CEO's Revenge And Love/C4 The Rights of the Husband to Advance
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C4 The Rights of the Husband to Advance
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C4 The Rights of the Husband to Advance

However, as soon as Ann Xiaojing moved her feet, the man wrapped his arm around her waist. Leng Yichen exerted a little force and Ann Xiaojing stumbled into his arms.

"Ahh …" Ann Xiaojing took a deep breath and looked at the man before her nervously. He was only half a meter away from her, but she felt a strange familiarity.

This man's firm chin, the sharp lips of Ling Jiao, and the faint smell of cologne emitting from his body … They were all so familiar!

It was as if he had met it somewhere before.

"You actually dare to bite me?!" Leng Yichen's words pulled Ann Xiaojing back from her thoughts. Then, without waiting for her reaction, he pushed her out of the room.

"Hiss — —" Ann Xiaojing was pushed to the ground. Her arm rubbed against her skin, causing her to gasp in pain.

Leng Yichen glanced at her but didn't say anything. He just smiled charmingly and leisurely picked up the red wine the waiter just passed to him and whispered something in his ear.

After that, the waiter obediently took out eight bottles of beer and placed them on top of the bar. The man took a sip of the red wine, and a faint wine aroma immediately spread around his mouth. At the same time, his smile became even more devilish, "You can't dance, right? "Then let's drink. Since you've finished the eight bottles of wine over there, I'll agree."

Ann Xiaojing was furious. She hated him so much that her teeth itched. She raised her head and said stubbornly, "Drink, you'd better keep your word."

Ann Xiaojing picked up the beer from the table and drank the cold, pungent, and alcoholic liquid. She resisted the urge instinctively, but had to drink it in order to cancel the wedding.

After drinking the 4th bottle, her good friend Xia Yuanyuan came to her side, tugging at her sleeve and said, "Xiaojing, forget it. It's better not to force yourself."

Ann Xiaojing ignored her and continued to pour the liquid into the bottle. As long as he could break the engagement, she would drink any amount of alcohol!

When she drank the last bottle, she instinctively threw up. Ann Xiaojing immediately put down the bottle and rushed to the washroom by the bar while covering her mouth.

Ann Xiaojing vomited so much in the sink that she almost vomited out the acid in her stomach. After drinking so much in one go, her whole body was aching and her head felt dizzy. She couldn't even stand properly.

Just as she was about to fall down, a pair of strong hands caught her arm just in time. Ann Xiaojing looked up and saw that it was Leng Yichen.

This man …

Leng Yichen carried her in his arms and prepared to leave. His good friend Xia Yuanyuan immediately chased after them, but was scared by the vicious eyes of the two bodyguards behind them. She bit her lips and stood on the spot, at a loss of what to do …

… ….

The night was dark.

It was late at night, in the villa of the number one family in the capital, Leng Family. A drunk woman was lying on a soft bed.

Her long hair flowed in the wind, her nose was pretty and straight, and she had an exquisite figure. Under the dim yellow light in the room, her snow-white skin seemed even more flawless, and the beauty that was wrapped around her clothes rose and fell as Ann Xiaojing breathed … Because she drank too much, the effects of the alcohol had already made her drowsy.

Leng Yichen pinched off the cigar in his hand and walked over with a cold smile. He sat on the bed and looked at Ann Xiaojing lying on it. This woman was very beautiful, so beautiful that it made people want to pity her.

Suddenly, the memory locked deep in his heart opened up like a flood. The bloody scene clearly appeared in front of Leng Yichen's eyes. He couldn't forget the scene of his mother lying in a pool of blood.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was that woman's daughter, perhaps he would have felt some pity for her, but …

"The daughter of a slut is destined to be a slut as well. No matter how beautiful you are, you won't be able to confuse me …" The trace of pity in her eyes gradually disappeared, and what replaced it were those cold eyes.

His eyes were cold, bone-chilling. His smile was evil and sinister. He abruptly pulled the woman's skirt and dropped it onto the floor.

The corner of Leng Yichen's mouth curled up as he removed the last protective item on her body. The scene before his eyes became perfect. His jade-like shoulders fiercely gripped as he gave her away …

"Ah, ah..." The bone-piercing pain made Ann Xiaojing bite her lip, trembling and groaning, which made the cold-looking man work harder.

"I will make you satisfied …" Leng Yichen laughed in disdain. However, he suddenly realized that something was wrong!

Unexpectedly, this is not Ann Xiaojing's first time. Leng Yichen turned his head up arrogantly and gave a bloodthirsty sneer: "As expected, a slut is a slut. "Shameless!"

Leng Yichen was furious and his actions became more violent.

"Ahh …" Ann Xiaojing screamed again. The pain made her conscious again. She opened her eyes in a daze and saw Leng Yichen's huge face in front of her.

Heavens, what was going on?

Ann Xiaojing was shocked and her body trembled. She shuddered and shouted immediately, "Bastard, Leng Yichen, you bastard! Let go of me!"

"You're awake?" Leng Yichen's lips curved into a sneer, "It's better if you wake up, get up and please me!"

"Impossible!" I will never please you! "You bastard!" As Ann Xiaojing spoke, she immediately tried to push Leng Yichen away, but it only made his movements more forceful.

"Want to run?" "In your dreams!" Leng Yichen said in disdain, "Pleasing me is what you should do. I am just driving ahead of my husband's rights!"

As soon as Leng Yichen finished his sentence, he started to exercise the initiative. Ann Xiaojing's whole body was tense as she arched her body. She was going through wave after wave of torture with him.

"You bastard!" Ann Xiaojing was infuriated, tears streaming down her face. In that instant, she clearly knew that she would never be able to escape from this demon!

Ann Xiaojing closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, trying her best to not make a sound. A stream of tears flowed down her fair cheeks, merging with the sweat that he left on her body.

"Damn it!" Seeing that she was biting down on her lower lip, Leng Yichen cursed under his breath. He bit onto her red lips roughly, forcefully opened it up, and then attacked all the way to the city wall. However, he didn't stop because of this.

"Hmm …" Ann Xiaojing couldn't take it anymore. One low moan after another came out of her mouth uncontrollably.

Leng Yichen laughed softly as if he was very satisfied with her voice. He quickened his pace and ended the operation with a low growl.

He had to admit that Ann Xiaojing gave him a beautiful feeling when he was in bed … Just like the girl from that night.

Only, the woman from that night was clean, and she … Not at all!

The moment he finished, Ann Xiaojing's entire body suddenly trembled, and then she fainted.

Leng Yichen got out of bed and put on a bathrobe to cover his muscular body. Looking at Ann Xiaojing who fainted with a frown, he just frowned slightly.

If you weren't her daughter. Leng Yichen said in his heart. He then looked at her coldly and walked out of the room.

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