CEO's Revenge And Love/C8 So His Name Was Leng Chenxi
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CEO's Revenge And Love/C8 So His Name Was Leng Chenxi
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C8 So His Name Was Leng Chenxi

Ann Xiaojing woke up early in the morning and went to test her wedding dress before wandering aimlessly on the streets. She didn't want to go home since her home didn't have the warmth of the home she wanted!

Ann Xiaojing's eyes were lifeless as she floated in the air, completely out of her spirit. It took her a long time to react to the sound of her cell phone ringing.

"Hey, what happened to Yuanyuan?"

"Xiaojing, why do you sound so weak?" Is something wrong with you? " Xia Yuanyuan asked anxiously.

"Oh, I'm just a little hungry. Do you have time to come out and eat with me!? "

"Sure. "Then where are you?"

"I'll text it to you!"

"Then I'll come over right away!"

After hanging up, Ann Xiaojing sent a text message to tell her where to eat. Xia Yuanyuan rushed over after a short while.

The two of them sat in a beautifully decorated French restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant, another person sat at a white piano, playing a lively melody.

Xia Yuanyuan cut the steak gracefully and nibbled on it.

"Did Leng Yichen do anything to you last night?" When he took you away, he looked so fierce, as if he was going to eat you! "

Ann Xiaojing smirked as she lowered her head and said softly, "No, he just saw me drink too much and sent me home."

As she spoke, her voice became softer and softer. Ann Xiaojing thought that she definitely could not let Yuanyuan know about what happened last night. Otherwise, Yuanyuan would definitely be worried for her.

"Oh. If that's the case, then he's going to scare the baby to death with that fierce expression of his! " Xia Yuanyuan said as she clutched her chest, looking as if she was about to be scared to death.

Seeing Xia Yuanyuan's exaggerated expression, Ann Xiaojing giggled. "He does indeed have a thousand-year-old iceberg face. He is pretty cold, but he's still a good person."

Ann Xiaojing felt as if she was about to spit it out when she said this.

Who was very good! Leng Yichen was a complete freak! Pervert! Violent Madness, alright! But thinking about it, Ann Xiaojing still had a smile on her face.

After all, she didn't want Yuanyuan to know what Leng Yichen had done to her.

"Yes." Xia Yuanyuan took a sip of water, her eyes twinkling.

Leng Yichen was the CEO of Imperial Group, a famous gold bachelor in A City.

I heard that he was famous for being cruel and merciless in the mall. However, there wasn't a single woman by his side until now. Of course, there were quite a few women who wanted to push him down.

Xia Yuanyuan looked up at Ann Xiaojing with disdain. Honestly speaking, Ann Xiaojing wasn't particularly pretty. She gave people the feeling of a girl next door, lacking the charm of a mature woman.

Xia Yuanyuan looked at herself again. She had a proud chest, a slender waist, and a face that could charm thousands of men.

She felt that she was no worse than Ann Xiaojing! But why did Leng Yichen choose Ann Xiaojing?

Xia Yuanyuan suddenly felt indignant!

"Xiaojing, are you really going to marry Leng Yichen?"

Ann Xiaojing smiled bitterly. "I don't want to either." But I had no choice. For the sake of my brother, I must marry him! Only by marrying him can your brother get better treatment in the United States. "

Wouldn't she want to marry someone she loved and loved, and live a blissful and bland life? However... Reality did not allow her to have such a life.

Ann Xiaojing was also a bit unwilling, unbalanced, and resentful. However, when she thought about how marrying Leng Yichen would allow her brother to receive good treatment in the United States, she felt that everything was worth it!

The person who had been protecting her since she was young, the person who she loved and worshipped the most since she was young, that was her motivation!

Ann Xianyang used to be so glorious. When he smiled, he could even beat the sun in the sky. It was as if the light of the world was blooming around him!

His brother was an international police officer, he used to be so popular, but now he was above everyone else, he could call the wind and summon the rain. In the entire A city, who wouldn't give face to his brother … His brother was the kind of person who could make A city tremble with a single word, but now he could only lie on his bed and not move.

Ann Xiaojing couldn't help but feel upset when she thought of how valiant he was when he took out the gun and how he was fearless in the face of danger.

He must be feeling terrible too... Brother...

But it didn't matter, she believed that one day, his brother would stand up again, and he would appear in front of everyone, turning back into the glorious Ann Xianyang!

Xia Yuanyuan held Ann Xiaojing's hand and said softly, "Don't worry, everything will be fine! Your brother will definitely get better! "

Ann Xiaojing grinned and nodded vigorously.

Seeing Ann Xiaojing's expression, Xia Yuanyuan couldn't help but mock her in her heart.

What she said was truly pleasant to the ears. For the sake of her big brother, wasn't her An family the host of a dragon and phoenixes? Isn't it just because he wanted to climb up the Leng's branch?!

Xia Yuanyuan lowered her head, a disdainful smile on her face. She was a whore and wanted to erect a memorial archway!

"Sofia! "Yuanyuan!" Ann Xiaojing called a few times, and Xia Yuanyuan lowered her head in thought.

"Huh?" Xia Yuanyuan came back to her senses.

"What are you thinking? I called you a few times already! "

"No, nothing."

"Yuanyuan, I just want to ask you. Do you know if Leng Yichen has a brother or not?"

Xia Yuanyuan thought for a moment and replied, "Yes, there's a brother named Leng Chenxi."

Leng Chenxi...

Ann Xiaojing repeated the name silently in her heart.

So … The man she saw at Leng's that day that was as warm as the sun was called Leng Chenxi.

Dawn. Dawn.

The first rays of the morning sun represented warmth and light. His name was so nice, like his people.

Ripples appeared in Ann Xiaojing's heart. The warmth from his body made her heart race whenever she thought of it.

But unfortunately, he had the same face as Leng Yichen!

Ann Xiaojing shook her head slightly, feeling a little regretful in her heart.

"Then is he twins with Leng Yichen?"

"Huh?" Xia Yuan was stunned. "I've never heard that Leng Yichen has twins!"

"But I clearly have! He looked exactly like Leng Yichen! It's really very similar! " Ann Xiaojing's eyes widened as she spoke.

"You've seen it? "Where is it?"

"In Leng Yichen's home …" Ann Xiaojing paused for a moment, sneakily glanced at Xia Yuanyuan then continued, "Hmm … I just happened to see him at a party with my dad at Leng Yichen's house. "

Xia Yuanyuan nodded and forced a smile.

Ann Xiaojing, just how lucky are you? The Leng's Courtyard was not a place that ordinary people could enter! You can actually enter Leng Yichen's house so easily! And now marry him!

Why can't I, Xia Yuanyuan, handle such a good thing?!

A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Xia Yuanyuan's eyes. She clenched her hands into fists and clenched them tightly.

However... What happened to the man who looked exactly like Leng Yichen? She had never heard of Leng Yichen having twin brothers!

This was an interesting thing!

Xia Yuanyuan rolled her eyes.

She wanted to see what was going on with this' twin '!

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