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CEO's Revenge And Love/C5 Two Men with the Same Face
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C5 Two Men with the Same Face

The next day.

The sunlight shone through the glass window and onto a double bed. The woman was sleeping soundly, her snow-white silk quilt falling down, revealing her curvy upper body. There were red spots on her snow-white skin, and anyone with a good eye would be able to tell what she had experienced last night.

Ann Xiaojing, who was lying on the bed, turned over. The feeling of discomfort and slight pain from under her body made her open her eyes.

This is …?

Looking at the snow-white ceiling, the lavender crystal chandelier, and the white blanket that was wrapped around her, she blinked. Suddenly, she remembered what happened last night.

The shameful movements, the smell of men, his growls and her croaks, his sweat and her tears.

Ann Xiaojing sat up straight like a carp. The increasingly obvious kiss mark on her body reminded her that what happened last night was not a dream at all!

There was still an ambiguous atmosphere left in the air, and the person who was originally beside her was no longer there. The coldness from beside the pillow reminded her that Leng Yichen had left a long time ago.

The events of the night before replayed themselves in her mind like a movie. Ann Xiaojing's hands gripped the quilt tightly, her veins popping out.

Leng Yichen... Her eyes burst with hatred, fierce and deep.

When she thought of this name, Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but want to cut off pieces of his flesh, make him bleed, and grind his bones into ashes!

Ann Xiaojing took a deep breath, holding back the rage and grievance in her heart.

Why? Why did she become like this … Why did the peaceful life suddenly get disrupted …

It's all this Leng Yichen!

If it wasn't for the fact that his appearance had disturbed her peaceful life, she wouldn't have been forced to marry someone, and she wouldn't have ended up like this …

Brother... What should I do?

Ann Xiaojing was helpless for a moment. When she was at her most in pain, all she could think of was caring for her brother ever since she was a child.

When he was young, his father was busy with social events. Only his elder brother and mother remained at home. When his mother passed away, only his elder brother remained.

Brother... Ann Xiaojing clenched her fists as a trace of stubbornness flashed through her eyes.

She would never forget her so-called marriage in exchange for her brother's safety in the United States!

For the sake of her brother, she absolutely couldn't admit defeat! Leng Yichen, we'll see!

Ann Xiaojing secretly encouraged herself in her heart. The resolute look in her eyes was as bright as a mountain.

"Miss Ann, are you up yet?" Just as Ann Xiaojing was about to get off the bed, there was a knock on the door.

Ann Xiaojing quickly retracted her legs and nodded. "Mhm."

The door lock swung open and a woman in her forties came in, carrying a pile of clothes.

"Miss Ann, this is the clothes that Young Master has prepared for you."

"Thank you." The corner of Ann Xiaojing's mouth twitched. She tightened her blanket and pointed to a chair at the side. "Just put it over there."

"Alright." The aunt put aside the clothes in her hands and walked out.

Ann Xiaojing exhaled, picked up her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

After taking a hot bath, Ann Xiaojing felt the discomfort between her legs become a lot better. She put on her clothes, but found that the clothes unexpectedly fit her perfectly. It was as if they were custom-made for her.

Ann Xiaojing didn't think much of it. After dressing up, she left the room and went downstairs.

The maid had already prepared breakfast. Ann Xiaojing touched her shriveled stomach and subconsciously licked her lips.

"May I ask what is this place?"

The maid, who was cleaning the house, turned around and smiled at her. "This is Phoenix Nest Road, Leng's Court."

Ann Xiaojing nodded.

Phoenix Nest Road, a famous wealthy district in the capital.

Although the conditions at Ann Xiaojing's home weren't bad, she didn't dare to act rashly in such a place. Because the people who lived here were either politically powerful or had an unshakeable amount of money.

Ann Xiaojing looked the whole house up and down. The duplex floor, the entire room's decorative style followed the elegant style. Soft wool rugs, beige sofas, crystal chandeliers with old yellow lights, all retro furniture made of fine mahogany. There was a sense of elegance everywhere, but it was hard to hide the warmth.

Ann Xiaojing twitched her mouth. The warmth that the entire room revealed didn't match Leng Yichen's personality at all.

The yard was a large lawn. The lush green grass paired with the blue sky, the fresh air and the sunlight that was just right for the temperature made Ann Xiaojing's originally irritable mood much better.

Ann Xiaojing looked around. This Leng Yichen was really rich. The house was so big that one couldn't even see the door!

Picking up her red lips, Ann Xiaojing was slightly angry. Just as she was about to turn around, her gaze shifted to the fountain nearby.


She lifted her lips and walked over to the man.

"Hello, may I ask..." Before Ann Xiaojing could finish her sentence, she stopped and looked at the person in front of her with wide eyes.

Ann Xiaojing, dressed in a white suit and holding a brush, quietly painted on the drawing board. The moment he turned around, Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but scream out loud.

This person … He actually looked exactly like Leng Yichen!

However, the only difference was … Leng Yichen's entire body was emitting a demonic, bloodthirsty and cold aura, but his eyes were crystal clear.

When he looked at her, there was a smile on his face, like the sun, which was a warm and straight blow that pierced Ann Xiaojing's heart.

So there really were people in this world who could laugh to their heart's content.

"You … Who is it? Are you Leng Yichen's twin brother? You're his. Big brother or little brother? " Ann Xiaojing asked softly. However, her series of questions caused the man in front of her to tilt his head. A complicated look flashed across his eyes.

The man didn't reply. He only tilted his head with a smile as he looked at Ann Xiaojing.

Embarrassed, Ann Xiaojing rubbed the back of her head and looked at the painting in front of her. The painting was of an unfinished sunflower.

"You drew so well!" It seems to be true! " Ann Xiaojing laughed, her eyes filled with joy as she looked at him.

The man still didn't say anything, but his eyes were narrowed as he looked at Ann Xiaojing with a nod, agreeing with her view.

Ann Xiaojing felt a little helpless. Although she had the same face as that devil, it was completely different.

It was a pity … He hadn't said a word to her so far.

Can't he talk? Or did he not want to talk to her at all?!

Ann Xiaojing sighed and looked at the time. She smiled at him, "Can you talk to me? If you don't want to say it, can you tell me how to leave this villa?

A look of struggle flashed in the man's eyes. It was so fast that it was hard to catch, but he only nodded his head in response.

He glanced at Ann Xiaojing, turned around slowly, and pointed to the right.

"Over there, right?" Ann Xiaojing asked.

The man nodded and didn't look at her again. He turned around and continued to paint.

Ann Xiaojing paused for a moment, looked at him once, said goodbye to him, and walked out quickly in the direction that he pointed to.

But for some reason, Ann Xiaojing felt that the person gave her a strange feeling. However, she couldn't tell what was strange about him!

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