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C19 Cannot Say

Mu Xiaoxiao swallowed her words as she thought about it.

"I... I don't remember! "

No matter what, he could not put his parents in danger without knowing what was going on.

When Gu Shijing saw that Mu Xiaoxiao was about to reveal his background, he swallowed his words back in just a few seconds!

Such a young child had such calmness and calmness that surpassed her peers. What was the reason behind this? She would rather be chased by so many people outside than reveal her background?

And she! What kind of family's child was this?

These questions confused Gu Shijing.

"Are you sure you don't remember? Don't you miss your parents? " Gu Shijing knew that Mu Xiaoxiao definitely remembered, but she just didn't want to say it. Thus, he started to make sure of the child's dependence on her parents, and tried to further induce her …

Nonsense! Who wouldn't want their parents to treat me like a child? I'm not going to eat that!

This young miss is a dignified twenty year old adult, the sole successor of the Muyun Group.

Gu Shijing's words caused Mu Xiaoxiao to sneakily glance at him with disdain. Then, she said with a blank face, "I really don't remember! If I remember, I would have gone back long ago. Why are you still staying here? "

Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao was unwilling to say more, Gu Shijing did not ask any further questions. It was just that Mu Xiaoxiao's unimaginable performance had piqued his interest.

"Un, it's fine if you don't remember. I will be your guardian for the time being!" "Be obedient, huh?" Gu Shijing said to Mu Xiaoxiao seriously.

"Got it!" Mu Xiaoxiao agreed without hesitation. After all, other than Gu Shijing, there was no one else who was more suitable to be his opponent.

At this moment, the assistant, Zhang Ming, knocked on the door and came in with an exquisite wooden box.

"Boss, you just ordered the imperial kitchens to prepare dinner!" As he spoke, he placed the box on the table.

The royal kitchen was a Chinese style restaurant under Gu Shijing's name. The dishes inside were all of the highest quality.

"Eh? When did you order it? Why didn't I see it? " Zhang Ming's words made Mu Xiaoxiao puzzled. She had been with Gu Shijing the whole time, but she didn't see Gu Shijing make any phone calls at all.

"Why do children care so much? Just eat!"

Gu Shijing said lightly and opened the box on the table. He took out the dishes one by one. Other than the crystal bag ordered by Mu Xiaoxiao herself, there were also a few other nutritious dishes.

For Gu Shijing, who had never had children, it was already considered a pass for him to be this careful!

"Why are there only two crystal bags?" Mu Xiaoxiao said with a displeased expression as she looked at the two small buns on the delicate blue and white porcelain plate.

"You are still growing, you are not allowed to be picky about food!" Gu Shijing put on an attitude of an adult and placed the other dishes in front of Mu Xiaoxiao.

"I know!" I know! "You're so long-winded!" Mu Xiaoxiao knew that she couldn't defy Gu Shijing now. Plus with the current situation of delicious food, everything was fine!

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