CEO's Revenge And Love/C6 Y Letter Necklace
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C6 Y Letter Necklace
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C6 Y Letter Necklace

As the Leng's Courtyard was in the suburbs, and the people living in the vicinity were either rich or noble, their families all had special drivers to take care of them. Thus, Ann Xiaojing waited by the side of the road for a long time without catching a taxi.

It took them a long time to reach the highway. By the time Ann Xiaojing got home, it was already eight in the evening.

Jiang Meng was sitting in the Imperial Consort's chair, eating grapes. Upon hearing the door open, she turned around to look at Ann Xiaojing. Upon seeing her, Ann Xiaojing's expression immediately turned ugly as a trace of ridicule flashed past her eyes.

"It's really getting bigger and bigger. What time is it to come back?" What does a girl look like when she's out all day? You truly do not know shame. You have disgraced our An clan. " Jiang Meng didn't even look at Ann Xiaojing as she sat down by the side and said this.

Ann Xiaojing, who had been tormented all night by Leng Yichen, was already exhausted. Now that she heard Jiang Meng's taunting the moment she returned home, she instantly became furious.

If Jiang Meng didn't use her brother to threaten her, she wouldn't even be with Leng Yichen …

"Aunt Meng, you better pay attention to your words!" Who went out to fool around? What was a fool? When did I lose An clan's face? What have I, Ann Xiaojing, done to bring shame to the An clan? "

Ann Xiaojing's face was flushed red as she glared furiously at Jiang Meng.

Jiang Meng couldn't say a word as she stared at her, pointing her trembling finger at her.

Ann Xiaojing looked at her angry face and sneered. "Humph, Aunt Meng, you have to find the right place for yourself first. Although you are in charge of the most important matters in the family, don't forget, you are the only one in this house with a bad family name!"

"In the end, you aren't my mother or my father's concubine. What right do you have to point fingers at me?"

Hearing Ann Xiaojing's words, Jiang Meng was so angry that she almost vomited blood. Her chest heaved up and down as she looked at Ann Xiaojing's beautiful face. She really wanted to tear Ann Xiaojing to shreds!

If it was in the past, Ann Xiaojing would have kept some face for her, but too many things had happened in the past two days. There was a great deal of anger in her heart, and it just so happened that Jiang Meng had hit the nail on the head.

However, Jiang Meng was no pushover as well. Since she was able to successfully marry into the An clan and take charge of their affairs, it was enough to prove that her methods were not to be underestimated.

In just a split-second, Jiang Meng's ugly expression disappeared. She calmed down and revealed a faint smile as she looked at Ann Xiaojing, as if nothing had happened.

This caused Ann Xiaojing to gasp in amazement. She exclaimed in her heart: This woman's change in attitude is too quick!

"Hehe, Sofia, you will be married soon, and you won't be able to live in this house for long. Take the chance to take a look when you have the time! " Jiang Meng twisted her slim waist and turned around. Halfway through her walk, she seemed to remember something and turned her head to Lili with a smile. "We'll go and test the wedding dress tomorrow." Your brother will only be better off if you tie the knot obediently. "

Ann Xiaojing stood downstairs and watched her back as she left. She took a deep breath and clenched her teeth. This woman knew where her weakness lay, but she still had to poke it. With a few words, she was defeated.

However, the wedding dress … Ann Xiaojing massaged her head with a slight headache.

The wedding dress was something every woman looked forward to, hoping to show their most beautiful side in front of their lover! But she, Ann Xiaojing, did not have such good fortune.

She didn't love Leng Yichen, and Leng Yichen didn't love her either.

Ann Xiaojing laughed at herself. From yesterday's incident, she could tell that Leng Yichen must have married her for a purpose, but she didn't know this purpose.

These two days together, she didn't believe that Leng Yichen would like her! His performance said that if he hated her, Ann Xiaojing would feel that it was more believable!

Whenever he thought of Leng Yichen, he would think of Leng Yichen's violent actions and his cold, bloodthirsty eyes.

Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but shiver. She shook her head vigorously, picked up her bag and went upstairs to her room.

"Ann Xiaojing!" Behind her, her clear voice was mixed with a trace of anger. Ann Xiaojing was extremely depressed in her heart. Why did another one come just after she left?! How dare you let us have peace!

"What is it? What's the matter? " Turning around, Ann Xiaojing looked coldly at her half-sister, Ann Xiya.

"Did you come into my room?"

"You took my necklace! Hurry and take it out! " Ann Xiya stared fixedly at Ann Xiaojing.

"What are you talking about? Are you asleep at night? What necklace, I didn't even see it! "

A trace of uneasiness flashed through Ann Xiaojing's eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. She did take Ann Xiya's necklace, but right now, she couldn't remember where she put it!

Ann Xiya was furious and flustered, "Ann Xiaojing, don't think that I don't know about your watch machine. You're just jealous that Daddy gave me a valuable necklace, so you stole it right? You're giving it back to me? "

"I said I didn't see your necklace, nor did I take it. Don't blame me for losing it, hmph!"

Ann Xiaojing said as she opened the door and walked in, refusing to look at Ann Xiya again.

After closing the door, Ann Xiaojing threw down her bag and immediately started searching for the necklace.

Drawer, jewelry box, bedside table, wardrobe, bed … She searched all over but couldn't find the necklace. Ann Xiaojing sat on the bed and thought carefully about where she had thrown the necklace.

Actually, she wasn't afraid of Ann Xiya at all. If that necklace was just an ordinary necklace, she wouldn't mind losing it even if she took it, but that was the first necklace she designed herself!

She studied jewellery design, and the chain was her first draft.

When the design was finished, she showed it to her father with great interest. Her father thought it was pretty good and said he would customize one for her, saying that this necklace belonged only to her and that there would be no second one!

But then, for some reason, her father gave her the necklace she designed and changed the original J character to Y, and Ann Xiya's elegant character to Y.

Ann Xiaojing's heart ached even as she thought about it. At that time, she even cried for an entire night over this matter.

She sighed at the memory. She didn't ask her father because she didn't want to hear the answer she didn't want to hear.

Furthermore, the reason why she was going to take Ann Xiya's necklace was because she couldn't bear to see Ann Xiya's complacent appearance, so she wanted to teach her a lesson! He had planned to return it in two days, but now, he couldn't find the necklace anymore … Ann Xiaojing felt a headache coming on.

This man was out of luck. Drinking cold water would cause him to clench his teeth! Everything was not going well!

Ann Xiaojing lay on the bed, her black eyes dazzling in the night.

"Where did he throw it?!" In the darkness, she sighed and rolled on the bed.

Suddenly, Ann Xiaojing sat up abruptly. Her pair of shiny black eyes shone with a dazzling light, like a cheetah catching food.

"Cruise!" Ann Xiaojing shouted. It must have been on the day she was thrown on the cruise ship!

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