Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C5 Blank Background
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C5 Blank Background
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C5 Blank Background

"Boss, nothing was found. It was as if that child appeared out of thin air. Even those with the surname Mu from normal families were found out. There were no missing children." However... " The assistant hesitated.

"But what!" Gu Shijing squinted his eyes and asked.

"But there is one thing, on the night this child appeared, the head of the Royal Muyun Group, Qian Jin, suddenly fell ill and has yet to wake up. Because she is the king's niece, it seems that they are currently recruiting doctors from the world. Should we take this opportunity to rope them in? " With that, the assistant handed over the photo of Mu Xiaoxiao from a few years ago to Gu Shijing.

Gu Shijing took the photo: "Heh! Those eyes really do look like it! "

"What?" Hearing this, the assistant didn't understand at all.

"Do you think that the eyes in this photo are very similar to the child's?" Gu Shijing pointed at the photo and asked the assistant.

The assistant approached and said, "They look alike!" However, what did this have to do with the topic they were currently discussing? the assistant thought.

"Alright!" "Today, you should go back and rest. The task of finding people will continue!" Gu Shijing stood up and ordered as he put his hands in his pockets.

After the assistant left, Gu Shijing stood in front of the window and looked at Mu Xiaoxiao, who was feeding fish to the maid. He seemed to be deep in thought.

"Ha!" Interesting! "

Since he couldn't find his background, he might as well stay by his side for the time being. How could a person appear out of thin air with a background or something like that? If they couldn't find out, then it could only mean one thing. Either that or someone had erased the reason, or someone was interfering with them while they were investigating. Since that was the case, he might as well see who it was!

After dinner, Gu Shijing brought Mu Xiaoxiao to the room prepared for her on the second floor. Mu Xiaoxiao caressed her bulging belly as she leisurely followed behind Gu Shijing. When she saw the arrangement of the room, she almost tumbled.

"During this time, you will be staying here!" Gu Shijing said.

"What about you?! Where do you live? " Mu Xiaoxiao raised her kawaii's little face and asked Gu Shijing.

Normally, Gu Shijing wouldn't answer such insignificant questions, but now, looking at Mu Xiaoxiao's harmless little face, he seemed to have been possessed: "The one on the other side!" Gu Shijing pointed at the milky white door.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked in the direction Gu Shijing pointed and her eyes lit up. "Let's change!" As he said that, he carried his stuff and was about to head to Gu Shijing's room.

At this time, Gu Shijing, who never had a child before, was about to run out of patience: "Stop! Obediently go back to your room, otherwise, don't blame me for throwing you out! " His voice became a little cold as he spoke.

Gu Shijing's shout scared Mu Xiaoxiao. For Mu Xiaoxiao, who had been held in her hands since she was young, being shouted at by others naturally gave her a temper. "Return!" As she spoke, she angrily returned to her child's room. The door was slammed shut by her. A loud noise was heard.

"Heh …" Your temper is quite bad! " Gu Shijing said to himself as he looked at the door that was slammed shut. Then he returned to his room.

"Ai ai …" Did you see that, Mr. Gu is not angry at all! "

"Yes, yes! If it was anyone else, they would have already been thrown out by him! "

Several young maids were discussing this from the corner of the stairs.

"Cough cough – about master, don't talk about what you shouldn't!" At this moment, Nanny Chen came over and reminded the young girls.

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