Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C9 That Child Is Very Dangerous
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Cold Boss's Adorable Baby/C9 That Child Is Very Dangerous
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C9 That Child Is Very Dangerous

Hearing this, Gu Shijing was exasperated: "It's a child that just left the hospital. My people have already followed him, but without your order, they won't release him. Don't make a move then, it's not good!"

"Child?" Hearing Gu Shijing's words, Loong Yuheng immediately retracted the smile on his face as if he had turned into a different person. If the previous him was a sissy, then the current him was like a poppy, beautiful but scary. There was only one child in all the business they had recently taken over. Could it be her?

"A girl around five years old?" Loong Yuheng asked with a serious expression.

Seeing the expression on his good friend Loong Yuheng's face, Gu Shijing also became serious. He nodded slightly, "No matter what, he's still a kid. In our line of work, don't we always have the principle of not accepting the old, weak, and handicapped? Let him go first!"

"Let them go, it's rare for you to come personally, I can give you face today, but …" Young Master Gu, I advise you not to get involved with this matter and get involved with that kid. Loong Yuheng said seriously.

"Let's not talk about the future for now!" Gu Shijing insisted.

Hearing this. Loong Yuheng kept his promise and gave his subordinates a call, telling them not to do anything yet.

In an abandoned factory in S City, the man wearing a peaked cap placed Mu Xiaoxiao on the ground. However, at this moment, Mu Xiaoxiao's face was pale and she was curled up in pain. Mu Xiaoxiao only felt her vision become increasingly blurry: was she going to die just like that? Mu Xiaoxiao scolded her tricked father a few times in her heart. If it wasn't for that messed up thing, how could she have ended up with this child? Why would she suffer such pain? Just thinking about it made her feel sullen.

Just when Mu Xiaoxiao felt sullen in her heart, the worn-out metal door was opened by someone and Gu Shijing's tall body could be vaguely seen.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled bitterly, "What's wrong with her? She's going to die soon, and she's still thinking about that unreasonable man Gu Shijing. Is it because I want him to save me like last time?"

In the end, Mu Xiaoxiao lost consciousness before she could see if it was Gu Shijing.

After Gu Shijing and Loong Yuheng made an agreement, they rushed over as fast as they could. Seeing the white princess dress that he had asked someone to buy for Mu Xiaoxiao was dyed red with blood, Gu Shijing couldn't help but frown. At this moment, Loong Yuheng also followed.

Upon seeing this, the assistant immediately came over, "Boss, I'll send her to the hospital right now!" As he spoke, he went up to pick Mu Xiaoxiao up carefully, leaving the space for the two young masters who each had their own talents.

When the assistant carried the unconscious Mu Xiaoxiao past Loong Yuheng, Loong Yuheng seriously glanced at her. Then, he silently walked closer to Gu Shijing.

"What are you doing here?"

After the assistant carried Mu Xiaoxiao out, Gu Shijing said coldly as he looked at Loong Yuheng who came in after them.

Hearing this, Loong Yuheng glanced at the back of the assistant: "Seeing that we know each other, Yours Truly reminds you, that child, it's best if you give her to me!"

"Hehe …" "Young Master Loong, are you joking? Have you ever seen anything that is given to me by Gu Shijing?"

Loong Yuheng's words didn't make Gu Shijing think about it for long. Instead, it stirred up the rebellious mentality in his heart.

"Anyway, I have brought the word. Young Master Gu, please do what you need to do!"

With his hands in his pockets, Wu Tie turned his head to the side and said coldly. After he said that, he walked out with big steps, leaving Gu Shijing alone in the empty factory.

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