Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C7 She Had Angered Young Master Gu
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C7 She Had Angered Young Master Gu
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C7 She Had Angered Young Master Gu

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I've troubled you!" Hua Hua apologized to Mu's mother.

"I'm fine. I bumped into her. Are you a nanny?" Mu's mother looked at Hua Hua and asked.

"What!?" Did he bump into it? Miss, are you alright? " Hua Hua nervously pulled Mu Xiaoxiao to check on her. If something happened, how could she afford it?

Seeing this, Mu Xiaoxiao smiled, "Sister Hua Hua, I'm fine!"

"It's good that you're fine, it's good that you're fine!" She then pulled Mu Xiaoxiao along, "Miss, we should go back now. If not, I will be scolded when Mister comes back!"

"Oh!" "Alright!" Since he had already come out to play, he might as well go back. After thinking about it, he raised his head and looked at Mu's mother. "Goodbye Auntie!"

After bidding farewell to his mother, he went back to Gu Shijing's manor with Hua Hua.

Mu's motherma looked at the receding figure of Mu Xiaoxiao with a slightly gloomy expression.

"Madam, you don't have to worry too much, Miss will be fine!" Seeing Mu's mother's expression, the retainer hurriedly comforted her.

"Let's go!" Mu's mother smiled, turned around and walked towards the luxurious car parked not far away.

At this moment, a repressed atmosphere enveloped Gu Shijing's manor …

Not long after Mu Xiaoxiao and the others left, Gu Shijing returned. When he saw that Mu Xiaoxiao was not around, he asked Nanny Chen and found out that he had gone outside. Gu Shijing was very angry, perhaps because they had been together for a while, because Gu Shijing treated her like his daughter, or maybe because she didn't listen and ran around the place when she just left the hospital.

When Mu Xiaoxiao and the maid returned to the manor, they felt weird. The moment they stepped into the living room, they saw Nanny Chen and the other servants standing in front of Gu Shijing with their heads down. Mu Xiaoxiao knew that it must be because she ran out.

"Don't blame them, I was the one who wanted to get out! If you want to curse, then curse me! "

Mu Xiaoxiao held the blame for her actions. She was obviously the one who wanted to get out. She shouldn't have let others pay for her actions. Thus, she freely accepted it. However, Gu Shijing did not calm down because of this.

"They were responsible for not doing what I told them to do!" Gu Shijing said coldly.

"Forgive them, I forced them to take me out!" Mu Xiaoxiao said.

"How did you promise me yesterday? Hm? "Since you want to go out so much, you should go back to your own home!" Gu Shijing directly ordered them to leave.

Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao's arrogance was suddenly triggered, and she roared at Gu Shijing: "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Do you think I want to stay! " As he spoke, he stormed towards the door. In any case, she didn't bring anything with her when she came here, so naturally, she didn't bring anything with her now.

"Mr. Gu, it's not safe to let the child go out alone … "Furthermore, she is sick …" Nanny Chen looked at Mu Xiaoxiao's small figure and was very worried. Thus, she turned to Gu Shijing, who was sitting motionlessly on the sofa, and asked.

"Let her go. I don't even know her from the start. It's already sufficient to save her life, it's good if she leaves!" Gu Shijing said coldly.

Since Gu Shijing had already spoken, even if Nanny Chen still wanted to plead for mercy, she didn't dare to say anything anymore. She could only watch as Mu Xiaoxiao's figure slowly disappeared from her sight.

It was Mu Xiaoxiao's first time coming to S City. Although she had been in this city for a month, she had always been in the hospital. Thus, after leaving Gu Shijing's home, she was unfamiliar with this place.

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