Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C6 Meet Birth Mother
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C6 Meet Birth Mother
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C6 Meet Birth Mother

Mu Xiaoxiao was a girl who didn't know her bed. Therefore, even though it was her first time coming to Gu Shijing's house, she still had a good night's sleep. The next day, when she woke up, Gu Shijing had already left for the company.

"Miss, you're up!" Mu Xiaoxiao was wearing a pink princess nightgown, but when she walked downstairs, Nanny Chen was the first to greet her.

"Hm!" "Where is he?!" Mu Xiaoxiao asked, referring to Gu Shijing.

"Sir has already left for the company. Before he left, he told me that Miss would be free to move around the manor today!" Nanny Chen replied respectfully.

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and began to eat her breakfast. Because she was a princess herself, even if there were four or five people waiting on her side, she was still used to it. As a result, no one cared about her and she ate to her heart's content.

Big Sister Flower! Let's go out and play! I'll take you to have some good food! " After the meal, Mu Xiaoxiao was lying on the sofa with her chin in her hands, talking to Hua Hua, the maid who was taking care of her.

"No, Mr. Gu told me that you have just been discharged from the hospital and can't run around. You can only move around in this manor. If you go out, Mr. Gu will scold you!" Hua Hua said earnestly.

"I'm fine!" He won't scold me, so just come with me, okay! " Seeing that Hua Hua didn't agree to take her out, Mu Xiaoxiao's big eyes rolled twice before she started to use her advantages to act cute. After she was born again, she had a face full of love and beauty.

As expected, when Mu Xiaoxiao acted like a spoiled child, even Nanny Chen, who usually listened to Gu Shijing alone, could not resist. She said to Hua Hua, "Hua, take her out for a walk and take care of her. It'll be fine as long as Mister comes back!"

"Ah!" Really? "Thank you, Nanny Chen!" Hearing Nanny Chen's words, Mu Xiaoxiao was overjoyed. She immediately jumped off the sofa and ran to Nanny Chen, giving her a big kiss. For a middle-aged woman like Nanny Chen, who had no children, Mu Xiaoxiao's actions were undoubtedly the most defenseless. After Mu Xiaoxiao kissed her, she couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

"Nanny Chen, is that alright?" Flower asked hesitantly.

"If I say there's nothing wrong, so be it!" Nanny Chen said seriously. He then looked at Mu Xiaoxiao and smiled amiably. "Miss, please be careful when you go out with sister Hua Hua. Do you understand?"

"Mm, got it!" Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head heavily with her two braids, but it almost melted Nanny Chen's heart.

With Nanny Chen's permission, the maid Hua Hua could only bring Mu Xiaoxiao out.

However, when Mu Xiaoxiao was happily buying rice, she accidentally bumped into a beautiful lady. Because her body was small, Mu Xiaoxiao lost her balance and fell to the ground, scattering the popcorn in her arms.

"Ouch!" Little friend, are you alright? " The noble madame immediately squatted down and pulled Mu Xiaoxiao up, asking worriedly. Mu Xiaoxiao touched her butt in pain and said, "I'm fine, I'm fine!" The moment he raised his head, he could not help but call out, "Mom? Why are you here? "

That's right, the person Mu Xiaoxiao bumped into was Mu Xiaoxiao's mother, the current top CEO of Muyun Group.

When she called her name out, only then did Mu Xiaoxiao realize that she was still a child. How could Mu's mother know her? Crying in his heart, he began to lie with a smile, "Heh heh... I'm sorry, I got the wrong person, my aunt you and my mother Mimi very similar! "Hehe..."

"I'm fine, but you look really similar to my daughter when she was young!" Mu's mother smiled at Mu Xiaoxiao. "Where are your parents?"

"He... They're all abroad. " Mu Xiaoxiao answered with a guilty conscience, not daring to look Mu's mother in the eye. At that moment, the maid Hua Hua ran over, gasping for breath. She was relieved when she saw Mu Xiaoxiao's figure.

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