Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C18 Little Glutton Loli
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C18 Little Glutton Loli
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C18 Little Glutton Loli

Little bastard! Are you afraid that I can't cure a brat like you?

Seeing Mu Xiaoxiao's expression, Gu Shijing felt that it was funny. At the same time, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart: "Ai!" He had never imagined that he would get married and give birth to a child. He had never imagined that he would actually pick up such a child one day!

"What do you want to eat tonight? I'll get Zhang Ming to bring it to you!"

Gu Shijing said as he thought about it. He then pinched Mu Xiaoxiao's soft and baby fat face lovingly.

Mu Xiaoxiao had always been a glutton. Even though she had become a child, her hobby of eating hadn't changed.

"Anything?" Mu Xiaoxiao looked at Gu Shijing with her big eyes and asked in surprise.

"Of course not, the doctor said that you can only have light food right now!" Gu Shijing's words instantly extinguished Mu Xiaoxiao's anticipation.

Thus, he pulled his little head together with a disappointed look on his face.

"Alright! "Then I'll have the crystal wrapped!"

Even their words were weak. Compared to the way they looked when Gu Shijing asked them what they wanted to eat, they were completely different.

"Alright!" Don't act like I'm torturing you! When you are fully recovered, I will buy you anything you want to eat! "Hmm?"

Gu Shijing smiled when he saw Mu Xiaoxiao's expression. He rubbed her head and comforted her.

Mu Xiaoxiao, who was in sorrow from the passing of the delicacies, suddenly came to life when she heard Gu Shijing's guarantee!

"Really? Are you sure you didn't lie to me? " Mu Xiaoxiao looked at Gu Shijing with a dubious expression.

Looking at Mu Xiaoxiao's pair of big, watery eyes, Gu Shijing sighed helplessly, "Hmm, really!"

"Yay!" "Yay!" Then I want to eat Coca-Cola chicken wings, crabs, braised pork feet, sweet and sour carp. "

After getting Gu Shijing's guarantee, Mu Xiaoxiao was really like a five-year-old child, smiling as she pointed at the food she wanted to eat!

Hearing that, Gu Shijing was really puzzled. Why were they all meat? Girls shouldn't really like to eat meat!

"Also, I still need to go to the mall to play with that doll grinder. A few days ago, I listened to a few girls' discussion and said that the doll grinder was very fun to play with!" I've never played it before! "

Mu Xiaoxiao was happily counting the food she needed to eat and the things she needed to play with after leaving the hospital!

"Do you remember where your house is? If you remember, when you are better, I will send someone to take you home. Your parents will definitely be very worried after you have been missing for so long! "

In Mu Xiaoxiao's rambling, Gu Shijing quickly grasped a few important clues: Never played before!

This showed that Mu Xiaoxiao still remembered her previous life. Thus, he asked along the way.

"My home is here …"

Mu Xiaoxiaobin was about to blurt out the address of their home. But in the next moment, he remembered that his soul had been trapped inside the body of a little loli, and this little loli seemed to be the target of someone else's pursuit. If she were to reveal her identity now, it would attract the media's attention. After all, the matter of her soul transfer was too strange. Furthermore, her body was currently being targeted by others, and if someone were to find out, even her parents would be in danger!

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