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CEO's Revenge And Love/C9 Married No Wedding
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C9 Married No Wedding

Since the last time she and Xia Yuanyuan had finished eating outside, Ann Xiaojing had not left her room for several days. Other than going downstairs to eat, she had kept herself locked up in her room all day long.

She would completely forget about finding the necklace!

Ann Xiaojing had been living quite comfortably these past few days. No one came to disturb her since she couldn't see Leng Yichen, but there was one thing that puzzled her.

They were already getting married tomorrow, and there was no mention of the wedding either. Leng's did not have any expression, and neither did the family mention it.

Ann Xiaojing was slightly doubtful. Could it be that she could not marry anymore? However... It didn't look like it either!

If she could not marry, Aunt Meng would not jump three feet high to ridicule her.

Ann Xiaojing lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling for a while. Sigh, forget it. It was better not to think about it. Who knew what Leng Yichen was up to this time? He decided to sleep in peace. He would talk about the matter tomorrow!

When Ann Xiaojing fell into a deep sleep, she didn't know that a nightmare was about to strike her …

The weather gradually turned into winter, and the sky turned dark much earlier than usual.

As night fell, the dark night gave off a mysterious and quiet feeling.

For some, the night was just beginning.

Nangong Han chartered a famous A city bar, "Nutty", its name, to celebrate the last single night for Leng Yichen.

Originally, Leng Yichen didn't want to go, but in the end, he couldn't stop Nangong Han from saying that. He nodded and agreed to go together with him.

It made no difference to him whether he married or not. In his heart, Ann Xiaojing was merely a tool for his revenge, and he would not care about her feelings.

Leng Yichen sat on the sofa and looked at Nangong Han coldly.

Chengfeng came over with a glass of wine and sat beside him.

"Young Master, tomorrow is your wedding, do we really not need to hold a wedding ceremony?"

Leng Yichen raised the corner of his mouth and revealed a cold and bloodthirsty smile that could charm all living things. He coldly spat out two words: "She is not worthy."

"Then what about the An clan?"

"An explanation?" Leng Yichen sneered, "It is their fortune that she was able to enter my Leng's s door. As for how I do it, that's my business! I don't need to explain it to anyone! "

"But I think, even if I don't want to marry, as long as I want, the An family will obediently send Ann Xiaojing to my bed!"

His black golden eyes bloomed with a dazzling brilliance. His handsome eyebrows gently raised as a wave of indolent evil aura quietly leaked out.

Chengfeng did not ask anymore and nodded.

Chengfeng had also seen Ann Xiaojing before, and he was attracted to her the moment he saw her. The limpid eyes that lacked any impurities made him unable to forget for a long time. He did not understand why the young master would drag the events of the previous generation onto this girl.

Chengfeng felt that it wasn't worth it for Ann Xiaojing, but he wouldn't go back on Leng Yichen's words for Ann Xiaojing.

The only thing he could do was silently pray for this girl.

… ….

The next day, at around 11 AM, Ann Xiaojing was woken up by a knock on the door.

Ye Zichen rubbed his sleepy eyes and walked out of the room with his messy hair.

When he focused his eyes, he was almost scared to death!

Since when did the family have so much Man in Black!?

Ann Xiaojing immediately came to her senses. She looked at Jiang Meng and asked, "Aunt Meng, what is going on …?"

Without waiting for Jiang Meng to speak, the leader Man in Black glanced at Ann Xiaojingyi's disheveled appearance and slightly frowned. He took a step forward and said, "Miss Ann, please change your clothes and come with us!"

"Where to?" Ann Xiaojing widened her eyes with a puzzled expression.

"The An clan. I hope you haven't forgotten that today is the day of your marriage with the young master. "

Ann Xiaojing was taken aback, but quickly recovered. "That's it?" What about the wedding car? "

Man in Black's face was expressionless as he said coldly: "Young Master said there is no wedding, no wedding car."

Ann Xiaojing's expression changed as a wave of rage surged within her. Wasn't this humiliating her?

"Leng Yichen is going too far. Why would he marry without a wedding? I won't marry! "Go back and tell him that I won't marry anymore!"

Hearing her words, Man in Black looked troubled, "But this..."

Ann Xiya and her mother, who were watching from the side, were also stunned. They thought to themselves, This Ann Xiaojing really doesn't know what's good for her!

Ann Xiaojing was so angry that she turned around and prepared to return to her room. Seeing that she was about to leave, Man in Black panicked and waved his hand towards the back and said coldly: "Then, I'm sorry, Miss Ann."

With that, a few Man in Black walked over, grabbed Ann Xiaojing and brought her out.

Ann Xiaojing struggled as she cursed, "Let me go! This is kidnapping! Do you understand how we kidnapped you? "

"Let go of me, bastards! Damn Leng Yichen, you are all demons!"

"Let me go, do you hear?"

However, no matter how Ann Xiaojing shouted, Man in Black didn't move at all. It wasn't until she was stuffed into the car that he nodded towards Ann Xiya and her daughter before turning around and leaving.

However, when Ann Xiya saw Ann Xiaojing being led away, there wasn't a single trace of happiness in her heart.

Even if there was no wedding or wedding car, she had still married into Leng's!

It was unknown what kind of luck Ann Xiaojing had gotten!

Ann Xiya's eyes were filled with jealousy. He wouldn't marry anyone that wanted to marry Leng Yichen, but he just had to marry someone that wasn't willing to marry him!

Ann Xiaojing sat in the car and smiled bitterly. She thought that even if Leng Yichen didn't love her, he would still hold a grand wedding for face. But now, not only was there no grand wedding, there wasn't even a wedding.

Heh … How ridiculous!

Ann Xiaojing gritted her teeth and sat quietly in the car. She didn't make any noise, neither did she laugh nor cry …

Before yesterday, she was like a fool testing her wedding dress. Even though he didn't like her, she still hoped to be able to be like him and be at peace.

Only at this moment did she realize that Leng Yichen was only embarrassing her.

After the car reached the Leng Family, Ann Xiaojing entered the courtyard under Man in Black's lead.

As soon as they entered, a maid came up and held her back. She lowered her head and said, "Miss Ann, please come with me."

Ann Xiaojing followed her into a room on the second floor. Before she could react, the maid pushed her in and locked the door.

Ann Xiaojing was shocked. Her eyes widened as she turned around and knocked on the door. "What are you doing?" Why did you lock me up?! "

The maid outside the door said coldly, "Young Master has instructed me to let Miss Ann rest in her room!"


Is Leng Yichen imprisoning her?!

"Where's Leng Yichen?" I want to see Leng Yichen! " Ann Xiaojing immediately knocked on the door and shouted angrily, "Let me out! Let me out! You are restricting the freedom of life! It's against the law! "

The person outside the door had already left. Ann Xiaojing could only hear the sound of someone hitting the door.

"That damnable Leng Yichen! Why are you doing this to me! Let me out! "

Ann Xiaojing was so angry that her face turned red as she sat down on the bed.

This bastard Leng Yichen! She actually restricted her right to personal freedom!

Why would he do that? How infuriating!

This bastard! She would never give in!

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