Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C1 Chang's Father Who Had Taken Advantage of the Girl
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C1 Chang's Father Who Had Taken Advantage of the Girl
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C1 Chang's Father Who Had Taken Advantage of the Girl


A scream resounded through the sky above A Nation's N City. It startled the birds that had landed on the surrounding trees.

In the villa of the milky white European style building. Mu Xiaoxiao hugged her body tightly as she lay curled up on the carpeted floor. His forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat, making him in extreme pain.

Those who didn't know about this would think that she had been abused or had an illness. The reason for such a situation was entirely because of her darned father.

Ten minutes ago …

"My daughter! "Come, come, come and see what dad has brought you!" Mu Mingzhong giggled as he pulled Mu Xiaoxiao to sit on the sofa. He pointed at the bottles of red and green liquids on the tea table as his eyes brimmed with pride.

Looking at the bottles, Mu Xiaoxiao cringed. "Dad, this..." "Could it be that you've invented it again …" Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes were filled with terror as she spoke.

"Hehehe …" That's right! Your father spent half a year to develop this cosmetology for you. How about it? Do you think dad is amazing? Come, drink! " Mu Mingzhong said as he took something from the table and handed it to his daughter.

"Hehehe..." It's better not to! " Mu Xiaoxiao dodged.

He still remembered that two years ago, when she was eighteen, Mu Mingzhong had given his Muyun Group to his wife to manage, and he had retired to specially study strange things for his beloved daughter. Because she was an old woman, she always wanted to give her daughter the world's unique things.

A year ago, he had made Mu Xiaoxiao a bottle of milk that could grow a person for the first time. After drinking it, Mu Xiaoxiao's stomach had grown for half a month and she hadn't grown taller.

Half a year ago, he gave her a set of cosmetics and only used it once. He made her grow pimples for two months, making her afraid to go out and only have to hide at home to play king's glory.

This time, he would absolutely not drink it!

Mu Xiaoxiao said in a euphemistic manner, "Dad, I appreciate your kindness. You'll have to go through all this trouble from now on!"

"You really don't want to drink it?" Mu's father asked.


"Sigh!" If you don't drink it, never mind. "Mu's father sighed as he put away the bottles and jars on the table," Originally I wanted you to drink this, so I bought you a limited amount of Platinum Bujadiveron that was pre-sold! Forget it! "

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes lit up the moment she heard Bugatti Wyvern.

What? You drink that poison and you have a car? Fine! For the sportscar that he had yearned for in his dreams, it would be worth it even if he had to eat for ten days to half a month!

As he thought about it, he called out to his father who was about to leave, "Hahaha... Dad, you just said that if I drink this, you'll agree to buy me a car? " Mu Xiaoxiao pointed at the item in Mu's father's hand and asked.

"Humph!" Didn't you refuse to drink it!? "Forget it, I don't want to force you either!" He pretended to be angry.

"Isn't there bound to be brave men who come under great rewards!?" "Hehe!"

"Alright then!" Mu's father thought for a while, then handed the thing in his hand to Mu Xiaoxiao. "This is what you want to drink. If you have a stomach attack, it's none of my business!"

"Alright!" Mu Xiaoxiao took the exclusive 'poison' from Mu's father, closed her eyes and drank it all in one go.

A few minutes later, he felt his whole body heating up, as if thousands of ants were gnawing on his bones. It was extremely painful.

Seeing his daughter curled up on the ground, Mu's father was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

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