Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C20 You Can't be Interested in Gu Shijing Right
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C20 You Can't be Interested in Gu Shijing Right
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C20 You Can't be Interested in Gu Shijing Right

"You don't eat?"

Mu Xiaoxiao's mouth was stuffed with food. Seeing that Gu Shijing didn't even touch his chopsticks, she asked in confusion.

"This is yours, I'll go out to eat later!" Hearing that, Gu Shijing said leisurely.

Gu Shijing had a lot of things to do today. However, when he heard that his assistant, Zhang Ming, was also in the hospital, he was worried and rushed over to take a look. After all, Mu Xiaoxiao was lying in the hospital because of Young Master Loong.

Now that he had arranged a meal for Mu Xiaoxiao, he should be dining with the executives of the other companies!

"What!?" You want to carry me to eat delicious food? "Then I won't eat it either!" After saying that, Mu Xiaoxiao put down the crystal bag that she had just grabbed with her hands and said.

From her understanding, Gu Shijing fed himself first, then he went out to eat meat!

Gu Shijing was also speechless when he saw Mu Xiaoxiao's funny actions.

What kind of person did this child think of him?

"I do have a meal!" Gu Shijing said helplessly.

Facing such a child, it was a difficult task! This was Gu Shijing's current thought.

"Oh, oh …" "Then go!" Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao picked up the item that she had just put down and stuffed it into her mouth.

After settling Mu Xiaoxiao down, Gu Shijing went to the dining table with a relieved heart.

The next day, Mu Xiaoxiao still ate breakfast with Gu Shijing as usual. After that, she started to play with that awesome child phone on the bed.

When she first received Gu Shijing's child phone as a gift, Mu Xiaoxiao was on the verge of breaking down. She didn't expect that after she understood everything, it was even better than the fruit phones used by young people. In King's Glory, you didn't have to worry about it getting stuck or losing your chance.

"Yo!" You little brat, you actually know how to play this kind of game! "

Just as Mu Xiaoxiao was engrossed in fighting with her teammates in the game, a magnetic voice suddenly came from above her head.

Raising his head to look, he realized that it was the one who had been stubbornly lingering the previous day, and was still persisting on, "Yours Truly!" "Yours Truly!" He addressed himself as Loong Yuheng.

"Why are you here again?"

Mu Xiaoxiao asked, not giving him any face.

Loong Yuheng didn't mind Mu Xiaoxiao's indifferent tone at all. He even gently pinched her baby fat cheeks: "Didn't I say yesterday, I will come again today!"

"You … It can't be that you have fallen for Gu Shijing, right? " He didn't know what Mu Xiaoxiao was thinking, but she had blurted out these words all of a sudden, and they nearly struck the big brother Loong Yuheng to death!

"Why does this little kid have so many weird thoughts in his head?"

Loong Yuheng lightly pressed on Mu Xiaoxiao's small head and said.

"Aiya! It's all your fault, I failed! Look, did you get scolded! " Mu Xiaoxiao's team, because of her, was killed. If they were defeated, she would be called a pig-like teammate by her teammates!

However, she was furious. She picked up her phone, pointed at the scoldings on the screen and angrily said to Loong Yuheng.

Seeing this, Loong Yuheng took Mu Xiaoxiao's child phone and said, "Just you wait, I'll kill all these kids who are scolding you!"

He couldn't even deal with this little bit of difficulty, yet he still dared to call Mu Xiaoxiao a pig! He was tired of living!

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