CEO's Revenge And Love/C3 Meeting Leng Yichen
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C3 Meeting Leng Yichen
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C3 Meeting Leng Yichen

Gossip bar.

The crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, emitting a seductive glow. Many men and women on the stage were swaying to the music, enjoying the atmosphere.

At the center of the bar, Ann Xiaojing held a cocktail and said angrily, "Damn Yuanyuan, where did you go that night?"

"My dear lady, where did you ask me to go? I didn't see you when I came back? I was wondering. " Xia Yuanyuan grumbled.

"You still have the nerve to say that to me? You said you went out for ten minutes, but how long did you go out for? "I'll leave first when I get tired of waiting." Ann Xiaojing slowly said as she took a sip of the cocktail in her hand. She didn't intend to tell her what had happened last night.

Xia Yuanyuan suddenly put down the wine cup in her hand and grabbed Ann Xiaojing's hand as she said in a flattering manner: "I was originally prepared to come back, but on the way back, I heard that Imperial Group President Leng Yichen also came. I just wanted to go over to take a look and waste a bit of time, just forgive me. Xia Yuanyuan knew that she was in the wrong, so she begged sincerely.

Ann Xiaojing had just taken a sip of the wine when she heard Xia Yuanyuan's words and spat out the wine, "What did you say? "You said just now that you wanted to see who had the best demeanor?"

"Cold!" Also! "Chen!" Xia Yuanyuan whispered word by word into Ann Xiaojing's ear.

"You said that he is the CEO of Imperial Group?" Ann Xiaojing exclaimed with her mouth wide open.

"Yeah, you just came back from the United States and didn't know it yet. The CEO of Imperial Group, Leng Yichen is awesome, he ate both black and white, no one around here doesn't know his name. If anyone dares to offend him, then they will die. "He, he is worth tens of billions, has a good figure, a cold appearance, an earth-shattering presence, and is the target of many women's dreams. It would be great if I could marry him."

Xia Yuanyuan's face was filled with infatuation, her saliva almost dripping down to the ground, but her eyes quickly dimmed. "What a pity … I didn't have his face that day, and by the time I got there he was long gone. "

"My god!" Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but exclaim.

"Hmm?" Xia Yuanyuan was surprised. She looked at Ann Xiaojing with suspicion and asked, "Sofia, why are you so agitated?"

"My marriage partner is actually him? Help, it can't be... Such a difficult person to deal with! " At this moment, Ann Xiaojing felt like dying.

Now it was Xia Yuanyuan's turn to be horrified. She spat out a mouthful of cocktail, "What? Marriage? "You and Leng Yichen?"

"Yeah, it's all because of that damn Aunt Meng. She threatened me with my big brother, and only when I agreed to marry the CEO of Imperial Group did she tell me where my big brother is." Ann Xiaojing said angrily as she clenched her fists.

As they were talking, they suddenly saw a group of people walk in through the door. Xia Yuanyuan, who was used to gossiping, immediately said with her eyes full of astonishment, "Speak of the devil. Look, the man walking at the front is Leng Yichen. Isn't he handsome?"

Ann Xiaojing looked in the direction Xia Yuanyuan was pointing at and saw a few young masters in fashionable casual clothes walking in. The man at the front, along with the flickering lights, Ann Xiaojing could clearly see his appearance.

This man was probably 1.9 meters tall. His hair was thick and jet-black, and his forehead was broad. His eyebrows were like two sharp swords, slightly raised out of disdain. His pair of deep eyes, high nose bridge, and firm chin served as a better contrast to his perfect facial features.

If she wasn't forced into marriage, she would definitely be tempted by such a man. But now … She did not want to end her bachelor life by marriage at all.

Ann Xiaojing couldn't help feeling sad at the thought. She took a sip from her glass. Her father's body wasn't well, and he couldn't take the excitement. Her brother had disappeared, and he had even become a vegetable. Ai!

Xia Yuanyuan, who was standing to the side, had already ran over. Leaning over, she said something to the man in front. His cold eyes suddenly narrowed as he looked in their direction.

Leng Yichen sneered disdainfully and suddenly stood up and walked over. He looked at Ann Xiaojing and saw that the woman in front of him had fair skin and a petite body. She had a pure and seductive beauty, but this beauty made him despise her even more.

With a mother who would destroy someone else's family and become a mistress of a family, how good would his daughter be?!

Leng Yichen snorted and walked in front of Ann Xiaojing, sneering, "Heh, isn't she the young miss of the An Family? What? You're not going back to prepare for the wedding and come to the bar to look for excitement? "

As soon as his voice fell, the surrounding people all looked over at them, sizing up Ann Xiaojing as if they were waiting for a good show.

Ann Xiaojing frowned and glanced at Leng Yichen. She said snappily, "That's right, your fiancée came to the bar to look for thrills. What's the matter?" If you can come, can't I come? Master Young Master Leng, are you jealous? "

The man glanced at Ann Xiaojing contemptuously. "You think I care?"

"It's great that you don't care, then cancel the wedding!" I don't want to marry you anyway! Ann Xiaojing said disapprovingly.

"Cancel the wedding? "Heh!" Leng Yichen smiled mockingly, "Do you think I would let you off so easily?"

"What do you want?" Ann Xiaojing said dejectedly. She knew from the first words of this man that he didn't like her. But, what kind of woman did he want? Why had he chosen her?

"What do you think I want?" The man suddenly started laughing and a bright light flashed in his eyes. "If you please me, then I'll tell you!"

Ann Xiaojing gritted her teeth. This bastard, she really wanted to give him a kick. But she also knew that she couldn't beat this man in front of her. What's more, what Yuanyuan just said was that he had an underworld background.

"What do you want me to do?" Ann Xiaojing took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Leng Yichen raised his eyebrows and pointed to the center of the dance floor: "Go, give us a dance to cheer us up."

"What?" Dance … "I don't know how to!" Ann Xiaojing was astonished. Dance in this kind of place, she wasn't a dancer. It was simply bullying others!

"What is it? "You don't want to?" The man's gaze changed, and his tone revealed displeasure.

"No, it's just dancing, I... "It really can't be..." Ann Xiaojing gritted her teeth.

"Hahaha... You don't? Isn't this the ability of women like you who are best at seducing men? " Leng Yichen laughed in disdain.

"Damn bastard!" When Ann Xiaojing heard this, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She stepped forward, aimed at the man's hand, and bit down. She turned around and prepared to escape.

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