Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C11 Double Faced Peerless Prince Long Yuheng
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C11 Double Faced Peerless Prince Long Yuheng
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C11 Double Faced Peerless Prince Long Yuheng

"Boss, are we just going to let Young Master Gu take him away like that?"

In Loong Yuheng's low-key, luxurious villa, some of the more important people in the "Gu Loong" asked angrily.

Loong Yuheng was calmly sitting on the leather sofa with his legs crossed and a smoke ring blowing out from his mouth, as if he didn't hear the dissatisfaction of his men.

"Boss, say something!"

At this moment, the one who was speaking was the leader of the 'Gu Loong'. His name was Dahei, and he was also Loong Yuheng's more capable assistant. He usually had some achievements, so he was also rather arrogant.

Seeing that he directly crossed borders and asked Loong Yuheng without any rules, the companion beside him immediately pulled him and shook his head, signaling him to stop.

Anyone who knew Loong Yuheng well knew that he was in more danger the more silent he was. However, Dahei did not have any of his companions' advice, so he shook off his companion who was pulling him.

"Let go! I, your father, have spent so much time and effort to get that lamb, yet I gave it to that businessman Gu Shijing. I can't take this lying down! "If you don't give laozi an explanation today, laozi will not let you off!" As he spoke, he took off the shirt he'd been wearing and dropped it on the carpeted floor.

"Oh? Is that so? "

At this moment, Loong Yuheng narrowed his long and narrow eyes and rubbed the tip of his cigarette into the crystal ashtray. Then, he asked leisurely, making it hard for people to guess whether he was angry or not!

"Dahei, Yours Truly remembers that when you followed Yours Truly, you were just a kid …"

Loong Yuheng leaned on the sofa and looked coldly at the tough guy!

"Yes, I just turned seventeen!"

Hearing that, Blackie replied quickly.

With that, Loong Yuheng stood up from the sofa and walked to the most eye-catching shelf in the living room. He picked up an exquisite black diamond ornament carved on top of it and wiped it gently with his long, sharp fingers.

"Do you know how much this ornament is worth?" Loong Yuheng asked.

"I don't know!" Blackie answered honestly.

"This is made from the world's rarest black diamond, a priceless treasure! "The reason why I wanted to create such an item was because it was valuable to me. But now, to me, it's like glass!"

With that, Loong Yuheng raised his hand and threw the expensive black diamond heavily onto the ground.

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

A loud sound was heard. The ornament that was perfect a moment ago was instantly torn into two halves.

The sudden incident gave everyone who was in the room a big shock, including Blackie, who had just hooted.

"Similarly, if you still have value to Yours Truly, Yours Truly will make you a priceless treasure. If you lose your value, Yours Truly can kick you out of here in minutes!"

Loong Yuheng approached Blackie and said in a cold tone. In their line of work, they can be very loyal and heartless to you.

Compared to Loong Yuheng just now, the current him was his true appearance. The aura he gave off was like that of a demon from hell.

"Alright!" We'll temporarily stop here. I'll let you guys rest for a while on that child's business. If there's nothing else, you can go back and rest first! "

With that, Loong Yuheng quickly walked up to the sofa and sat down. There was a faint smile on his handsome face, as if he was a demon!

Compared to his new appearance, it was two completely different extremes. Only those who were familiar with him would know that he was the one who was truly terrifying, with a faint smile on his face.

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