You just arrived, why are you leaving!?" He might as well eat dinner before leaving! I'll cook it myself today! "Make some good dishes!"

Although she was smiling, she had scolded Ann Xiaojing a thousand times in her heart.

Wasn't it to create a good opportunity for your daughter to climb into Leng Yichen's bed? Was there a need to pretend to be a good person?

Ann Xiaojing was depressed in her heart.

Ann Xiya sat beside Leng Yichen and pretended to be shy.

This man was really handsome … Her domineering attitude made her want to pounce on him!

Ann Xiya inwardly encouraged herself: She must have this man! Then kick Ann Xiaojing out! Let her see the happiness between him and Leng Yichen while crying!

Leng Yichen smirked, completely taking in Ann Xiya's thoughts.

With one more, he would not refuse any one of them! Especially since this person was someone that Ann Xiaojing disliked!

After glancing at Ann Xiaojing and seeing that she was impatient to leave, Leng Yichen slowly said, "Since that's the case, let's stay here to eat dinner before leaving!"


Ann Xiaojing's eyes widened as she looked at Leng Yichen in disbelief!

He definitely did it on purpose!

Ann Xiaojing glared at him. Leng Yichen chuckled and looked away.

Why did he have to go against her! Couldn't he just let her do it once!

Upon hearing Leng Yichen's reply, Jiang Meng immediately smiled and replied, "Alright! Then you guys continue with your conversation, I'll go to the kitchen and tell the servants to prepare it! "

Leng Yichen nodded.

In the end, no one paid attention to Ann Xiaojing and directly ignored her!

Seeing Leng Yichen and Ann Xiya chatting happily, Ann Xiaojing became extremely angry. She stomped her feet and ran upstairs.

She walked to the door of Ann Xianyang's room. After pausing for a while, she finally opened the door.

Familiar environment, strange mood.

Things change.

As she slowly walked in, Ann Xiaojing's heart suddenly calmed down.

There weren't many things in the room, just a bed, a wardrobe, and a table.

On the white wall hung the medal of Ann Xianyang's achievement from a young age, it was stuck densely on the wall.

Ann Xiaojing stretched out her hand and caressed it. Scenes of the past flashed past her mind one after another.

She still remembered that when she was young, she wasn't good at studying, but her brother was outstanding. Her mother and father would always tease her that she was stupid, but she had a serious expression on her face as she said, "It doesn't matter, I have my big brother!" Brother will protect me in the future! If I can't find a job when I grow up, my brother can raise me too!

Her words sounded reasonable and confident, but her parents were all laughing. Only Ann Xianyang nodded seriously.

She cared too much about Ann Xianyang, so after his accident, Ann Xiaojing felt that her whole world had collapsed!

Ann Xiaojing sat on Ann Xianyang's bed and laughed softly as she looked at the numerous trophies on the table and the photo that belonged solely to them.

They were no more than sixteen or seventeen years old, and he was half a head taller than she was. She was lying on his back, and the corners of their mouths were curling behind their ears!

At that time, their family was still very happy. She was still that little princess he had protected.

The trophy on the table announced Ann Xianyang's outstanding battle record.

Her brother was an Interpol, walking on the edge of danger. His honor was something he had paid with his life!

When Ann Xianyang went to apply for the police academy, he met with strong opposition from his father. He was his father's only son, he didn't want Ann Xianyang to be harmed in the slightest!

He just wanted him to continue his own business, to behave and follow the rules.

However, Ann Xianyang had the same hatred towards his father as Ann Xiaojing.

Within three days of their mother's death, he had married another woman and a daughter about their age.

The siblings could not accept this!

Therefore, the night before Ann Xianyang applied for the police academy, he ran to Ann Xiaojing's room and asked, "Sister, if brother is going to apply for the police academy, do you think it's appropriate?"

At that time, Ann Xiaojing still didn't know how dangerous it would be for a Interpol!

She raised her head and asked Ann Xianyang: "Do you not have much time to accompany me?"

Ann Xianyang said yes and rubbed her head.

Ann Xiaojing pouted, her small face filled with displeasure. Then her eyes reddened and she said, "Although I really want my brother to have a lot of time to play with me, Xiaojing can't take away my brother's volunteering. If your brother likes a police academy, then go to one! "

Ann Xianyang smiled and hugged her, who was on the verge of crying.

Thus, the next morning, Ann Xianyang directly reported to the police academy without paying attention to anyone's objections.

After the incident with Ann Xianyang, Ann Xiaojing thought, if I had stopped him from attending the police academy, then this wouldn't have happened!

Ann Xiaojing smiled when she thought of her childhood, but she realized that her face was full of tears.


Ann Xiaojing blinked.

No matter what, I will definitely find you! Brother!

"Whap." At this moment, the sound of a door being unlocked sounded out.

Ann Xiaojingyang looked up and the door opened. Leng Yichen was standing in the doorway, looking at Ann Xiaojing with two streams of clear tears on her face. In her hands was a picture of a man.

Leng Yichen's eyes turned cold, "What are you doing?"

Ann Xiaojing quickly wiped her tears away.

"No, nothing."

"Then what are you crying for?"

"Nothing." Ann Xiaojing had yet to regain her composure as she spoke in a low and muffled voice.

Leng Yichen walked to her side and sat down. He took the photo in her hands and asked coldly: "Your ex-boyfriend?!"

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