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C15 En It Hurts

The sunlight shone through the window onto Mu Xiaoxiao's petite body!

"En, it hurts!"

Ever since Mu Xiaoxiao fell asleep, Loong Yuheng's eyes had never left her body. Suddenly, he heard Mu Xiaoxiao's murmuring in his dream and immediately stood up, thinking that it was Mu Xiaoxiao's wound. He gently lifted up her medical suit and saw the centipede-like wound on her delicate body.

With such a severe injury, even an adult would have cried out in pain. However, since the moment he entered the ward, he had not seen Mu Xiaoxiao utter a single word. Instead, she had an indifferent expression. "What was it that made this child, who should have been studying in school and acting like a spoiled child by his parents' side, have such patience at such a young age?

Loong Yuheng gently put down the corner of his shirt. He started to feel sorry for Mu Xiaoxiao. From this moment on, Loong Yuheng decided to protect her.

"Dad... "So painful..."

Seeing Mu Xiaoxiao screaming for pain, Loong Yuheng immediately pressed the red button on the bed.

Not long after, several medical personnel hurried over. They immediately checked Mu Xiaoxiao's wounds. After all, it was Gu Shijing, the majority of the shareholders, that brought her here, so no one dared to slack off.

"There are no signs of infection, everything is normal!" The doctors talked to each other, then they gently pressed down on the wound to check if it was inflamed.

"Pain …" Mu Xiaoxiao, who had been injured by Nie Tian, immediately cried out and gradually woke up.

"Didn't you hear her screaming for pain!?" Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao's small hands were rubbing her eyes as if she was about to wake up, and then looking at the doctors, which actually hurt Mu Xiaoxiao, Loong Yuheng stood aside with a gloomy face and crossed his arms in front of his chest, saying unhappily. He had completely forgotten that the reason why Mu Xiaoxiao was like this was all because of him.

Cold air emanated from his body, causing several doctors to shudder.

Why was the aura of this man even scarier than that of Young Master Gu? As if they would be killed if they were careless, the doctors wiped away the cold sweat on their foreheads.

"This... Such a heavy wound is hard for even an adult to bear, let alone a child. When the wound slowly heals, it will be completely healed! "

At this moment, an older doctor stood up and started talking to Loong Yuheng.

"Then give her a painkiller! If you can't do something like this, what's the point in keeping you guys alive? " Loong Yuheng said loudly. He was already 1.9 meters tall, and with the cold air around him, it felt like a thousand pound rock was pressing down on him. It even made it hard for him to breathe.

The old doctor swallowed his saliva. "If you shoot too many pain-relieving needles, it'll just... you have to rely on them. For a child this young, it's not good! "

"You're making me sleep!" At this moment, Mu Xiaoxiao's small body stood up, pouting as she spoke in a displeased manner. Because he had just woken up, his short yellow hair was messy, but it made him look even more cute.

Hearing her childish voice, Loong Yuheng immediately retracted his aura and put on a smile to welcome her.

"Child, you woke up so quickly. Did they disturb you?" Saying that, he looked at the doctors in the room. "You guys don't have ears? It had even disturbed her! Get out of here! "

Hearing this, the doctors helplessly cursed in their hearts, "Damn it, who randomly pressed the button!?"

Then, as if he had been released from prison, he hurriedly escaped from the sickroom.

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