Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C10 The Riddles Are Exciting
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C10 The Riddles Are Exciting
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C10 The Riddles Are Exciting

Gu Shijing stood on the spot and glanced at the bloodstains on the ground that had yet to dry up. His long and narrow eyes lowered a little. No one knew what he was thinking.

After a moment, he also strode out of the factory and drove straight for the hospital.

When Mu Xiaoxiao was sent to the hospital, she fainted from blood loss. As soon as she arrived, she was sent to the emergency room. This was the second time she entered the emergency room in a month since she was reborn into this child.

"How did you become a parent? The child's injuries have yet to heal and her wounds have already ruptured. If you keep going on like this twice, even if Hua Tuo was still alive, he wouldn't be able to save him!"

After Mu Xiaoxiao was sent in, the attending physician hurriedly rushed over after receiving the notice. He spent a lot of effort before helping Mu Xiaoxiao to stitch up the wound. The first thing he did when he came out was scolding the assistant that sent Mu Xiaoxiao over.

"It was our negligence. Doctor, how is the child?" Hearing this, the assistant apologized to the doctor guiltily.

"Sigh!" Fortunately, the steel plate used to catch the ribs has not been shifted, otherwise it would be dangerous! " Seeing the guilty expression on the assistant's face, the doctor finally softened his tone.

"We can now transfer the patient to an ordinary ward. We'll probably wake up in a few hours!" The doctor instructed the assistant and told her everything she needed to know. Then he turned around and left, shaking his head as he talked to himself, "Sigh! Right now, these young parents really have no sense of responsibility! "

Gu Shijing, who had just arrived at the hospital, walked towards the doctor. He stopped when he heard the doctor's words.

"Boss, the child has been transferred to an ordinary ward!" Seeing Gu Shijing, the assistant ran over and reported Mu Xiaoxiao's situation to him.

"Hm!" "Let's go over and take a look!"

Hearing him, Gu Shijing nodded and said plainly with his hands in his pockets. He then took the lead and walked towards the general ward.

On the bed, Mu Xiaoxiao lay motionless with a pale face. Her breathing was steady, and from time to time, the curtain would be moved by the breeze blowing in from the window.

Gu Shijing stood in front of the bed and sized up Mu Xiaoxiao. After that, he walked to the window and looked at the bright moon in the night sky.

"Boss, do you really want to keep this child by your side?"

Looking at Gu Shijing's back, the assistant was conflicted for a moment, but still asked about the doubts in her heart. After all, Mu Xiaoxiao was a principled person like Loong Yuheng. She would rather break the rules and chase them down. Moreover, her background was a mystery to everyone. It was not good to leave such a dangerous person by her side.

Hearing that, Gu Shijing looked at Mu Xiaoxiao lying quietly on the bed in the window. After thinking for a moment, he spoke calmly.

"Since I was the one who picked her up, I will take responsibility until the end!"

Although Gu Shijing was the same kind of person as Loong Yuheng, decisive in killing, clearly distinguishing between kindness and hatred, he was still very responsible.

If he hadn't met Mu Xiaoxiao a month ago, then what would have happened to Mu Xiaoxiao in the end. All of this had nothing to do with him, Gu Shijing, but coincidentally, he met her and brought her back.

Furthermore, Gu Shijing was also very curious about who was willing to spend such a large amount of money to kill off a powerless child. There was also Loong Yuheng, who always placed principles above his own life, who was willing to break principles …

The many layers of mysteries that enveloped Mu Xiaoxiao's body were really something that people couldn't wait to unravel one by one …

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