Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C8 Lolita Caught
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C8 Lolita Caught
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C8 Lolita Caught

The sky gradually darkened as Mu Xiaoxiao walked aimlessly on the street. When she passed by a street full of snacks, she couldn't help but drool.

Sigh! So hungry! Mu Xiaoxiao sighed emotionally.

What Mu Xiaoxiao didn't know was that not long after she entered the streets, she was being watched.

"Boss, we found that child!" A man in a cap was on the phone.

The person on the other end of the line was talking about something. After the man in the peaked cap hung up, he walked towards Mu Xiaoxiao.

"Little sister, do you want to eat those meat skewers?" The man pointed at the cooking on the food street and asked Mu Xiaoxiao with a smile.

Mu Xiaoxiao saw someone talking to her, so she ignored him and walked past the man, minding her own business.

Upon seeing this, the man secretly cursed. He lowered his hat and followed behind Mu Xiaoxiao. He then picked her up, looking very rude.

"Hiss ~" When the man carried her, he got her the surgical wound. Mu Xiaoxiao took a cold breath from the pain. Because of the man's actions, the wounds on Mu Xiaoxiao's body were torn, gradually dyeing her white princess dress red.

Gu Family Villa

Gu Shijing sat on the sofa expressionlessly as he listened to his subordinate's report.

"Boss, I can't find the kid in the attachment!" said a young man.

In fact, not long after Mu Xiaoxiao left, Gu Shijing regretted his decision. He immediately sent people to look for her. According to his calculations, with Mu Xiaoxiao's speed as a child, it shouldn't be too far away.

"No?" Gu Shijing asked the man with a cold tone.

"Keep searching. All monitors, check how far a child who just left the hospital can run!" Gu Shijing said coldly.

At this moment, the assistant quickly walked in: "Boss, we found him, but he's related to Young Master Loong's side, so it's a bit troublesome!"

Hearing that, Gu Shijing was confused: "Young Master Loong? How could it be related to him? "

If that was true, then this matter was truly a little troublesome! However, how could Mu Xiaoxiao, a child, offend those people? Could it be … The last time was also …

"Go get some men to follow the child and ensure her safety. Don't move for the rest of the time!" With that, Gu Shijing left the villa, opened the car door, lit the ignition and left!

Watching the car leaving in a cloud of dust, the assistant immediately instructed the subordinate that had just reported, "Quick, tell them to follow us. Be careful, don't get caught. Ensure the child's safety. After giving his orders, he immediately followed Gu Shijing.

Gu Shijing arrived at a low-key yet extremely luxurious villa in the suburbs. The sky was already dark. Therefore, the villa was brightly lit.

With an extremely beautiful flick of the tail, Gu Shijing parked the car in front of the mansion. Ye Zichen got off the car and walked in.

"Yo!" What a rare sight! Why would Young Master Gu suddenly come to my humble dwelling? " Just as Gu Shijing walked to the door, a magnetic voice sounded.

Gu Shijing looked over when he heard that, but he still had the same face as before.

"Let me understand something!" Gu Shijing moved away from the person's face in disdain and walked straight to the living room and sat on the sofa as if it was his home.

"What can make Young Master Gu come personally?" That person had a smile on his face, but his tone was cold.

"What is it? "Could it be that Young Master Loong is going to stand there and talk to me?" Gu Shijing looked at Loong Yuheng, who was leaning against the door, and said.

"Alright, alright! Say it! " Loong Yuheng put away the smile that could not be argued with by a woman and openly sat beside Gu Shijing.

"Your men have captured my men. Hurry up and tell them to release me!" Gu Shijing said coldly.

"What?" Loong Yuheng looked at Gu Shijing in surprise and burst into laughter the next second. "Hahaha …" Who was the one who had eaten a leopard's guts, since he even dared to capture Young Master Gu's men! "

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