Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C13 The Mysterious Visitor
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C13 The Mysterious Visitor
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C13 The Mysterious Visitor

"It was arranged by my assistant. If there's anything important, you can call me!" Saying that, Gu Shijing took out a pen from his pocket and grabbed Mu Xiaoxiao's tender and chubby hand. He wrote a string of numbers on her palm: "This is my private number!"

With these words, he let go of Mu Xiaoxiao's hand and prepared to leave.

"But you didn't buy me a phone!"

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the eleven handsome numbers on her palm and spoke with a helpless expression, as if she was acting coquettishly.

Hearing that, Gu Shijing paused for a moment: "I'll get someone to send you a child's cellphone later!"

With that, he strode out of Mu Xiaoxiao's room.

"Hey, Gu Shijing, I don't want a child phone!" I am not a child! "

After Gu Shijing left, Mu Xiaoxiao shouted at his back. However, because the wound was just closed, she didn't dare to use too much strength.

Gu Shijing heard the sound coming from behind him and shook his head helplessly. Just how many wicked things did he do in his previous life? That's why he met this extremely dangerous and mysterious kid, Mu Xiaoxiao!

Shortly before noon, Mu Xiaoxiao was sitting alone on the bed, bored. She was holding the hand phone that her assistant had given her that morning.

"What the hell is this phone? Nothing can be found on it!"

He didn't notice that a mysterious guest had come to visit!

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk …" It seems like Young Master Gu treats a little kid like you pretty well. Isn't this the limited edition children's smartphone that you've pre-sold? I never thought that he would actually be willing to give you such a good thing! "

An extremely magnetic voice rang in Mu Xiaoxiao's ears.

Hearing this. Mu Xiaoxiao quickly turned her head around and saw a very handsome man. But recently, she had been with Gu Shijing, so Gu Shijing's looks were top-notch. Even a drop out of the country could not describe him.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? "

Mu Xiaoxiao kept her phone and looked at the man warily, as if he was a jackal or a tiger.

"Hehe, Yours Truly likes your child's personality!" With that, Loong Yuheng sat down and crossed his legs.

"You can call me Uncle Long!" Loong Yuheng continued.

Mu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him. "No!" I don't know you! "

Mu Xiaoxiao rejected Loong Yuheng directly!

Seeing this, Loong Yuheng was also surprised: no wonder those people spent so much energy to kill her, this child was not bad at all. To have such a calm personality at such a young age, he didn't look like he should be at this age at all. It was no wonder that Gu Shijing would rather risk his life to keep her by his side.

"Your uncle and I know each other, so you don't have to be so cautious!"

Loong Yuheng looked at Mu Xiaoxiao's cute face in admiration and pinched it.

Hehe, so a child's face is actually so soft?

Loong Yuheng, who was exposed to the child's face full of collagen for the first time, instantly liked the feeling of contact.

It was also because of this matter that he had helped Mu Xiaoxiao time and time again in the days to come.

"Gu Shijing is not my uncle!"

Mu Xiaoxiao replied in annoyance. She was only a few years away from Gu Shijing, why did she call him uncle?

Mu Xiaoxiao thought in her heart.

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