Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C12 Apologize to Prince Charming
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C12 Apologize to Prince Charming
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C12 Apologize to Prince Charming

Since Loong Yuheng had already said so, even if Dahei was still dissatisfied, he didn't dare to say anything when his boss was angry. He could only leave the villa with his other brothers.

When the sky was about to brighten, Mu Xiaoxiao gradually regained consciousness. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around her surroundings. Only then did she realize that she was in the hospital and her body was still faintly aching …

She remembered when she was unconscious, she seemed to have seen Gu Shijing. Could he have saved her?

Mu Xiaoxiao lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking!

"He woke up!"

At this moment, Gu Shijing opened the door and walked in. He saw Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes were wide open, and it was unknown what she was thinking about.

When she saw Gu Shijing, Mu Xiaoxiao angrily covered her little head with a blanket and ignored him.

Seeing that, Gu Shijing walked towards Mu Xiaoxiao's bed at a leisurely pace. He sat down on the chair beside the bed and took a deep breath.

"Does the wound hurt?"

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Gu Shijing asked in a soft voice.

Mu Xiaoxiao still ignored him.

Even though Gu Shijing still asked Mu Xiaoxiao about it from time to time, the angry Mu Xiaoxiao pretended not to hear him.

Helpless, Gu Shijing could only apologize to Mu Xiaoxiao, "Alright, it's my fault. I shouldn't have been so fierce towards you!"

The proud Gu Shijing, who had always been aloof, said the three words "I'm sorry" for the first time to someone, and that person was a shitty little kid.

However, Gu Shijing didn't feel that anything was wrong.

Hearing Gu Shijing's apology, Mu Xiaoxiao slowly lifted the quilt to reveal her cute face.

"Alright! I forgive you! "

Mu Xiaoxiao herself was the daughter of a Wealthy Class family. She knew that anyone with status and position would be proud. Under normal circumstances, they would not bow their heads and apologize to someone else. She never expected Gu Shijing to apologize to her!

If she was to be angry, it would be her fault. Thinking about it, Mu Xiaoxiao also pouted her lips proudly and said while looking at Gu Shijing with her big, dark eyes.

"Hehe …" "Child, you're not that big of a person, but your temper is not small at all!"

Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao finally spoke, Gu Shijing started to complain.

"What do you mean I have a temper!" It's obviously your fault. I just went out to play for a bit and you scolded them like that. This is really embarrassing for me! "

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao immediately disagreed with what Gu Shijing said.

"You're just a kid, how can you have any face?"

Hearing Mu Xiaoxiao's words, Gu Shijing suddenly became interested. This was the first time he heard a child talk about face.

"Of course there is. I asked them to take me out and promised that I wouldn't let them be punished. I didn't expect you to kick me out!"

Speaking of this matter, Mu Xiaoxiao felt wronged. She had gone out to play, but when she returned, the landlord chased her out in front of so many people.

"Alright!" "Sleep well, it's almost daybreak. I have to go home and change my clothes, and there's a meeting in the morning. If you need anything, just call the nurse!"

Gu Shijing didn't have that much time to talk about the past with Mu Xiaoxiao. Originally, he came to see if she was awake, but he didn't expect them to chat so much.

With that, Gu Shijing stood up from his chair and explained to Mu Xiaoxiao.

"Nursing?" Did you invite it for me? "

Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao asked doubtfully. According to her understanding, was there no nurse in this hospital, or was it … Their side of the hospital is different from theirs?

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